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New Year is a time of waiting for a miracle and magic not only for children, but also for adults. And although the events taking place in 2023 did not please, the New Year is still an occasion to remember and think about the good, to fill your thoughts and space with positive.

Sometimes, creating a New Year's mood is not so easy. The thing is that it does not come by itself: in order to create it, you will have to work a little, but the result is worth it!

    1. First, create a Christmas aesthetic around.
    2. Decorate your home and workplace.
    3. You can put beautiful New Year or winter wallpapers on your gadgets. Every time you look at them, you will remember that the New Year is coming soon.
    4. Buy gifts for family and friends. Even if you don't usually give gifts to friends, buy some nice little thing. Believe me, the emotions that you will receive in return will more than compensate for the material costs.
    5. Put New Year or Christmas music in the background (when you clean or cook something). Finding ready-made playlists is easy to find on YouTube or Yandex Music.
    6. Clean up the house before the New Year and throw away everything you don't need. Free space isimportant! In order for something new to enter our lives, we need to get rid of the old, right? That's when the New Year's playlist comes in handy.
    7. Buy something new with New Year's symbols that will often be in your sight. It can be a notebook, a mug with a Christmas tree or a pen with a Christmas pattern.
    8. Fill your home with scents. Smells are best remembered by the brain. And it is the smells familiar from childhood that will help restore the atmosphere of miracles and magic. Buy tangerines, light cinnamon scented candles, or buy essential oils. If you don't have a live Christmas tree, find an opportunity to bring home one branch, it will bring the most wonderful scent in the world!
    9. Buy a nice planner or diary for next year and write down your wishes, goals and plans. Decorate it with cutouts, colored tape or stickers! Show creativity and imagination, as in childhood.

    Create New Year's aesthetics in your life and the New Year's festive mood will definitely come to you! And these amazing pictures will help create inspiration!

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