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The 2022-2023 academic year is ahead of everyone, and we propose to analyze in more detail the features of the trimester education system and the modular vacation schedule for schoolchildren who will study under this innovative system.

Semesters or trimesters?

(New Year), spring (last week of March) and summer (from May 26 to August 31).

The trimester system is an innovative approach to building the academic year based on 5-6 week modules, which is why it is often referred to as "modular". In schools that will switch to a modular learning mode in 2022-2023, there will be more rest periods than in schools with a quarter system - students will have 6 rest periods.

The full schedule of modular holidays for 2022-2023 for schools operating on a trimester system will be as follows:

Holidays 1st Autumn 2ndautumn 1st winter (New Year) 2nd winter (February) spring summer
03.10.22 - 09.10.227 days
21.11.22 - 27.11.227 days
26.12.22 - 08.01.2314 days
13.02.23 - 19.02.237 days
03.04.23 - 09.03.237 days
25.05.23 - 31.08.23
3 months

Important! The table shows the approximate dates of the modular holidays for 2022-2023, taking into account the optimal duration of the training modules - 5 weeks. However, educational institutions are endowed with autonomy in the organization of the educational process, and can independently set other dates for rest periods.

Please note that the modular vacation schedule for 2022-2023 divides each trimester into 2 parts. At the same time, the final grades for the I, II and III trimesters will be given to students only at the end of a certain accounting period:

    • I trimester - from 09/01/22 to 11/18/22 (for 5 days) or to 11/19/22 (for 6 days);
    • II trimester - from 11/28/22 to 02/10/23 (for a 5-day stay) or to 02/11/23 (for a 6-day stay);
    • III trimester - from 20.02.23 to 15.05.23.

    Autumn dates

    Regardless of school systems, Russian schoolchildren will sit at their desks on Thursday, September 1, 2023, and in early October they will go on their first autumn holidays.

    Thus, the first training module will be short - not a full 5 weeks, but the 2nd module of the first trimester will be slightly longer - 6 weeks, of which the first weekNovember will also be short due to the National Unity Day falling on Friday 04.10.22.

    As you can see, the autumn modular holidays will allow students to relax a little more at the beginning of 2022-2023 - 2 weeks. compared to 1 week. with the classical quarter system.

    Winter dates

    In the winter period, the New Year's modular holidays, planned by the academic schedule for 2022-2023, will completely coincide with the rest period for schoolchildren who put on their shoes by semesters and with the presidential holidays for parents. The rest period will last until January 8, 2023, and the first school day of 2023 will be Monday 09.01.23.

    But further differences between trimesters and semesters especially replacement. If schoolchildren who study "in the old fashioned way" in the 3rd quarter have to sit at a desk for an incredibly long 11 weeks, then students in the trimester modular system will be given the February (2nd winter) holidays. Thus, the first training module of 2023 (aka the 2nd module of the 2nd trimester) will last the standard 5 weeks, and from February 13, 23, schoolchildren will go on vacation, closing the 2nd trimester according to estimates.

    Spring dates

    Spring is the only period when the modular holidays 2022-2023 will provide only one week of rest for schoolchildren.

    So, the 1st module of the III trimester will be quite long and will take 6 weeks, 2 of which will be short due to the holidays:

    • 02.23 (Thursday) - Defender of the Fatherland Day24.02.23);
    • 03.23 (Wednesday) - International Women's Day.

    The 2nd module of the III trimester will also be long - just over 6 weeks. But here, too, it is worth taking into account the "long May weekend", which will give children an extra period of rest.

    Last call

    The modular vacation schedule presented to your attention assumes that the 2022-2023 school year will end without any changes on Thursday 05/25/23 and the long-awaited last bell will sound in all schools.

    Please note that due to the autonomy of schools in organizing the educational process and determining the dates for the start of vacations, the Last Bell holiday in some educational institutions may take place on May 16 or even 17. The administration can make such a decision if, due to various reasons, it becomes necessary to catch up on the material lost during the year.

    In some cases, it is also possible to "step" the end of the school year, in which the junior school goes on vacation 1 week earlier, and middle and high school students continue to attend classes. As a rule, such a system is used in large schools in megacities in order to minimize the number of students and parents at the ceremonial lines.

    Possible changes

    Although the modular system is less prone to shifting holiday periods due to a clearer structuring of study periods, some holidays in 2022-2023 may be shifted here.

    In particular, some schools may leave for the first autumn holidays 1 week laterthe dates indicated in the article, which will entail a shift in the 2nd vacation period. The February and spring holidays of 2022-2023 are also variable with modular training. At the same time, the dates of the New Year holidays, as a rule, remain fixed, since they are tied to all-Russian days off.

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