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More than 20 years have passed since the introduction of the Unified State Exam into the Russian education system, but the question of its expediency is still on the agenda. Every year the number of supporters of test knowledge testing decreases - in their opinion, traditional exams give a more accurate picture. In 2023, according to experts, the exam will not be canceled, but changes may be made, as happened in 2023.

Rosobrnadzor on the abolition of the exam

The formation of the system of the current final examination of school knowledge took place with “work on mistakes”, since there were obvious failures, information leakage. Testing is now monitored by cameras, data is analyzed using special systems, and tasks exclude random guessing.

The stakes of the current Unified Exam are high - you will have to pay a lot if you do not enter the budget. On the other hand, it gives children from the provinces a chance to enter major universities. Just taking and canceling the exam and returning the previous admission system, according to experts from science, will no longer work, therefore, in the 2022-2023 academic year, the exam will be held as planned.

Criticists of the current system believe that it does not provide an opportunity to fully assess the child's abilities, that it is not perfect. Service representativesfor the Supervision of Education believe that by 2030 the form of the Unified Exam in connection with digitalization will be different and will allow an objective assessment of the knowledge, creativity, and abilities of each graduate. The main thing is that in the examination test everything should be comfortable and convenient for students.

In the 2022-2023 academic year, it is planned to begin transferring control and measuring materials to schools via the Internet. The transition will be gradual and at the first stage will cover about half of the subjects. If there are no risks, then the new technology will be used in other regions.

About promising USE models

In 2023, on its website, FIPI posted materials on promising models of the Unified Exam, which are planned to be introduced in 2022-2023. Tasks in basic mathematics, computer science, ICT, German, Chinese, Spanish, French will not be affected by the changes. The rest will be new. The authors of the innovations are confident that exam results will improve, and changes in the practical part will play a significant role in this.

What subjects are planned to be changed:

    • Russian language - there will be 26 test items, not 27 (new ones will be added, some will be removed), the essay will be evaluated with 25 primary points (changes are possible in the scale for translating the primary score into the secondary one);
    • profile mathematics - in part I there will be 12 tasks instead of 8, in part II - 8;
    • physics - there will be fewer tasks (30 instead of 32);
    • chemistry - in the I part of the tasks instead of 29 there will be 26, in the II part there will be 7, not 6;
    • literature - the number of tasks from 17reduced to 12 (5 essays + 7 test essays);
    • biology - there will be 30 tasks (2 more), it is planned to discuss new types of questions related to botany, zoology at the public and professional discussion;
    • English - listening to the text, reading a similar passage, writing a letter to a friend will be left in the exam, and the essay can be replaced with a report on one of the proposed topics;
    • geography - the total number of tasks will decrease from 34 to 31, questions on ecology will appear;
    • social studies - test tasks 1-4 will be replaced by text analysis, in part II there will be 3 tasks instead of 9;
    • history - world history assignments will be added, 3 alternative exam options are presented for discussion.

    Details about promising USE models can be found on the official website of FIPI.

    In 2023, an innovation was a different form of final certification of graduates, which will be relevant in 2022-2023. The USE is taken by applicants to Russian universities, the GVE (State Final Examination) - the rest. It is planned to conduct the GVE in the form of oral examinations and tests. The database is being developed by FIPI.

    2023 - which USE subjects will be mandatory

    Changes and additions appear every year in the rules of the Unified Exam. Graduates of 2023 are wondering if the number of required subjects will increase. At the moment, discussions are underway on the introduction of national history and the English language in the list of mandatory.

    It is known for sure that in 2023English is not required. If this happens later, then the examiners will be divided. One group will include those who will take the profile exam - they will need the language for work, those who do not need it will be sent to take the basic exam. The basic version will be greatly simplified, and changes will be made to the profile version.

    Since history is often chosen (about 23% of students), it can be included in the list of required subjects. When this happens is unknown, but together with English, so as not to create difficulties, they will not be introduced. Exams in Russian and mathematics will remain mandatory in 2023, there are no specific decisions in English yet.

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