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Soon, soon there will be an important holiday for our beloved men, Defender of the Fatherland Day. And, of course, picking up a gift for a beloved man is much more difficult. There are so many options out there that it makes my head spin. And I want the present to be the personification of love and care.

About what to give my husband on February 23, we offer in our article, where you can find options for every taste.

Table of contents:

    • Basic selection rules
    • Inexpensive gifts
    • Original Fancy gifts
    • Romantic gifts
    • Giving practical gifts
    • DIY souvenirs

    Basic selection rules

    If you do not want to get into an uncomfortable, unpleasant situation with a surprise, then it is worth studying some points:

    • What your loved one wants to have at the moment. He starts talking about this a month and a half before the holiday. And before the event itself in February, it is better to unobtrusively clarify the desires, suddenly they have changed.
    • Does my husband have a hobby, and what might he need for it. And when you get a little deeper into the essence of your loved one's hobby, it will be easier to decide on the choice of a present for February 23.
    • Need to decide onbudget. If it is not possible to quietly set aside money and the budget in the family is common, then you will have to rely on a small amount that can be set aside for a gift discreetly.

    Inexpensive gifts

    Let's start with a list of budget gifts that can be purchased for a loved one within a thousand. The main thing is that the surprise in February should not then lie on the far shelf, so it is needed with practical application. Just do not immediately think about socks or a razor. We offer a list of more original options:

    • Computer mouse with good performance.
    • Handheld printer is a very timely option to work not only at home or in the office.
    • 3D pen - good fun for big boys. It can draw three-dimensional pictures.
    • Leather belt.
    • Charger for husband's gadgets.
    • Fragrance in the car. The budget will not ruin, original and inexpensive.
    • Metal mouse pad (these are the newest models).
    • Solar powered lantern.
    • Headphones can be selected in any size and model, the choice depends on the use. Either they will be regular models, or as a headset.
    • Stones for spirits.
    • Poker set.
    • Board game for shared home evenings.
    • Themed magnets, useful for the whole family later.
    • Shaker with drink recipes.
    • Business man will love the business card holder.
    • Lighter, themed keychain.

    Original unusual gifts for February 23

    Most of all, before the holiday in February, you puzzle over what to give your husband on February 23 from a non-standard one. Something that will be remembered for a long time. You can be inspired by our ideas:

    • Cool stationary speakers. They can be with a fountain or with color music.
    • A flash drive in military style: in the form of a bullet, a pistol, tanks or paramilitary vehicles.
    • Beskarkasny armchair in the form of a pear. Such furniture takes any desired position.
    • Virtual keyboard, which is projected onto the table from a special device. A very interesting device for working with a smartphone or tablet.
    • Military print pillow.
    • Heated mug from USB cable. Such a gift will appeal to your loved one if he works in the office. A loved one will always be with a mug of hot tea or coffee.
    • Universal remote control with which you can control any gadget in the house.
    • Virtual reality glasses should appeal to gamers who are still a little boy at heart.
    • Warrior mantle for sofa. A real original accessory for relaxing and watching movies on the sofa.
    • Order a custom portrait from a photo.
    • A sofa organizer in the form of a pocket for everything you need when watching an interesting show or movie.
    • Fun print T-shirt.
    • Chocolate in the form of weapons will appeal to sweet tooth.
    • Case for phone or tablet with coolengraved.
    • Certificate for riding in a tank.
    • Skydiving.
    • Subscription for self-defense classes.
    • Travel to the shooting range.
    • Ticket to fly in fighter simulator.

    Funny gifts for husband

    Not all men are prone to romanticism and the manifestation of tender feelings. Nevertheless, it is this category of gifts for February 23 that brings bright notes to everyday life. What to give a man in a romantic style, you will find in the following list:

    • Beer glass with a photograph of her husband in military uniform.
    • Video. You can shoot in the style of his favorite movie, using family photos and clips from life together.
    • You can twist a bouquet of socks yourself, or you can order a master who will do it professionally.
    • Joint skydive, a real adventure for two.
    • A romantic dinner in a cafe or restaurant will help change the atmosphere and fill the time spent with new feelings.
    • Model of a ship in a bottle.
    • Weekend in nature. Only you need to prepare for it in advance so as not to freeze on the February weekend. You can rent a country house somewhere in the middle of nowhere.
    • A special dance that you will prepare yourself to your husband's favorite tune.
    • Interesting notebook "The reasons for my love." In such a notebook, you can begin to paint the virtues of your beloved man.
    • Shell Photo Frame - you can order it from the master, andmake your own design.
    • Paintball - as opposed to dance, a joint active event.
    • Remember: no one is too old for a sweet gift. Therefore, the heart of confectionery sweets, sweets will please your sweet tooth. Such a gift can be given on February 23 to a guy.

    Giving practical gifts to the beloved man

    You can just present useful gifts for February 23, which are simple and easy to use in everyday life:

    • Massage cover on the car seat. Loved by a very beloved husband who sometimes has a backache.
    • Original steering wheel cover can be customized in color and material that a man likes.
    • Hiking flask. Or immediately complete with piles for relaxing in the company.
    • Mini vacuum cleaner in the car. It is advisable to choose the technique to match the interior color and powerful enough to make the husband satisfied.
    • Accessories for fishing will please the avid fisherman.
    • Electric toothbrush.
    • Sweatshirt with a fun print or warm natural wool sweater.
    • Selfie stick.
    • Tripod for a fire. There are options telescopic, folding.
    • Folding knife in the shape of a credit card or just a classic shape with a name engraving.
    • Car DVR.
    • Breakfast table in bed. You can purchase a model that is also suitable for eating beforeTV.
    • Home slippers.
    • Electric kettle in the car.
    • A set of tools in the organizer.
    • Boxing gloves and a punching bag for an athlete.
    • Gloves with touch fingers to use the gadget even on the street in February.
    • Bathrobe.
    • BBQ set, which includes skewers, different knives, a flask, stacks, forks.
    • Handle in the form of a gun or grenade launcher.
    • Stand for smartphone in the car.
    • Leather wallet. Why not please your beloved husband with a chic and practical present?

    DIY souvenirs for husband

    As our grandmothers used to say: “The best gift should be made with your own hands!” Let's follow this advice, and in 2023 we will also make something original and unforgettable for our beloved husband:

    • The tank, by the way, does not need large sizes at all, let it be an installation. Just wind together 3-4 cans of beer with colored tape - this will be the base, the lower part of the technique. Then, instead of a tower, attach a pack of kirieshki or chips on top, you can also use colored tape. And instead of a muzzle, a cigar is useful if the husband smokes. If not, then you can twist the banknote into a tube. The tank can also be built from other materials, such as socks, a scarf, and other gifts.
    • Homemade cake. If you love to cook and you are good at it, then treat the man you love with your cooking.
    • Poster - can be made in any technique, for example, with voluminousapplications. On it you will place congratulations, joint funny photos, admiration for the courage and courage of your husband, all the positive qualities. For a festive mood, you can use tea bags, coffee, chewing gum, chocolate medals and other delicious little things that you can eat later.

    • Beer cake - your beloved man will appreciate it very much in February. It's very easy to build one. You take a tray and stuff it with cans of beer, wrap it up with duct tape. Then install the smaller top tier and also wind it with tape. You can decorate with bags of crackers, dried fish or other snacks for foamy.
    • Medal for Special Service to the Family. It depends on your imagination here. The inscription can be quite serious or, conversely, fun and cool. You can make a blank for a medal yourself or purchase it in a store. Together with the medal, you can prepare a certificate or diploma.
    • Souvenirs in military style. It can be a bottle of cognac or whiskey, dressed up in a military uniform. In the same way, you can decorate a beer mug or glass. And you can collect a whole set, it will be a very interesting present.
    • Knitted surprise with your own hands. No matter how tough men are on the outside. A loved one will surely be conquered by a gift tied by your hands. It can be a scarf, a hat, mittens or a whole sweater. It will be especially appropriate in cold February.
    • Bouquet of balloons with wishes and compliments.

    Now you have a lot of ideas in your arsenal what to give your husband on February 23rd.Therefore, there should not be any panic when visiting stores. Bring joy to your beloved man and do not forget that in March he will answer you the same.

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