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Celebration of the New Year in our country is inextricably linked with traditions. Some customs have come down to us from pagan times - like a richly laid table, symbolizing a plentiful harvest and prosperity. Some appeared relatively recently, for example, to celebrate the New Year according to the laws of the eastern horoscope and feng shui. One attribute of the holiday has remained unchanged for many generations - the presence of a beautiful Christmas tree in the house! We figure out how to decorate the Christmas tree for the upcoming 2023 to keep all the traditions and have a great experience for the year ahead!

In this article:

    • Rabbit tree;
    • feng shui rules;
    • classic Christmas tree styles:
      • Scandi and minimalism;
      • eco style;
      • Provence;
      • timeless retro.
    • original ways of decorating;
    • how to place decorations;
    • general design tips;
    • to make the Christmas tree stand longer.

    In the tradition of the Eastern horoscope

    According to the eastern (Chinese) horoscope, 2023 will be held under the sign of the Rabbit. If you adhere to the ancient traditions of the East, the Christmas tree can be decorated incolors of the patron symbol.

    The main colors of the coming year should be taken as a basis: silver, blue, blue, white - shades of water. A cold palette of light colors will look advantageous on the branches of a green beauty. It is not necessary to use only oriental symbols, toys can be quite traditional, European: balls, cones, icicles, beads. You can also decorate with animal figurines. If desired, take the central place to the silhouette of the Rabbit, which will also serve as a talisman, a talisman for the family in the coming year.

    The play of silver and gold symbolizes the power, strength, bright attractiveness of the animal. Sparkling balls, bells, figurines of animals and people will successfully complement bows of different sizes made of shiny organza. The top of the spruce can be crowned with a large shining star.

    The neutral palette of beige is also a patron color, this color will pair beautifully with a fresh emerald background of pine needles. When using a beige scale, there is room for creativity. You can decorate the forest guest with stylish toys of the same type, figurines, animal silhouettes.

    Here are other interesting signs for the Year of the Rabbit:

    Feng Shui New Year's beauty decoration

    Oriental traditions of the New Year are inseparable from the philosophy of Feng Shui, according to which the space surrounding a person has an impact on him. Consider how to decorate a Christmas tree so that the house is filled with positive energy.

    Decorate according to Feng Shuithe Christmas tree is needed from the crown, in no case cutting it off. The whole family can participate in the process, waiting until dark.

    • Family happiness will bring toys in the form of a house. Elephants are a symbol of fertility, a nest with swallows will help to acquire long-awaited offspring in the new year.
    • To attract we alth to the house, it is worth hanging coins, banknotes - real or their symbolic replacement in the form of sweets in shiny gold wrappers. Goldfish (carps), horseshoes will serve the same purpose.
    • Love attracts yellow and pink toys, symbolic figurines of a man and a woman (it can be Santa Claus and Snow Maiden).
    • Deer, cranes, nuts will become symbols of he alth. For toys, choose blue, silver, gold colors.

    It will be important to choose the right place for the tree. Location in the northern part will help to get rich, get rid of problems. The southwest direction will provide career growth.

    • The far left corner of the door is suitable for improving the welfare of the family.
    • The far right corner from the entrance helps strengthen family ties, brings love and harmony.
    • Near left corner of the door attracts tall patrons and helpful friends.
    • The near corner on the right has energy that is beneficial for offspring - both existing (children, grandchildren), and for the planned and desired.
    • The central part of the wall opposite the entrance attracts professional energy.

    If it is not possible to place a tree in a treasured place, you can successfully replace it with a wreath orNew Year's bouquet.

    Traditional Styles

    Christmas tree can be beautifully dressed up in a traditional style, choose what you like best!

    Rustic style, or country style, implies a juicy combination of green needles and red and white decor with an indispensable addition of gold glitter. There can't be too many toys in country style, but don't use more than 5 different colors to avoid bad taste in decoration. Gold bows and sweets, red velvet ribbons, striped candy canes, deer figures, balloons of different sizes fit perfectly here.

    Northern restraint of the popular Scandinavian style (Scandi) implies a minimum number of decorative elements with their excellent quality. Colors may be unexpected for the eyes of compatriots: gray, black, white. The main condition is natural materials (wood, glass) and the absence of tinsel. Solid color electric lights are a must!

    Caring for the environment can be shown by dressing up the Christmas tree in the current eco-style. Environmental friendliness implies the use of elements from natural materials in the decor. You can decorate the Christmas tree with nuts, dried orange slices, natural cinnamon sticks (by the way, this is the fragrant bark of an exotic plant) on ribbons.

    Garland can bemade from popcorn strung on a string. Simple rough crafts made of unpainted wood, saw cuts, twigs, burlap, home-made fragrant cookies are appropriate. Handmade products will also fit in: knitted from multi-colored yarn or sewn from felt houses, figurines of animals, people.

    Graceful, feminine shabby chic style is suitable for romantic natures. The basis is the use of delicate pastel shades: blue, pink, milky white, floral motifs. Only natural materials are used: glass, fabric, wood, terracotta and porcelain. Toys with patina, craquelure (cracks) look spectacular, as if they were taken out of the chest of a French great-grandmother. Additionally, you can decorate the Christmas tree with a garland of artificial flowers, matching feathers, ribbons, lace.

    Vintage style has been gaining popularity in recent years. The scenery can be in the spirit of Soviet retro, from childhood, which many people miss. New Year is an opportunity to ride the waves of memories.Old toys made of thin glass: figures of astronauts, collective farmers, cones, balls and beads, garlands with paper flags can certainly be found in the attic of parents. Glued together from cotton wool sprinkled with sparkles, Santa Claus with a bag of gifts and the Snow Maiden - integral symbols of the New Year for - will stand under the Christmas tree and delight a new generation of children.

    Custom Christmas trees

    New Year's is a time to get creative and consider options on how to decorate a "not like everyone else" Christmas tree. The scope for imagination here is simply limitless.

    • You can consider a monochrome version of the decor. All toys must be the same color. It is not necessary to stop at standard white or gold jewelry. Take a closer look at the bright lilac, pink balls and figures. If you have an original artificial spruce tree in white or pink, you can pick up toys to match or contrast.

    • The tree can be dressed up with edible decorations. Use wrapped candies, nuts that can be wrapped in shiny foil or painted, tangerines. You can bake themed cookies or gingerbread, paint them with edible paints. Baking with a lot of aromatic spices does not stale for a long time. By the way, this decor will be a great gift for guests, and not only for children.
    • A great idea how to decorate a Christmas tree in a hospitable house, where several generations of one big family gather for the New Year, will be photos from the family archive. They can be hung on a garland,fasten with decorative clothespins. You can add extra chic to photos by inserting them into the same frames.

    At the workplace, the Christmas tree can be decorated with items related to the theme of the profession.

    • Colorful spools of thread, tailor's ribbons wound into balls, shiny scissors, patches of takni intricately twisted will look organic in a sewing workshop.
    • In a bookstore, you can "make" a Christmas tree by arranging books and magazines in the form of a pyramid. On the lower tier of the tower put the thickest and heaviest volumes. The higher the tier, the smaller and thinner the books should be.
    • For doctors and hospital patients, you can decorate a festive tree with humor, for example, inflated gloves made of dense nitrile in bright colors.

    For lovers of needlework and handmade, the New Year gives a truly limitless scope for creativity.

    • The Christmas tree can be sewn from fabric, and not necessarily green, decorated with frills, lace, pom-poms.
    • You can knit a fashion accessory from colored wool.
    • An interesting option on how to decorate the terrace of a country house or trendy city apartments would be to build a Christmas tree from branches. You can make a flat panel on the wall, or a three-dimensional eco-style art object.

    If there is absolutely no space in the apartment, or there are pets, you can limit yourself to a beautiful wreath on the wall, or hang a garland on a window or wall, giving it a Christmas tree silhouette.

    Tips for placing decorations on the Christmas tree

    To decorate the forestthe guests looked harmonious, pleasing to the eye, they can be placed:

    • by tiers. Hang the largest toys at the bottom, gradually reducing the size towards the top. With this option, the same toys of different sizes will look great, for example, balls;

    • in a spiral. The direction can be emphasized with ribbons, tinsel, bright beads. The shape and size of toys can be any;

    • vertically. Clear lines should go from the crown to the base. You can use the New Year's "rain", beads made of glass beads.

    Decoration rules

    In order for a smart Christmas tree to bring a real holiday to the house, follow the rules of decoration.

    • A decorated Christmas tree should fit well into the festive interior. Think over the concept of home decoration in advance and stick to the unity in the decor of the apartment, windows, table and of course the Christmas tree.
    • The height of the tree should be suitable for the size of your apartment. If the ceilings are low, then you should not buy a giant plant, the optimal height is 1.5-2 m. If the tree is placed in the huge hall of a country house, then its dimensions should be suitable so that the forest beauty does not get lost in a large space.
    • Be sure to check the he alth of the electric garland before you hang it, so that you do not have to dismantle the entire decor later to change a burned-out light bulb.

    • The crown is the center of attraction. No matter,what exactly will show off on it - a Christmas angel, a bright star or a laconic spire - it is necessary to decorate the top.

    • Pay attention to the base to mask the mount and complete the design. The easiest way is to cover the base with a drapery of matching color fabric.

    How to keep the green beauty longer

    Shops offer a huge range of artificial Christmas trees for every taste. You can find successful imitations of if, pines powdered with snow, silver, white, trendy pink specimens. However, if you want to plunge into the festive atmosphere, as happened in childhood, then you should buy a real forest beauty. Here are a few tips to help you select the right Christmas tree and ensure it serves well.

    • When buying, you should carefully consider the color of the needles: there should be no yellow, dry, moldy needles.
    • The branches should be resilient, not brittle.
    • If you lightly tap on the trunk, needles should not rain down from the Christmas tree.
    • It is better to put a real Christmas tree not in a cross stand, but in the old fashioned way, in a bucket of moistened sand, adding a few aspirin tablets there.
    • The saw cut (log) must be hewn before putting it in a bucket so that moisture rises better along the trunk.

    • To prevent the needles from drying out and crumbling ahead of time, do not place it near the battery, periodically spray it with clean water fromatomizer.

    No matter how you decorate the Christmas tree, may the upcoming New Year 2023 bring joy and fun to your home!

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