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The winter period is simply full of different holidays. In February, we will congratulate our men, guys on the Defender of the Fatherland Day. And we will intensively think of what to give the guy on February 23rd. So, it is important not to overdo it in this matter, so as not to put the chosen one in an awkward position in March.

Our ideas for different tastes and budgets will help you choose.


    • What to give a guy on February 23rd
    • Inexpensive gifts
    • Original Fancy gifts
    • Romantic gifts
    • Practical gifts
    • TOP popular gifts for boyfriend on February 23rd
    • DIY gifts
    • TOP most unpleasant presents

    Inexpensive gifts

    Not only the guys who served in the army can count on presents by February 23rd. But also those who for some reason were not allowed to serve. After all, guys are guys and in difficult times they will always come to the rescue. So, you can prepare a gift for a guy in any price category, even inexpensive.

    The main thing is that when choosing it, you put a piece of your warmth:

    • Smartphone case - such a little thing young manmore often he will not buy for himself, but he will take it as a memorable souvenir.
    • The game of Darts will awaken the hunting instinct and, if necessary, relieve emotional stress.
    • A set of photo magnets can be ordered at a photo studio and put your photos on them.
    • Camo slippers
    • Beer mug with a cool inscription.
    • Thermal mug for office guys.
    • Electric shaver.
    • Fortune cookies, you can order just for your boyfriend.
    • For those with a sweet tooth, they will love a sweet surprise - namely chocolate with a photo of the chosen one on the label.
    • Dumbbells will please the sports hero of the occasion.
    • Erotic forfeits that you can buy or invent yourself.
    • A cork box is not for alcoholism, but for putting things in order.

    Original Fancy gifts

    From year to year, girls puzzle over what to give a guy for February 23, and 2023 is no exception.

    We have very interesting options for surprises for our and your strong halves in the original solution:

    • Duffel bag with soldier's rations, mug, cup, linen set.
    • Souvenir in the form of a ship in a bottle.
    • A set of "space food" in the truest sense of the word for the dreamer of the universe and space.
    • A moving alarm clock that can jump, fly, sing, target or shockproof.
    • The head massager for the man who already has everything.
    • Coursesextreme driving.
    • Drumming course is a good reason to hint that you don't need to blow your brains out, but just play the drum and let off steam.
    • Kama-sheet, in such a bed a brown fantasy will play out.
    • Hookah is an unusual present for non-smoking men.
    • Erotic board game is an original thing to evoke variety.
    • Role play costumes will appeal to mature couples who love variety.
    • Breakfast in bed, if you haven't had breakfast this way before.

    Romantic gifts

    We girls are pretty romantic natures, so it's only natural that we want to give our beloved guy something sublime.

    In order not to rack your brains with a choice in February, see our options and get inspired:

    • Author's figurine made of handmade chocolate. It can be ordered from the master.
    • A soft animal toy or T-shirt with your name or photo on it.
    • Anatomic pillow with your photo. Very romantic and practical.
    • Watches can also be engraved as gifts.
    • Coffee or tea of your favorite varieties, what could be more tender and pleasant?
    • Home slippers with heart print that will always remind you of your care.
    • Cufflinks with the initials of your chosen one. If there are no such on sale, then you can order an engraving from the master.
    • Jewellery: pendant, engraved ring, chain.
    • Skiing or skating.
    • Bathrobe with young man's initials.
    • Computer flash drive with author's print.
    • Romantic night light.
    • Plaid with group photos. Drawing a photo can be ordered in a photo studio.
    • Trip abroad for a couple of days.
    • To organize an outdoor picnic, especially in the winter month, it will be romantic to spend an evening near the fire.
    • Tickets to the water park - an occasion for a joint holiday.
    • A certificate to a massage parlor will help your beloved guy relax.

    Practical gifts

    Our male half is often quite unromantic. Guys do not need such things at all, more important are surprises that are beneficial. Therefore, what to give a guy on February 23 of a practical plan, see below:

    • The name organizer will please the office worker.
    • 3D lamp in the shape of some animal, interesting and romantic.
    • Thermos or thermomug is the right present, especially in winter.
    • A set of elite teas or coffees suitable for office work.
    • A laptop case is a very practical option if your partner works a lot on a laptop outdoors.
    • Leather wallet or purse, it can be engraved in the form of initials.
    • An umbrella in the form of a cane or vice versa compact folding will come in handy in the spring.
    • Camo bedding set.
    • Computer mouse, keyboard or other technical accessories.
    • Gloves with touchcoating for using gadgets outdoors in cool weather.
    • Smart alarm clock.
    • Stylish suspenders.
    • A lighter in the form of a pistol or a grenade.
    • Keychain.
    • Set of keys, tools.
    • Set for making mulled wine at home.
    • In the car, any accessory: phone stand, charger, mini vacuum cleaner.
    • Vertical clothes steamer.
    • Electric toothbrush. You can’t buy one for yourself, but it’s quite suitable as a souvenir.
    • An e-book for those who like to read on public transport on their way home.

  • TOP popular gifts for a guy on February 23

      Ticket for extreme sports or other fun. Flying on a hang glider or paraglider will be very interesting; skydiving, bungee jumping or rafting. A surprise will suit a young man who loves to "hot" the blood.
    • Invitation or ticket to a concert of your favorite singer. Before purchasing, you should make sure of your musical preferences.
    • Visit the gym. You can purchase a one-time ticket or a subscription immediately.
    • A hot air balloon flight will add some romanticism to a relationship if you are not afraid of heights yourself.
    • A visit to the swimming pool will appeal to swimmers.
    • Tickets for the quest. You can use this gift together with a friend and get a maximum of different emotions.
    • Paintball tickets are better to give immediately to a team of guys or go for funtogether with them.
    • Headphones - any modification and cost. Any option will do for a surprise.
    • A quadrocopter or any radio-controlled model - you will definitely like it, because they remain small in the shower for a very long time.
    • "Smart" watches are worn not only by schoolchildren to be within the reach of parents. Adults also like them. The more expensive, the more functions the watch has.
    • Tickets for a sports match will be appreciated by fans of sports teams. The main thing is to know exactly which team your chosen one is more for.
    • Anatomical chair - a cool presentation option.
    • The robot vacuum cleaner will save the strong half from unpleasant household chores.
    • Elite alcohol. Drink options are considered here: whiskey, expensive wine, cognac or something like that. A guy will like it, if only he uses such drinks.
    • Watch. You can order additional engraving for them.
    • Waterproof speaker - useful for a music lover who likes to shower with music.
    • Cooling system for laptop. Great surprise for a techno genius working on a laptop.
    • Poker is a team game. Therefore, it is given to a group of guys, you can also take part in the game with interest.
    • The external battery will help the young man to always be in touch for you.
    • Accessories in the car are always relevant for a motorist: an organizer, rugs, seat covers, a phone stand, flavors.
    • The barbecue set will please not only the hero of the occasion, but also you.
    • Accessoriesin the form of a hat with a scarf. You can think of a set of gloves for cold weather.
    • Fans of taking a steam bath will like a set of felt hats and mittens, washcloths.
    • Small accessories in clothes - glasses, a belt or a tie, emphasize the individuality of the defender of the Fatherland.
    • Luxury perfume.

    DIY gifts

    If you don't want to give something purchased on February 23rd, you can always make a present with your own hands. See interesting ideas for the event in February:

    • A collage of army photos will pleasantly surprise your chosen one.
    • Beer can tank or cake or bouquet. In general, what imagination is enough for.
    • A bouquet of multi-colored socks so that the gift does not look familiar and trivial.
    • Knitted accessories. Well, if you know how to knit a little. This will be enough to create a gift masterpiece in the form of a scarf, socks or a hat with your own hands.
    • Book-safe to hide the stash from the salary. Not suitable for those who like to read books - this must be taken into account when manufacturing.
    • Men's thematic bouquet - made up of your favorite foods and drinks individually. If you love beer, don't forget to add roach, smoked cheese, sausage to it.
    • Video greetings - can be done in a humorous style, with your photos and cool wishes.
    • Scrapbooking album. You can collect little things in it that are associated with some interesting events in life.
    • Wish diary where a guy writes hisdreams and writes them to you in the form of a "bank check" once a month.
    • Holiday dinner prepared by yourself with your favorite salads and hot.
    • Greeting card - touching and cute. Another way to express your feelings.
    • Striptease in your own performance to your favorite music - will leave an incredibly strong impression of the holiday.

    TOP most unpleasant presents

    There is a list of souvenirs that you should not prepare at all for Defender of the Fatherland Day. Not only will they not create any romanticism, they will be considered a sign of bad taste:

    • Shaving foam, shower gel or shampoo. Such options are acceptable for unfamiliar people, just friends. But for a loved one, you need to choose a more individual, personal.
    • Money has been trite for a long time, especially for a loved one.
    • Photoshoot is more suitable for girls than for guys. They definitely don't want to look good on social media posts.
    • Thematic souvenirs - pens, figurines, various table accessories.
    • Household appliances, multicooker, electric kettle or toaster - does not apply personally to a man, therefore it is not perceived as a gift.
    • gift yourself - well, if you really have a strong desire to make such a present, then at least complement it with a beautifully designed postcard, dance or something like that.
    • Too expensive a surprise will oblige a young man to an expensive gift on Women's Day, which may not be affordable at all.

    Thanks to our coming to youit will be easy to choose what to give a guy on February 23rd. Look at financial opportunities, according to the interests of your chosen ones. And don't forget to wrap everything in pretty packaging.

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