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According to the eastern horoscope, the Ox surrenders his powers and power in the New Year 2023, and a new owner, the Tiger, comes to replace him. At the same time, the preferences of the new ruler also change. What was relevant in the year of the Ox is a thing of the past.

The tiger requires a new approach, different traditions and ways to give him attention. The colors of the New Year are also of great importance. 2023 should be spent giving preference to shades that the striped predator likes - in this case, luck will knock on the door more often, and adversity, on the contrary, will bypass.

    • In this New Year's article:
    • What clothes are relevant in the New Year of the Tiger
    • Interior in 2023
    • Decorated Christmas tree - what shades to prefer
    • Colors by zodiac signs

    What clothes are relevant in the New Year of the Tiger

    Clothes are not only a visiting card of a person, determining the attitude of the surrounding people towards him when they meet. Wardrobe items directly affect our self-esteem and sense of comfort. When a person knows that he is beautifully dressed, he is more confident in himself. But it is also a great way to show the owner of the year your attitude towards him andopportunity to influence your own destiny. And the color of clothes on New Year's Eve is of particular importance. However, do not neglect the opportunity to please the Tiger in all subsequent days of the year.

    The striped master of the year loves showiness and extravagance. Don't have an evening dress? New Year is a great occasion to buy it and celebrate the holiday in this outfit.

    In addition, you should pay attention to the following details of the festive wardrobe:

    • Women in the New Year should give preference to the classics. But at the same time, it is desirable to complement a strict attire with a spectacular zest: a deep neckline can be decorated with a gold chain with a large pendant, a short skirt can be emphasized with expensive leather shoes. The predator loves everything natural, so cotton, linen, silk, leather, fur will become the desired elements of the wardrobe. But synthetics should be abandoned. Preferred colors are classic black and white, orange, yellow, cream and blue. A tight dress, a suit - that's what the ruler of the year will like. In the outer warm clothes will be to the place of insertion of natural fur.

    • Men should also give preference to classic and even formal clothes. The peacock look is somewhat not what the secretive and majestic Tiger will like. It is better if the wardrobe emphasizes the status of a man, his influence and position in society.Particular attention should be paid to recognizable brands. Preferably such colors in clothes: black, white, blue, golden, orange. A deep blue will do too. Jeans and a large embossed knit sweater, trousers and a shirt with a stand-up collar are sure to please the predator. Outerwear can be made of genuine leather, have a fur lining.

    • Children may also like the master of the year by being dressed up in new clothes. It is also advisable to get by with several shades of wardrobe elements - there should be no more than three colors. No need to click on practicality - in the New Year 2023, you can let the kids fully feel the real festive atmosphere.

    It is advisable to choose color combinations so that the wardrobe elements are not too catchy. Gloss, chic, extravagance, a sense of proportion and taste - these are the whales on which clothes that are successfully selected for the New Year will hold. The predator's favorite pattern is alternating stripes of sharply contrasting colors.

    Tiger color will be perfect for the new year. In general, it is desirable to use no more than 3 shades in the decoration. But too bright and lurid patterns will not meet the expectations of the owner of the year. A wardrobe for the New Year should cause sincere admiration from others, but not look like a clowning.

    Interior in 2023

    The colors of the New Year in the interior must be to the taste of the Tiger, as the ownerof this period of time. Only in this case, the lord of the jungle will take a fancy to the dwelling and will patronize everyone who lives in it. Therefore, the decoration of the room in which the New Year will be celebrated should also correspond to the preferences of the striped predator. The jungle dweller does not tolerate chaos: by the New Year, the premises must be put in order, including the most inaccessible places.

    It is advisable to divide the room in which the holiday will take place into zones. Where the feast will be held, there should not be anything superfluous: a neatly set New Year's table, covered with a white or dark plain tablecloth without a pattern, a traditional TV, a sofa or chairs for guests. It is good if the interior is complemented by the natural green color of indoor plants, which will remind you that the Tiger is the master of the jungle.

    In the main area of the feast, it is allowed to use bright decor elements that can have a metallic sheen, sparkle and shimmer in the light. Silvery rain, shiny ribbons, golden Tiger figurines will decorate the room and create a festive mood.

    Special attention should be paid to lighting - it is best to use warm yellow light. But you can not flood the whole room with bright light.

    Be sure to leave a shaded area in which to put the figurine of the master of the jungle, as a symbol of the New Year.

    You can meet the holiday in a room with subdued light - in combination with a richly laidtable such a move will create a truly cozy atmosphere. The ceiling can be made in dark blue and decorated with golden sparkling stars, imitating a real open sky.

    You can lay a striped or green carpet on the floor - the owner of the New Year likes to step softly. It is also desirable that the chairs for guests are also soft. Furniture designed in dark, almost black colors with carved elements is ideal. The pattern of natural wood will also fit well into the interior. Carved elements will add luxury, so beloved by the Tiger. Throw soft pillows on the sofa to add coziness.

    Decorated Christmas tree - what shades to prefer

    The striped predator prefers lush natural wood over artificial wood. Therefore, the Christmas tree in the New Year should be real. You should not decorate the entire Christmas tree with bright toys of different colors - the greenery itself should become a decoration for the holiday.

    Toys are better to use solid, deep colors, with a metallic sheen - blue and light blue, yellow, silvery, dark orange. Glass jewelry is more suitable than plastic. Their shape can be round or tear-shaped, oblong, but it is better to exclude any figures - except for those depicting the Tiger himself.

    Also, a wide rain is suitable for decoration - golden or silver. You can put a large figurine of a predator under the Christmas tree - it will be convenient for himcelebrate the holiday in a familiar environment, under a tree.

    Colors by zodiac signs

    Each sign of the zodiac in the New Year should give preference to its own color, which will bring him good luck. Such a step will avoid unpleasant surprises and bring luck to life.

    Aries Taurus Twins Cancer Lion Virgo Scales Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces
    Black, white, silver and green
    Yellow, white, gold, brown
    Blue, blue, gold and orange
    Silver, black, blue, dark brown
    Light blue, white, silver and orange
    Deep navy blue, black and dark brown
    All shades of green, brown and white
    Light blue, black and gold
    All shades of blue, dark brown and silver
    Yellow in various shades, silver and navy blue, white
    Black and dark brown, milky white, light blue
    Blue and dark green, orange, black

    The predominance of these flowers in the New Year 2023 in the life of certain signs of the zodiac will allow them to become the favorites of the striped predator, which will be the key to a happy year and will allow many dreams and desires to come true.

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