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Christmas is one of the main Orthodox holidays. They say that fortune-telling for Christmas is one of the most accurate. Not only girls, but also teenagers, men and old people strive to tell fortunes this night. It will probably be interesting for everyone to find out their near future, to find out if the most important desire will come true, to tell fortunes for money and love.

Table of contents:

    • Types of predictions
    • To pass the evening
    • Midnight is the time of secrets
    • Sweet dream
    • Attributes for divination
    • Simple divination
    • Divination Cups
    • Name-name
    • The candle is hot
    • For love according to the book
    • Fortune telling at Christmas for the future
    • For money and luck
    • Single divination
    • Wax and water
    • Look into your eyes
    • Dinner Party
    • Christmas joy

    Types of predictions

    Conventionally, all fortune-telling for Christmas can be divided into groups. Basically, it all depends on the place of the rites, the time of day, and the methods and attributes also affect. There are complex rituals, there are simple ones. Some are suitable for the company, and some are spent exclusively alone.

    To pass the evening

    On Christmas Eve they try to find out their fate, to look into the future. In the evening, you can ask about creating a family, look for a betrothed. They will find out what the future husband will be like, the number of children and their gender. In the evenings they receive answers to all questions about love, material well-being, try to make wishes, find out answers to questions related to he alth.

    Midnight is the time of secrets

    Christmas divination, which takes place at midnight, are individual. They last until the first roosters. At night they try to see the groom: his appearance, name. They conduct rituals for marriage and a rich life with her husband. Find out the approximate dates of marriage.

    Midnight rites are not for the faint of heart. It is dark, scary, the visions that girls and women can visit are frightening and alarming. In general, if you want to tickle your nerves, then this time is the best. But it should be remembered that night fortune-telling on Christmas is not easy. They are quite dangerous, as violations in the conduct of rituals can lead to very unpleasant consequences.

    Sweet dream

    Before going to sleep, rituals are performed on the betrothed-mummer. On Christmas night, he sleeps so sweetly, and he so wants the dream to be prophetic. Of course, everyone is interested to know what the bride or groom will be like. And if there is no one on the horizon, then high hopes are placed on sleep.

    Attributes for divination

    There are a lot of ways to learn the unknown. And the items that are used, and even more. Everything goes:

    • wax;
    • cards;
    • paper;
    • feathers;
    • dishes;
    • water;
    • food;
    • grain and cereals;
    • animal hair and hair;
    • mirrors.

    Total and not list. The main thing is to prepare in advance everything that may be required so as not to interrupt the ritual.

    Simple divination

    Simple Christmas rituals are suitable for many purposes. They are unpretentious, harmless, do not require much effort and a large number of items. Simple ones are used in the company of girlfriends and alone.

    Divination Cups

    Quite a fun way to find out your future at Christmas with your girlfriends.

    There should be as many cups as the person is going to participate in the process. It doesn’t matter if they are from the same service or separately. Cups are filled with objects: ring, bread, coin, onion, s alt, sugar and water. If there are more cups, then the next ones continue to fill with the same attributes.

    The fortune-telling girl is blindfolded and offered to choose a cup. Whatever she chooses will be her prediction.

    • ring - marriage;
    • coin - prosperity;
    • bread - stability and satiety;
    • sugar is a sweet year;
    • s alt - troubles and tears;
    • onions - he alth problems;
    • water - the year will be normal and without shocks.


    Very simple divination for Christmas for the company to find out the name of the future bride or groom. Friends go outside, determine the order of fortunetellers and go for a walk tofirst comer. For girls it's a man, for guys it's a woman. As soon as a person meets, they ask his name. So they will call the future chosen one or chosen one.

    The candle is hot

    It is necessary to prepare walnut shells or small flat pieces of wood. Fortune-tellers place small candles on them. It can be candle cinders or pill candles. The main thing is that the shells or planks can withstand the weight of the candles. Improvised boats are lowered into a container of water: a basin or a trough. It is important that the water surface is rather big, and the depth is sufficient. And then they watch:

    • whose candle burns out first, she will marry the fastest;
    • next candles will show the order;
    • the candle will sink - marriage will not be seen for a long time.

    For love according to the book

    In order to find out at home at Christmas what awaits in your personal life, with whom love will develop, how events will unfold on the personal front, just a love story is enough. The book is opened on any page that comes across, 14 lines are counted from the bottom, and what will be said on line 14 is a love prediction for the whole of 2023.

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    Fortune telling at Christmas for the future

    Prepare a blank sheet of paper and cut it into 12 pieces. On six pieces of paper they write their innermost desires, the rest are left clean. Before going to bed, all 12 leaves are put under the pillow and the word “Come” is repeated three times.

    It is necessary to clearly, in detail, imagine howwish is fulfilled. Immediately after waking up, without talking to anyone and without looking in the mirror, they pull out one piece of paper from under the pillow. If a leaf with a desire is pulled out, luck is on the side of the fortuneteller, you can expect its fulfillment in the near future. Is the paper empty? So it's not destiny.

    For money and luck

    I wonder what will be the financial situation in the coming year? Well, on Christmas everyone has a great opportunity to look a little into the future and find out the answer to a question of interest.

    In order for the result to be more accurate, and the energy is not confused, you need to prepare. To do this, comb your hair, untie all the knots on yourself and unbutton all the buttons on your clothes.

    For the ceremony, you will need to fill a vessel with peas on the night of Christmas. Close your eyes and lower both hands into the vessel. Mentally ask your question, then, squeezing handfuls of peas in your hands, take out your hands and count the number of peas. If the number is even - the answer is "yes", otherwise - the answer is negative.

    Single divination

    Single divination is convenient because nothing interferes with the rituals. You can be alone with your thoughts, guess the most secret, find out what others do not need to know. In group rituals, everyone sees everything, and single rituals are hidden from prying eyes.

    Wax and water

    The popularity of this divination at Christmas is huge. And all because the predictions received during it very often come true. Care must be taken that no one interferes. best time forritual - midnight. Then you can refer to a dream and close yourself in your room.

    Pour water into a bowl. It is better to take from a natural source: a river, a lake. In the absence of this, it is enough to melt the snow. If there is holy water, even better. With a pectoral cross on the surface, draw a cross and say:

    “Water is deep, always knows everything. Show, tell, pave the way of fate. Wax tears are pouring into the blue expanses, they will tell about desires, they will show the path! ”

    They take a thick candle, set it on fire, wait for the wax to collect in the hole near the wick, and tilt it over a bowl of water. On the surface, the wax will harden, forming bizarre figures. You can repeat the action several times so that a rather large cake forms on the surface. And then you can try to read the patterns.

    The most popular values are:

    1. Large drawing with small drops - money and prosperity.
    2. Leaf of a tree - envy, intrigues, gossip.
    3. Apple - good he alth.
    4. Worm - diseases and troubles.
    5. Fairy tale character - fulfillment of desires, achievement of goals.
    6. Animal Shapes - many events, a busy year, adrenaline.
    7. Tablecloth or canvas - road, journey.
    8. Egg - the birth of a child.
    9. Home - finding a family, marriage.
    10. Incomprehensible divorces, patterns - serious problems in work.

    This method has another version. Lumps of wax are placed in a metal bowl, melted and immediately poured into water.They also examine the cake itself, and also try to read the shadows that it will give if placed between a burning candle and a wall.

    Look into your eyes

    Single fortune-telling at Christmas for the future husband and children. The method is pretty accurate. But also a little scary. Not everyone can bear it. You will need a mirror and candles. There should be no one in the room, not even animals. A basin of water is prepared in advance to wash at the end of the ritual, a mirror cover, a spruce branch.

    A girl or woman sits in front of a mirror. In the corners you need to draw:

    1. The upper left corner is the first letter of your name.
    2. The upper right corner is the first letter of your birth number.
    3. The lower left corner is the first letter of the month of your birth.
    4. Lower right corner - year of birth in numbers.

    On the surface of the mirror, by their reflection, draw an oval of the face and eyes. Burning candles are placed on the sides. You need to completely relax and not think about anything. Focus only on performing the ritual. As soon as all the preparations are over, and the woman is tuned in to the ceremony, they pronounce the plot:

    “On the other side, behind that surface, behind that shine, behind that haze, the truth is hiding, my husband is hiding, my kids are hidden. I will open my eyes, I will look into my soul, I will find all the answers. Mirror spirits, you see me, you hear me, show me what is hidden.”

    Peering into your eyes in the mirror, when some images begin to appear in the reflection, you can call your betrothed:

    "Narrowed-mummers, on youI look, I see you. Come into the light of my eyes, appear, show yourself!”.

    It may take more than one hour. But if no one has appeared before the first roosters, go this year in girls. After the ceremony, the mirror must be covered with a rag, washed with water, poured over the threshold and go to bed. Everything is done in complete silence.

    This method is quite dangerous, because it opens a portal between the worlds. But sometimes things can go wrong. Most often, candles go out. This is a bad sign if the candle goes out unexpectedly. At this point, you need to immediately cover the mirror. Without opening, erase what is written and drawn with the veil that is thrown over it. A spruce branch is set on fire and fumigated around the perimeter of the room, trying to look into every corner of the room. At the same time, they say: “Go away the spirit of the looking glass, I didn’t call for a visit, your place is in those worlds. Don't go to the living, go to your own."

    Christmas Dinner Party

    This divination cannot be done in your own home. It is better to go to a rented or rent a hotel room. You need to bring new cutlery with you: plates, spoons, glasses. Take food: any dishes that you can treat a person, as well as drinks. At midnight of Christmas, set the table, light 6 candles: put 4 in the corners, and 2 on the table. There should not be any piercing or cutting objects. Place a chair behind the far edge of the table and outline it in a circle. Open window and door. More precisely, do not lock them on the latch.

    Sit at the table on a chair in a circle and invite to dinner:

    “Betrothed-mummer, come to dinner. Have a treat, drinkwater out of the way!”.

    Now all that remains is to wait.

    After some time, there will be a knock on the window or door. It must be answered:

    "Narrowed-mummer, come in, but tell me your name!".

    The entity will name the future husband, may begin to offer gifts, call for him. Under no circumstances should you contact her. To complete the ritual, you need to say:

    "Stay away from me!"

    and blow out your candle. The entity will lose sight of the fortuneteller and leave with nothing. Then the candle intended for the guest is extinguished. Read the prayer "Our Father" and "Jesus Prayer". Three times each. The food is given to the animals, the remaining candles are extinguished, the dishes are left at the crossroads and they go home. They do everything in silence, you can’t talk to anyone until morning.

    Christmas holidays are filled with joy and wonder. And fortune-telling and received predictions for Christmas will come true, it depends only on the person. As the saying goes: "Trust in God, but don't make a mistake yourself!".

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