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New Year is a time of miracles and fun. These days you can rightfully relax, unwind, not think about problems. New Year's time makes us hope for a brighter future. But to hope is one thing, but to look under the veil of mystery is another.

How to do it? Easy! A wonderful game for a large company will come to the rescue: “New Year's predictions on paper”. This chic entertainment is perfect for a party, whether it's a New Year's corporate party or a meeting of friends. Preparation is minimal: you just need to print out papers with predictions and roll them up as your heart desires: into a roll, square or cookie. Well, you can offer them to participants in any form.

Your own hand is the master

The most interesting thing about paper predictions is the high probability of their fulfillment. And all because a person, after reading it, launches a thought-form program and begins to desire fulfillment with all his soul, they say, “what if it comes true.” No wonder they say that it is worth wishing something from the heart, then it will certainly come true. So here. Like a game, like a joke, but what if…

The word is not a sparrow

When making predictions, it is important notforget that the New Year is a fun holiday, and every guest hopes for good luck, luck, joy. Therefore, the text should be as positive as possible. Of course, if everything is sweet and smooth, it's not very good either. But “peppercorn” can be easily made spicy. We'll have to try to make all the guests satisfied with their predictions.

In order to please every guest and roughly understand what predictions should look like, our editors have made a selection of texts for every taste, which are charged with positive.

  • 30 good New Year's predictions

      The year sparkles like a diamond. It will be joyful for you. Look around closely, you can find happiness.
    1. Everything is left behind, only joy is ahead. Home, work and friends will be there forever. The wallet will be full, and life is easy as a moth.
    2. This street, this house. Buy an apartment and live in it. And for the car, do not forget to drop by, have time to open a foreign currency account in the bank. You managed to find a spring of money. Increase them and save them wisely.
    3. Passion will surge like a tsunami, cover with the head. And in love, and at work, you will lose peace.
    4. Hold out your hand, take your last step. The goal is getting closer, the path is shorter, you will be happy with the result.
    5. The year is filled with surprises, you will pass it like a quest. Everything will be: fun, happiness. There will be no place for melancholy.
    6. Romance is everywhere: sunset, dawn, shining stars. Bathe in tenderness and kisses. After all, this year brought love.
    7. Sweet, sweet,chocolate around. Of course you are happy about it. But beware of honey friends. Get rid of them as soon as possible.
    8. Balance and harmony rule you. You open it for others too. Nothing threatens those who have comprehended Zen: the melody of happiness sounds softly.
    9. The year is full of adventures. Surprises day after day. Go to them soon, take faithful friends.
    10. Success and prosperity is preparing this year. The flow of financial injections will bring you down.
    11. This year we need to get out of the shadows. The year has brought many new friends. You will acquire many new skills. Get down to business, but quickly.
    12. Be careful: envy is all around. The one who was a friend will become an enemy. But do not be sad and do not be discouraged. And don't forget about protection.
    13. The dream must come true and came to you on the threshold. When you do it, you will know happiness. And bad weather will leave your soul.
    14. The year is fast approaching. Will bring results. Keep your tone, be active and objective in your assessments.
    15. A year worthy of a memoir. Very bright, cheeky. Full of meetings and adventures. In general, very mischievous.
    16. You learned a lot of roads, got lost in the labyrinths. But they ended, happiness lies ahead.
    17. Love is waiting on the threshold. Don't be afraid, don't run. Let the blood play in your veins. You take care of this feeling.
    18. Peace and bliss rule the world. They have great power hidden in them. Save it and take care of it. Storms looming ahead.
    19. Repay good for good. After all, it came to your house. Be kind, my friend, always. Kindness rules the world.
    20. Sickness roam the earth, they can look to you. Don't let them on the threshold, protect your he alth.
    21. You wanted everythingchange. Stretched out the thread of desires. The time has come to fulfill them. Run to the dream, and away the doubts.
    22. The ring-ring rolled onto the porch. Put it on without a doubt and create a family.
    23. The stork will knock on your house. It is open for kids. Buy diapers for your beloved baby.
    24. The year brings you changes, takes problems with it. Bring success, become joyful for everyone.
    25. You'll have to work hard to make your dream come true. You tighten up just a little. Let the path be easy.
    26. Career took off confidently. Your flight will be swift.
    27. If you have to cry, then from joy, of course. Let luck break into the house, happiness will be endless.
    28. Clouds float across the sky. The long road is coming. Fate suddenly becomes difficult. Much travel awaits.
    29. So the problems are over. Trouble has gone beyond the threshold. Changes are coming, your life will be easy.

  • 30 predictions-prophecies

      Happiness is on the threshold.
    1. Pay attention to he alth.
    2. Better to trust your intuition.
    3. The people around you now will be your helpers all year long.
    4. Expect a fateful meeting.
    5. Love waits for the right moment.
    6. Luck in money.
    7. All things will go well.
    8. Happiness is very close, take a closer look.
    9. There will be many tears, but these are tears of happiness.
    10. Pack your bags, get ready to travel.
    11. The year will turn your life 360 degrees.
    12. Maybe life will give you a baby.
    13. Career luck, onlyup, only forward.
    14. Peace, tranquility and joy in the family.
    15. Meeting love during a date.
    16. Things will go uphill.
    17. Travel will give unforgettable emotions and the necessary rest.
    18. Love will haunt the whole year.
    19. The family will be the most important support this year.
    20. This year will expand the circle of friends and acquaintances.
    21. It's time to do what you love.
    22. This year, every hour will be filled with happiness.
    23. Spin the wheel of fortune, success is on your side.
    24. All the risks this year will be justified.
    25. Promotion at work will not be long in coming.
    26. The middle of the year will bring the fulfillment of desires.
    27. This year happiness and success will be your best friends.
    28. Love will come very soon, don't miss out.
    29. Start your own business and it will pay off.

  • 30 Predictions That Can Really Come True

      Everything is hard, hard and hard. But you can fight for happiness. Victory is ahead, and summer will come in the soul.
    1. A flower dies without water. Take care of your he alth.
    2. Have fun and have fun. Stay at the carnival of life.
    3. Miracles brought you a year. You will become a star in it.
    4. This year needs a lot of work. Work fast and don't be lazy. But the reward will not be funny either: the money will flow like a stormy river.
    5. Be careful on the road. And follow the traffic rules all the time.
    6. An important issue needs to be addressed urgently. It will affect your whole life.
    7. Striving for new heights.There, at the top, you will be successful.
    8. Tests threaten. They tell you to look at your friends. Consider them with attention, then you will avoid trouble.
    9. The storm of life will shake you. And only relatives help you. Behind a reliable rear. It is important that you are with your family.
    10. So you met love. You trust her like yourself. Do not be afraid to make a choice again: you are on the same wavelength with her.
    11. The year will please with a new thing. You buy a car, a house. Good damn fate, like a wonderful sweet dream.
    12. Do not offend your family, because there is no one closer. Rally your relatives around you: one for all and all for one.
    13. Don't be afraid of parting when love is gone. Happiness waits patiently beyond the horizon.
    14. Luck and success follow you. Open the door for them soon and you will rise above all.
    15. If you lose your peace, this year will become difficult. Rest soon, my friend, from anxiety and worries.
    16. Change is on the doorstep, all roads are open to you. You choose any, feel free to step into the distance.
    17. Enemy becomes friend and vice versa. Who is the traitor here, this year will show.
    18. There is such a word "no". It will save you from many troubles.
    19. First tooth and first step. You will be happy with the child.
    20. Sports urgently. Run in the morning, temper yourself. The sickness will retreat and leave. For he alth this year.
    21. There is a person next to me, to live with for a century. Go to the registry office immediately and create a family.
    22. You're lonely, but not for long. A true friend is already waiting at the doorstep.
    23. The past will remind of itself by chance. You can hurt him by accident. Don't blame yourself and don't beat yourself up. You're just sorry for everythingask.
    24. Let go of everything that interferes with life. After all, you have the right to be happy.
    25. This difficult year promises to be difficult. But friends and work will save you from adversity.
    26. Everything that I planned will come true for sure. Get on with your plans rather urgently.
    27. The steep staircase is waiting for you now. After all, this is a career, you will rise "on time".
    28. Catch the bird of good luck. Waves of success lie ahead.
    29. Be careful of your surroundings. Don't trust everyone with your savings.

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