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Honestly, dear ladies, haven't you broken your head yet in search of an original gift for your man or boyfriend? It is on Defender of the Fatherland Day that we, women, want to surprise our strong soul mate. An original present will undoubtedly be a musical postcard or a video greeting. You can choose them according to your taste and download on our website for free.

This holiday has long been celebrated in our country, but only in the last few years it has been included in the list of public holidays and even made a red day on the calendar. Now men can fully relax in their day.

Give beautiful musical greetings

This postcard for February 23, 2023 is a small video or GIF.webp format. They usually show sparkling elements that attract attention. It can be pop-up stars disintegrating in fireworks, bright frames.

A congratulatory song is sure to sound on beautiful musical cards. Congratulations on February 23 and warm sincere wishes pop up on the screen. Your man will be very pleased to receive such a bright and original present.

giftingoriginal video congratulations

This format is more capacious in meaning and size. Original video congratulations must include beautiful poems with wishes that are read behind the scenes or songs.

The image of beautiful girls who smile charmingly and sing a song to the courageous hero of the occasion is often used.

There are many more options for video congratulations with converted patriotic songs just for Defender of the Fatherland Day. Looks very interesting! By the way, the usual e-cards for February 23 are here.

Giving cool musical cards

Even in such a serious holiday, I want to add a touch of humor and fun. It is for such cases that cool video congratulations were created. The plot of the videos can be completely different.

There is a cartoon-style video that shows funny stories from a soldier's life. Or videos with congratulations from famous politicians, actors, musicians. And video congratulations are created for different ages: for younger guys, slang is used, modern rhythms.

And for respectable men, videos with famous movie characters and classic songs are already being created. You can download such videos on our website absolutely free of charge.

Though video cards with humorous content, even musical cards can be presented to colleagues at work. Your male colleagues will also appreciate such a present, especially if it is collective and presented at a corporate party.

You can give musical cards by downloadingfree of charge and sent to your phone via SMS or to any messenger (whatsapp, viber, telegram). But video congratulations are more voluminous and you can give them via instant messengers, a message on social networks, or simply bring them on a flash drive, showing them on a TV or computer.

So, dear women, choose musical cards and videos according to the taste of your dear men. And do not forget that you should also attach your wonderful mood and warm welcome to your present!

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