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On International Women's Day, not only girls' guys think about gifts, but also children for their mothers. None of you can argue with the fact that mom is the most important, as well as the most beloved woman for everyone without exception. Therefore, figuring out what to give mom on March 8 sometimes just baffles children.

After all, I want to present something bright and original to make my mother feel special. And finances are not always enough for expensive options.

Our ideas will help you choose. After all, mothers come in different ages, respectively, their needs and interests differ. When choosing a surprise, remember the main thing - mom wants to be unforgettable and expects attention and care from her children in the first place.

Table of contents:

    • Inexpensive gifts for March 8
    • Practical presents in March
    • gifts for the soul of your beloved mother
    • Unusual gifts for March 8
    • Expensive gifts for dear mommy
    • DIY gifts
    • What you don't need to give at all

    Cheap gifts for March 8

    These are the surprises for March 8, 2023, that will help you get out of the problem of choosing a gift with dignity, without burdening you financially:

    • Colorful and original towels for kitchen use can be selected by horoscope sign, color or type of favorite flowers.
    • Continuing the theme of gifts for the kitchen, you can give a set of kitchen cutting boards of the original form.
    • A chameleon mug with a humorous pattern that appears when pouring hot tea or coffee.
    • A beautiful cosmetic bag that can be decorated with embroidery, and inside put a certificate to the perfume shop.
    • Scented candles appeal to ladies of all ages.
    • Original flower vase with an unusual shape.
    • You can choose a rain umbrella with a bright print.
    • Jars for bulk seasonings or containers for cereals.
    • Keychain with name engraving. It can be an original greeting or just the lady's name.
    • Interesting case for gadget: phone or tablet.
    • Stole machine or hand knit. Such a gift will warm you on a winter evening or in the spring for a walk in the park.
    • Assorted jams or honey for the sweet tooth. You can find high-end options.
    • Kitchen scales.
    • Original hairpin.
    • Composite photo frame on the wall for a set of photos.
    • Handmade potholders set for kitchen cooking can be ordered from specialists who will complete the order according to your design.

    • Baking molds of various types and sizes. They can be for cookies, for cakes or for roasts.
    • Pillow with natural filling: buckwheat or cedar husk.
    • Manicure set.It will always come in handy for a parent to take care of her hands.
    • Pots for baking in the oven.
    • Fun fortune cookies.
    • Sachet with a pleasant floral scent.
    • Decorative pillow is chosen from passions: floral motifs, images of animals, funny movie characters or more.
    • Designer tea pair or just original design.
    • Cream shower gel in gift design.
    • Cookbook with recipes of national cuisine.
    • Original washcloth complete with massage glove.
    • Macara or eyeliner.
    • Set of tights in different colors. Please check size first.
    • Lip balm with moisturizing effect.
    • Massage foot bath with essential oils.
    • A set of measuring spoons for lovers of cooking.

    Practical presents in March

    When you don't know what to give mom on March 8, you should choose a practical option.

    Even if you don't quite guess the design, you can always use it in the household:

    • A set of dishes should definitely please a woman. The main thing is that it matches the interior and style of the apartment as a whole.
    • Bread maker for baking bread and delicious buns.
    • Insulated home slippers will please mommies of all ages and professions.
    • You can not only buy a bright bathrobe and give as a gift, but also order monogram embroidery.
    • Warm mittens knitted from down or natural elite wool.
    • Moldsin the form of hearts for ice or any other freezing.
    • Stylish beautiful shopper with an original inscription.
    • Organizer for jewelry in the form of a hand or a tree branch.
    • Cozy pajamas will be an interesting and practical gift.
    • The box for sewing and needlework in general will appeal to female needlewomen.
    • A flower in a pot will be appreciated by housewives who love vegetation. It would be appropriate to immediately purchase houseplant care products and fertilizers.

    • Jewellery storage box. You can order an engraving of a name or a wish for March 8.
    • Manual vegetable cutter with container included.
    • Blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron or other styling tool.
    • Electric massager - useful for use after a hard day at work or during exacerbation of muscle ailments.
    • Plaid with sleeves. It will come in handy on a winter evening for watching movies at home on the couch.
    • Lunchbox. Perfect for a woman who travels for a long time to work and does not have the opportunity to come for lunch.
    • A shower radio that doesn't get wet will appeal to music lovers.
    • Body scrub, but always with a woman's favorite scent.
    • Smoothie blender - promotes proper nutrition.
    • Athletic women will love a yoga mat or exercise mat to practice at home.
    • Dinner service for 6 persons. You can choose it in a certain style that your mom likes.
    • Eternal calendar,which does not need to be thrown away every year.
    • Orthopedic pillow for reading your favorite books in bed. The anatomical shape helps you to get into a comfortable position and relax your back.
    • Coffee grinder - for coffee lovers.
    • Fitness bracelet will appeal to sports ladies. It can be used to measure blood pressure, heart rate or the number of steps taken.
    • Manual sewing machine. It will be useful not only for seamstresses, but also for all housewives for a small repair of clothes.
    • Mesoscooter to stimulate skin cell regeneration.
    • Mini-vacuum cleaner for computer keyboard care, especially if a loved one works constantly at a laptop or computer.

    gifts for the soul of your beloved mother

    Many people think that it is not difficult to choose a surprise for a loved one. But the variety of offers on the market just leads to a dead end.

    our list of “soulful” options will help you choose a gift for your mother on March 8:

    • A book a few years ago was considered the best souvenir for any occasion. Currently, the idea has faded into the background a bit. But for a parent, it will really be a balm for the soul.
    • Box with flowers and favorite sweets. You can order the formation of a gift in a flower shop.
    • Oriental sweets in the set can be completed according to the taste preferences of mom.
    • Aroma lamp with a set of oils to lift your mood or relieve stress.
    • Sweet-toothed will love the macaroons surprise packaged in a beautiful festive box.

    • Water bottle in the shape of your favorite toy.
    • Scarf or neckerchief with original print.
    • Humidifier - everyone needs it during the heating season.
    • Florarium - as a gift from my daughter, a very interesting option. It is a great solution for home interior decoration.
    • Costume jewelry made to order or by a famous designer.
    • Perfume can only be given as a gift that a woman likes.
    • Luxury bedding.
    • Rocking chair. Like a native woman with any interests and hobbies.
    • Stand for flower pots.
    • Spice mill. Choose with metal knives to last longer.
    • The foot hammock will appeal to moms working in the office.
    • Folding table for tablet or laptop.
    • Leather gloves for warmth or touchscreen gloves for outdoor use.
    • Seafood and sushi lovers will love this sushi set as a gift.
    • Tea or coffee set.
    • Video greetings recorded by children in the studio. Great surprise from son and daughter.

  • Unusual gifts for March 8

      Sweet bouquet can be ordered from fruits, sweets or handmade chocolate.
    • A personal diary is suitable as a souvenir for a business lady.
    • A box with bright and unusual live butterflies.
    • A portrait of a woman from a photo is made to order by an artist or printed on canvas. The choice depends onfinancial opportunities. The second option is cheaper.
    • Living rose sealed in glass. The flower is in a vacuum, so it retains its freshness for a long time.
    • Set of stones for special therapy. Treatments improve well-being and harmonize the body and spirit.
    • A photo frame will come in handy if children and grandchildren are far away and relatives rarely meet.
    • Music box with the lady's favorite music.
    • Sweater for a mug so that tea or coffee does not cool down quickly.
    • Comb-ionizer. An interesting gift for moms who style their hair every day.
    • Beach sun hat.
    • Handmade soap in the form of fragrant flowers.
    • Interesting face masks with an unusual pattern.
    • A living postcard that after some time after watering turns into a real small lawn with grass.
    • A teaspoon made of silver or sugar tongs - tea drinking will be a celebration of taste and aesthetics.
    • Dried bath petal set.
    • Aqua farm - installed near the aquarium with fish.
    • Pillow - heating pad will appeal to the cold flies.
    • T-shirt with photo of son and daughter.
    • Make your own holiday dinner.

  • Expensive gifts for dear mommy

      Tickets for a theatrical performance, ice show, concert of a famous artist or musician.
    • Certificate to the salon for some procedures. The main thing is to leave for your parent the right to choose so that she can get from the surprisea real treat.
    • A set of good cosmetics.
    • A voucher to a sanatorium or boarding house will help mom relax from worries and maintain her he alth.
    • A massage certificate will help a woman relax.
    • Robot vacuum cleaner will be both a practical and expensive surprise that will greatly facilitate household chores.
    • Fashionable designer handbag - will be a great option from your daughter. After all, "girls" at any age love such things!
    • The e-book will give true pleasure to the lover of reading.
    • The simulator is an excellent present from the mother's son in March. Here you can buy a choice: an exercise bike, a rotation disk, an ellipsoid or any other.
    • Holiday dinner at the restaurant.

    DIY gifts

    For your parent, the main thing in life is her children. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how much the present will cost, the very attention and attitude is important. If you are not satisfied with the purchased options for a loved one, then you can cook it yourself. See DIY gift ideas here.

    What you don't need to give at all

    With such a large selection of souvenirs for March 8, there are those that will only cause an unpleasant feeling and negative emotions. Therefore, you should pay special attention to our recommendations and try to avoid unpleasant moments:

    • Any present in March that hints at a lady's age or perfection. These include anti-aging creams, anti-cellulite formulations or drugs, glasses to improve vision,any medical equipment.
    • Present in the form of money - not quite right. Such a choice indicates that you simply do not want to invest your soul and imagination in preparing a surprise. The only exception is if the mother herself asked for it.
    • Themed trinkets are that useless option that doesn't inspire at all.
    • Cards with ready-made printed text that do not have your energy, no matter how beautiful the wishes are. If you already want to give a postcard, then write a congratulation with your own hand. You can even congratulate in your own words.

    When you decide what gift to give your mom on March 8, do not forget to prepare bright packaging. It will also be appropriate to pick up a postcard with good wishes. A postcard can be not only factory-made, but also handmade, using the scrapbooking technique, for example. We are sure that your mother will be touched by your gift.

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