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Easter is a bright spring holiday. A wonderful mood is created by green twigs outside the window, vanilla-butter aroma of Easter cakes. Cute decorative gizmos will help decorate the house, make it elegant, festive. Crafts for Easter 2023, made with your own hands, and especially with children, will also be a great gift in addition to the traditional ruddy Easter cake and krashenka.

In this Easter article:

    • Crafts from felt
    • Decorate eggs
    • Fabric crafts
    • Paper Crafts
    • Postcards
    • Easter gingerbread
    • Easter boxes
    • Crafts from threads
    • Quilling
    • Easter wreaths

    Easter felt crafts

    Felt is a soft, dense, very pliable material suitable for creativity. The advantage over fabric is that it does not crumble, it is easy to sew from it. Easter crafts can be decorated in the form of eggs or more unusual - in the form of charming bunnies, chickens.

    To sew this toy you will need:

    1. felt in different colors;
    2. scissors;
    3. threads in tone or contrast (you can take floss);
    4. needles(better with a big eye);
    5. synthetic stuffing for toys or cotton;
    6. pattern.

    A life size template can be downloaded from this page below.

    Cut out the details of the toy, the seam allowances are already set in the pattern. It is best to use a seam "over the edge" with a width of 0.3-0.5 cm, so the product will turn out neater. When about 1.5-2 cm remains unsewn, stuff the toy with soft material or granulate, sew it up. If you attach a ribbon loop, you can hang this craft.

    A cute family of hares or other felt animals will be a great craft for a school competition.

    For decor you can use:

    • felt scraps;
    • embroidery with colored threads and ribbons;
    • eyes (sold in the art supply section);
    • small plastic buttons;
    • lace, ribbon, braid;
    • beads, beads, glass beads.

    Decorate eggs

    The easiest way is to color with special food coloring or the old fashioned way, with onion skins. However, Easter eggs can be decorated in an unconventional and original way - using the decoupage technique. In this case, the picture is cut out of special paper, but you can use ordinarypatterned napkins. Decoupage technology is simple.

    A suitable motif is cut out of a napkin. If the napkin is multi-layered, it is divided into layers. We need only the top, colorful layer. Using a flat brush and PVA glue diluted in half with water, the picture is glued onto the shell. The glue is completely non-toxic. If you are decorating a blank made of wood or foam, you must first cover it with a layer of acrylic white primer, then glue the cut out picture. The last layer will be varnish. An egg that is intended for food should not be varnished.

    Color eggs with intact shells with felt-tip pens, markers, drawing funny faces or intricate patterns. Linen lace and braid are suitable for decor in the popular country style. Gold food coloring and beads add sparkle and glam to this traditional treat.

    Here are many more fun ways to decorate eggs for Easter.

    Fabric crafts

    Cute Easter bunnies sewn from bright fabric will decorate the table. It is not difficult to sew them, they can be a souvenir for children. You can use the template above. Ears are made from two parts. Elements of crafts are best connected on a typewriter so that the seams are strong

    Close the junction of the torso and ears with a bow. cute muzzleembroider, make eyes from black beads, draw cheeks with dry blush. Detailed workshops on sewing Easter toys can be found on the Web.

    Paper Crafts

    Great space for creativity provides paper. With the youngest kids, cut and glue a yellow chick that just hatched from an egg - minimal materials needed.

    If you glue 2 identical paper figures - an egg, a chicken, a hare - by inserting a wooden barbecue skewer between them, you get a fashion accessory-topper. They decorate the Easter bouquet, Easter cake. Pendants can be made of corrugated cardboard, decorated with pom-poms, ribbons.

    Paper blanks for crafts for Easter are complemented and decorated with embroidery, beads, ribbons. Print inscriptions and wishes in a beautiful font on a printer.

    If preparing a treat for kindergarten, pour sweets into cups decorated with funny faces. Ears are cut out of colored cardboard, eyes are sold in a needlework store. Draw a nose and a smile.

    Openwork patterns are cut out with a breadboard (stationery) knife. The work is quite painstaking, the result looks very impressive. If you cut the same blanks, you can assemble a wreath from them to decorate a children's room.


    Congratulations on Easter can be written on homemade postcards. A multi-layer postcard will turn out if strips of decorative tape are placed close to each other on a sheet of cardboard. From above, close the sheet with the blank with another sheet of paper, with a cut-out window in the form of an egg.

    Paper can make a funny chicken. Cut out a scallop, beak from red paper, glue it on.

    You can make an "Easter tree". Cut out brown branches, stick them on a sheet of light cardboard. Complete with cut-out multi-colored Easter eggs. Use curly scissors to cut the outlines.

    The most patient crafters can make scrapbooking cards from many small parts. For decor, use ribbons, textile flowers, beads, buttons. For a small rose, cut a circle of paper with a diameter of 5 cm in a spiral. Then wind the spiral around the pencil, starting from the outer end, glue the tip.

    To make a chicken card, fold a piece of brown cardstock in half. Inside write warm congratulatory words. We will make a picture outside. Cut out a large ovalpaste. Add a red scallop, paws, decorations. You can decorate with twine and felt flowers.

    Easter gingerbread

    Edible decoration crafts for Easter 2023 are easy to make. Gingerbread cookies do not get stale for a long time and do not deteriorate. If you want to make a gingerbread topper, it is better to stick a skewer into a hot product.


    • butter - 100 g;
    • chicken eggs - 2 pcs;
    • honey - 100g;
    • sugar - 100 g (it is better to take brown, so the gingerbread will get an interesting caramel taste);
    • flour - 2.5 tbsp;
    • baking powder - 2 tsp;
    • spices optional (cinnamon, cardamom, ground nutmeg, ginger, vanilla sugar) - 1 tsp each


    1. Rob butter at room temperature with sugar.
    2. Add eggs, honey, stir thoroughly.
    3. Add all dry ingredients, knead the dough.
    4. Roll out on a floured table into a 1 cm thick layer, cut out figures.
    5. Bake gingerbread on a baking sheet lined with paper at 180 °C for 12-15 min.
    6. Decorate the finished cooled gingerbread cookies with protein glaze, which remains from Easter cakes. Or you can make sugar icing without eggs: with a spoon or a silicone spatula, mix until a smooth, homogeneous mass of 270 g of powdered sugar, 4 tbsp. l. water and 2 tbsp. l. lemon juice. Tint with food coloring if desired.

    Easter boxes

    Colored eggs, Easter cakes prepared as a gift will look beautiful and appetizing in elegant boxes. The easiest option is to print the given template, cut it out and color it with paints and pencils. Or, according to the template, cut out parts of the basket from hard felt, cardboard. Connect the elements of the box with Moment glue, sew by hand or on a typewriter, fasten with a stapler.

    Interesting individual packaging for Easter eggs will turn out in the origami technique.

    Skillful needlewomen will knit an openwork basket from thin cotton threads. You can give it a rigid shape by immersing it in a solution of PVA glue or starch (paste). Then put the knitted blank on a bowl turned upside down, wait until it dries completely. Attach a twig handle, top with straw or sisal.

    Crafts from threads

    Plastic or wood blanks are decorated with colorful yarn. Such gizmos will remain until next Easter. The technology is simple:

    1. At the lower end of the workpiece, secure the thread with glue. You can take a glue gun, PVA or Moment.
    2. Gently wind the blank in a spiral, smearing with glue so that the threads do not move out.
    3. After reaching the opposite end, carefullyglue the end of the thread.
    4. You can decorate with a bow of contrasting yarn, ribbons, beads.


    Amazing patterns for Easter crafts are made using the quilling technique. For paper rolling - quilling - strips of thick colored paper are used. If you couldn’t buy a ready-made quilling kit, don’t be discouraged. Cut thick printer paper into long strips of the same width (0.5-1 cm), preferably with a utility knife. The strips are twisted manually or with a special tool.

    The ornament is made from small individual details-curls. There are few basic forms in quilling, patterns come out of their combination. With sufficient skill, blank elements are obtained very quickly.

    Draw the outlines of the picture with a pencil, lay out according to the template. PVA glue or "Moment" is suitable for quilling.

    Easter wreaths

    Wreaths for Easter are made from natural materials - twigs, twigs, straws, sisal. The addition of stabilized green moss looks picturesque. As decorative elements, take painted foam eggs, felt figurines, paper and cardboard flowers, nuts, willow twigs.

    To make an Easter twine wreath, you will need a circle of thick cardboard. Wrap it tightly with hemp twine (jute rope), you can in several layers, the endglue. Decorate with crystal beads, artificial and dried leaves, fabric flowers. Make a nest out of floral straws, “put” (glue) eggs into the nest.

    A bow made of ribbon or burlap, dried flowers, toy birds can serve as an addition.

    Create Easter crafts with joy and inspiration. Happy Holidays!

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