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The new 2022-2023 school year is yet to come, but we propose to talk about the most pleasant topic - when (from what date) schoolchildren will have summer holidays. In 2023 and 2023, the question of extending the educational process at the expense of the summer months arose more than once due to long quarantines caused by the Coronavirus outbreaks. What awaits schoolchildren in the summer of 2023? Let's take a closer look at this important issue for each.

Holiday regulations

Although the school year in all schools starts on September 1st, the last bell for schoolchildren can sound on completely different dates, because each educational institution in the country has the right to autonomously set the dates for the start of vacation periods and the end of the school year.

As a rule, even before the start of the 2022-2023 academic year, the Ministry of Education publishes a recommended vacation schedule for schools operating on a quarter and trimester system. And then the administration of each educational institution decides whether they are satisfied with the proposed option, or for some reason their school needs its own special work schedule.

There may be several reasons for establishing a “special” work plan (different from the one recommended by the Ministry of Education):

    • features of the training program (forgymnasiums and lyceums);
    • features of the organization of the educational process;
    • activities planned at the school;
    • climatic features of the region, etc.

    Regulatory documents do not regulate what the start date of the summer holidays of 2023 should be, but establishes the minimum duration of summer holidays for students - this is 35 days. Of course, in most schools, summer vacations provide children with much more time for recovery and recreation, but purely theoretically, legislation provides the opportunity, if necessary, to reduce the rest of schoolchildren in 2023 to 5 weeks. Let's figure out from what date and how much students will have a rest in the summer after the 2022-2023 academic year.

    Recommended date

    In the schedule recommended by the Ministry of Education, Last call date:

    • for quarter system - Wednesday 31 May 2023;
    • for the trimester system - Thursday 25th May 2023

    Thus, the 2022-2023 classic quarter academic year will last:

    • for first graders - 33 weeks (minus 1 week in February);
    • for students of transfer classes who do not take final exams - 34 weeks;
    • for graduates of 9th and 11th grades - up to 37 weeks, taking into account the periods of the OGE and the Unified State Examination in 2023.

    For 1st grade

    In most schools, first-graders will go on summer holidays in 2023 from May 26 or 31 (depending on the education system), like the rest of the students. But,in some schools, kids are given a little indulgence and actually complete the learning process 1 week earlier.

    Traditionally, in the last week, children attend various excursions, meet interesting guests at school and take part in various quests, intellectual and sports games or competitions.

    Is it possible not to take the child to school during this period? Most teachers will agree with the statement that attending these events is very important for kids, because they get the opportunity to communicate informally with teachers, learn a lot of new things and expand their horizons, receiving a lot of interesting and useful information.

    For graduates

    In fact, for 11th grade students it is no longer very important when the summer holidays of 2023 will be at their school, because for them, with the end of their studies, the school education process ends. In September, most of them will go to university lecture halls. Ninth-graders will be able to relax only after passing the OGE (unless, of course, the exam is canceled again due to the epidemiological situation).

    To understand when the summer holidays of 2023 will begin for graduates, it is worth considering the schedule of the main period of the OGE and the Unified State Examination. As a rule, a full-length exam, taking into account reserve dates (retakes), ends in early July. But in fact, most graduates will complete their final assessment before June 15, after which they will be able to relax and forget about school everyday life.

    Holidays at universities

    Summer at universitiesthe holidays of 2023 will begin after the summer session, but the exact date will also be different in different universities. On average, students will go on summer holidays from July 1, 2023 and will rest, like schoolchildren, until August 31.

    But, here it is worth understanding that the dates of the summer session cover not only the period of tests and exams, but also reserve retake dates, so in fact, everyone who studies well and passes everything on time will be able to relax and start planning a vacation already June 15-20.

    Practices from other countries

    For schoolchildren and students, summer holidays are the most favorite and most long-awaited time. But, not in all countries of the world there is such a concept.

    Thus, in Germany summer holidays last no more than 6 weeks, in most European countries - 2 months. In Indian schools, children have a rest in May-June, and a new course of study starts from the beginning of July.

    The longest school year (220 working days) is in Taiwan and South Korea. Here in the summer it is customary to relax from July 21 to August 15, but there are long winter holidays that last from January to March.

    Find out more about how summer holidays are organized in other countries of the world:

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