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Men and women, children and old people - everyone is waiting for the New Year. This is the time of magic, a fabulous night in reality. For people who still have faith in a miracle in their hearts, this night there is a great opportunity to wish the most secret dreams. How to make a wish for the New Year? What needs to be done to make the wish come true? We will now analyze all this in detail.

In this New Year's article:

    • Laws of the Universe
    • Rituals for the fulfillment of desires
    • Christmas tree - green needle
    • Merry Champagne
    • Grapes - any desires will be welcome
    • Mandarin - a path to desires
    • Christmas tree toy - for every petitioner a girlfriend
    • New Year's mail
    • Cup, spoon, ladle - wishes come true not pretend
    • Red thread - a path to a dream
    • Streams of happiness

    Laws of the Universe

    "Be careful what you wish for - it tends to come true." Mikhail Bulgakov, "The Master and Margarita" This phrase has long become a catchphrase. And absolutely true. And no matter how and at what speed, but dreams come true. The thought is material. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful in your thoughts. Examples of howdesires came true in the most unexpected way - a lot. That is why it is so important to clearly articulate your thoughts. No negativity, no streamlined shapes, no ambiguity. Want to relax? This means that the thought form should be simple: “I want to win a ticket for one to a sanatorium.”, and not “I want to be alone.” And then you can really stay alone.

    It is important to understand that not one of our thoughts goes unheard. Every detail is registered in the "heavenly office", every little thing is taken into account, and the processes are launched immediately. But what will be the execution depends solely on the petitioner.

    Everyone can wish for something, but to make it more likely to come true, the correct wording plays an important role. Here are some principles:

    1. You need to guess very clearly, without double meanings and pitfalls. Also, do not forget to add at the end of the wording the phrase "what you want comes with good." In this case, the result will be pleasant and not deplorable.
    2. In no case should you wish evil on others. Such a request will be fulfilled, but with a rollback in your direction, which will entail unpleasant consequences. In general, negative thoughts are very powerful. No wonder they say: "the bad is attached faster." In this case, too, you should be extremely careful. Moreover, many have noticed in their lives that it is worth wishing a person trouble, as it happens quite quickly. Moreover, they are proud of this, they say, "as I say, so be it." But in vain. There will be, but no one has yet canceled the boomerang rule.
    3. Imagine in great detail how you already got what you wanted. The clearer the idea, the higher the chance of fulfilling the dream. The materiality of thought forms is important.
    4. Your desire must be sincere and come from a pure heart. You must really want it. And such a rule exists for a reason. The purer our request, the more sincere it is, the clearer it is for the Universe.
    5. It is necessary to make a guess in a good mood and excellent he alth, otherwise everything can turn into a bad side. Here again we are talking about the negative. Suppose you can really want a fur coat, like a girlfriend, right up to the shiver. But the request itself, although sincere, can be dictated by envy. The fur coat will appear, but how?
    6. To make your wish come true the way you need it, get rid of the “not” particle in your wording. For example: it is better not to say “I am not sick”, it is more correct to say “I am he althy”. This is again a direct reference to the clarity of thought forms.

    New Year's rituals for the fulfillment of desires

    The observance of rituals plays an important role in the fulfillment of desires. Whatever one may say, but mistakes have a negative result. Every little thing is important: the atmosphere, the mood, and the attributes. And the very requests to the Almighty carry a certain energy charge, which will give direction to fulfillment.

    To make a wish for the New Year, there are several simple rituals:

    Christmas tree - green needle

    Every house has a Christmas tree on New Year's Eve. The tree must be alive. Plastic is no help. You will need to take a Christmas tree branch andwhisper to her your cherished dream. If there is someone at home, try to be as quiet as possible.

    After, place the branch near the bed in a container of water. After three days, count the number of crumbled needles. If it's even, that's a good sign! There is good reason to expect a positive outcome. If odd - alas, you will have to make efforts to fulfill your dream. Well, or wait for next year.

    Merry Champagne

    The long-known way to make a dream come true still does not lose its relevance. Champagne is one of the main symbols of the New Year, which is why this ritual is passed down from generation to generation.

    You will need:

    • Champagne glass,
    • Small papers,
    • Matches or lighter,
    • Pencils.

    Under the chimes, write what you madly want on a piece of paper, set it on fire, wait until there is nothing left but ashes. Then mix it with a drink and drink the mixture until the last stroke of the clock. It is necessary to act quickly, the time is only 12 strokes. You can prepare notes in advance. But so uninteresting.

    Besides this, there are several less popular, but no less effective options with champagne.

    • Wine needs to be poured into glasses and drink a drink with people close to you. After you need to blow into an empty bottle and seal it back with a cork. Be sure to think about your dream at this moment. Then keep the bottle at home for another 7 days.
    • This way to love. If it is neededto strengthen communication with a partner, you should drink one glass for two under the clock. Before drinking, they say a conspiracy over wine: “Play wine, play good! Bring us happiness, we will be together for a long time! You can drink through a straw.
    • Take a very small bottle, you can use a toy bottle or a medicine bottle. Put a piece of paper inside it, on which the desired will be written. On New Year's Eve, a small amount of drink from your glass is poured into the container. Then hide it so that no one knows about it and keep it until the dream comes true. Next, pour the liquid into running water, saying “what has come, let it remain and bring joy.”
    • This ritual is for the financial flow. The stem of the glass is wrapped in a bill. The bigger the better. What you want is guessed, connected with material we alth, the wine is drunk, and the money must be put into the wallet and not spent. It will be a kind of talisman for money.

    Grapes - any desires will be welcome

    Another option to wish something for the New Year to make it come true is to eat 12 grapes before the clock strikes, thinking about your dream at that moment. The method is funny. But nevertheless effective. And the point is this. Bones cannot be swallowed. They must be spit out and planted in a small flower pot. If the seeds hatch, what you want will come true. No - alas!

    Mandarin - a path to desires

    Such a wonderful fruit as a tangerine has long been a symbol of the New Year. There are quite a few rituals in which this citrus participates. But the mostpopular ones are:

    • Make a wish. After that, they try to peel the fruit so that the skin is removed in one piece. Success - the dream will come true. Didn't work - nothing will work. Do not insist on your request and take another tangerine for these purposes.
    • Another way is as follows. Tangerines are rolled in their hands and a wish is made. Then it is cleaned and eaten one by one, counting them. If the number is even, the wish will come true. If not, then not this time.
    • Another small ritual is very similar to divination for love by chamomile. The principle is the same. You need to think about what you want to get, peel. Then the slices are separated and they say: “Yes” or “no”. On which word the tangerine ends, it will come true.
    • This method is very similar to the ceremony with grapes. Mandarin is eaten, but the bones are not thrown away. A dream is whispered over them and planted in a pot. If the seeds sprout, the universe has heard. If not, then she has better things to do.

    Christmas toy - a girlfriend for every petitioner

    A wonderful, kind ritual that will become not only a decoration for the Christmas tree, but also a cool gift for guests.

    Christmas decorations are purchased before the holiday. The main thing is that they are hollow inside. On New Year's Eve, toys are given and guests are invited to write a cherished wish, put it in a toy and hang it on a Christmas tree. At the moment of hanging, everyone again mentally repeats his request. When the guests gather at home, they can pick up their gift with a desire, but be sure to place itback to the spruce branches. Every day, while there is a Christmas tree in the house, they pick up the toy and repeat word for word what is written. When the tree is removed, the toy is opened, a piece of paper is carefully taken out and burned. After the toy can be removed until next year.

    Another way is quite touching. When the Christmas tree is already disassembled, a request to the Almighty is whispered over the last toy. It should be held in your hands a little longer. Mentally draw any details. And say not "I want a new car", but "I will have a new car." And be sure to seal it with the phrase mentioned above so that the car does not appear as a result of an accident or other unpleasant situation.

    And here is another wonderful ritual that will not only unite the family, but also bring the dream closer. Before the holiday, you can go to the forest for a short walk. Take with you what is suitable for a picnic: food and tea. Shortly before the walk, they make Christmas tree decorations, but not simple ones. Each of them is made of paper: snowflakes, garlands, lanterns, figurines. Desires are written on them. They find a Christmas tree in the forest that they will like, decorate and arrange an impromptu holiday: they dance, sing songs, ask for the secret. The rest of the food is left to the inhabitants of the forest. They make sure to take their garbage with them so that dreams do not end up buried under a pile of plastic.

    New Year's mail

    Who didn't write a letter to Santa Claus as a child? Everyone did it! So what happened to adults that they so undeservedly forgot this sweet way of addressing the Universe? BUTin vain! What is written with a pen cannot be cut down with an axe. You can draw your dream, you can describe it in great detail. It doesn't matter what it looks like. Then there is a very exciting lesson: to make an airplane out of a letter and launch it through an open window. Let it fly, the wind will surely convey what is written to the address. Better yet, send the letter in a real envelope to a fictitious address. So write in the line of the addressee: Santa Claus.

    And if the letter is suddenly lost in the bowels of the post office or the airplane is trampled by random passers-by? Somehow not so much, right? Then the simplest helium balloons or Chinese lanterns will come to the rescue. Before the launch, they write their request on them and, to the sound of the chimes, they set off on their long, fabulous journey.

    Letters are letters, but there is one ritual with little notes. It is very easy to perform. On 12 pieces of paper they write everything they want to receive. They are put under the pillow, and in the morning they take out one and read it. What is pulled out will come true.

    Cup, spoon, ladle - everything will come true not for fun

    The spirit of the New Year pervades absolutely everything. The atmosphere of the holiday leaves its mark on every item that participates in the celebration. This is the dishes in which New Year's dishes are prepared, and the subject of table setting, and, of course, the food itself. When decorating dishes, you need to try to lay them out in the form of what you desire with all your heart. Salad in the shape of a car, a house made of sliced \u200b\u200band sweets, wine from the country you want to visit. When laying the festive table, you need to constantly think about what you want as if it werehas almost come true. The main condition: all the dishes that participated in the ritual must be eaten clean. It is absolutely impossible to throw away.

    Red thread - a path to a dream

    Red has a very powerful energy. It is used in treatment (the well-known red woolen thread on the wrist), in magical rituals. They attract attention. Red is a unique opportunity to bring a dream closer. What can be red? Anything!


    Red underwear for your favorite boy. Red symbolizes passion, it attracts men like moths to a light. If there is a slight discord in the relationship, then red underwear will help strengthen the relationship, rekindle fading feelings and, as a result, play an important role in the formation of new relationships.


    Surprises without whims. You need to take as many items as the year. In this case, 22. They will play the role of gifts. It can be fruits, sweets, cute trinkets, toys - everything that is much fantasy. Each item is wrapped in red paper, on which a wish is written on the inside. After the chiming clock, you need to go outside and give these items to random passers-by with one small request: unfold the gift and read your request aloud. The whole point is that a random person will not only pronounce the cherished, but he himself will become an object. For example, if an apartment is guessed, and it would also be nice for the other person to have their own housing. So the gifted person will become a direct guide. He will start thinking about it himself.along the way, voicing the request of the donor. Double message! And this is a double joy!


    Another way closely echoes both New Year's decorations and Father Frost's mail. A small note is written or a drawing is drawn, rolled up and the resulting scroll is tied with a red ribbon. Then he is sent to the Christmas tree.


    Red chest - push for money. The role of the chest may well be played by a wallet. But it must be red. If it is just a box, then even better. You can make it yourself, or you can buy it. On New Year's Eve, a bill is selected from the wallet without looking. A conspiracy is written on it: “I entrust money to the Red Keeper. I trust my we alth. As the red treasure is kept, so the year will be rich. Then the bill is removed and never gets. But all cash must be put away in this wallet or box at night during the year. You can take any amount, but when you get home, put it back in this place.

    Streams of happiness

    You don't have to wait for a holiday to ask for a dream. But it is in the New Year that the Universe is filled with happiness, love, and joy. After all, all the inhabitants of the planet unite in the most positive emotions. And what could be better than positive energy? Of course, the Universe will also respond to joy with joy. The main thing is to think correctly and not grumble if something goes a little wrong. After all, there is a time for everything, and a person is the blacksmith of his own happiness.

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