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Yaroslavl is the most beautiful city of the Golden Ring, where you can find many picturesque churches and architectural monuments. Many guests come here for the New Year, incl. and metropolitan (you can get from Moscow in just 3-4 hours).

Where to celebrate New Year in Yaroslavl

Don't know where to celebrate New Year in Yaroslavl 2023? Many modern people prefer to celebrate this event in restaurants. This is a great way to change the boring home environment and get rid of household chores. All that remains to be done is to prepare a beautiful outfit and be in a good mood.

A lot of tourists constantly come to Yaroslavl, and therefore the infrastructure here is developing well. Restaurants and hotel complexes in the old Russian design offer all kinds of entertainment events with competitions, funny songs, incendiary dances. If you want to get into a stylized institution, then you need to go to:

    • "Ioann Vasilyevich".
    • Anderson Yaroslavl.
    • "Alyosha Popovich".
    • Penates.
    • "Meeting".

    New Year's holidays in Yaroslavl are fun, parties are organized in all areas on the squares. The streets are colorfully shimmering multicoloredlights, in the center there is a tall decorated Christmas tree. At 12 midnight, fireworks are launched into the sky, after which the festivities do not end. Local citizens like to walk through the parks and streets until early morning, every now and then meeting relatives, acquaintances and congratulating each other.

    There are many ice rinks in Yaroslavl that will be happy to receive visitors even on a magical night (in some places even admission is absolutely free). In the very center there is a skating rink on the Kotorosl embankment not far from the Millennium Park of Yaroslavl. A lot of people come here, as the fireworks are best seen on the waterfront.

    The main attraction of the city is Drama Theatre. Volkov, which proudly bears the name of the 1st Russian provincial theater. Every year, on a magical night, famous artists perform on stage as part of a social event. So if you want to get here, do not forget to buy a ticket in advance. Ticket prices can be viewed on the official website .

    There are 3 ski centers near Yaroslavl: Izgib (10 km), Podolino (15 km), Shaksha (30 km). 30 km from the city there is another ski center called Nikolina Gora, located in Tutaev. In all complexes, incendiary outdoor parties are held on a magical night. During the holidays, you can go skiing and "cheesecakes" or enjoy your vacation in the fabulous nature.

    Forest Tale

    Cottages "Lesnaya Skazka" are located in the national park "Pleshcheyevo Lake" on the coast of a spring reservoir surrounded by a dense forest (115 km alongYaroslavl highway). The nature here is incredible at any time of the year. The dense forest surrounding the log cottages stretches for many kilometers. In winter, under centuries-old pines and dense spruces, you can go skiing, which is advisable to take with you for the New Year holidays.

    City tour on New Year's Eve

    During the sightseeing tour you will get acquainted with the most beautiful and elegantly decorated squares and city streets. A surprisingly cozy and atmospheric center is concentrated in the populous industrial city of Yaroslavl. Embankments, squares, boulevards have preserved many monuments of various eras (temples of the 16th-19th centuries, ancient city fortifications, buildings in the Art Nouveau style). You can also admire the richly decorated Yaroslavl temples, built 4 centuries ago according to the design of the Yaroslavl Pattern.

    Fair and festivities on Sovetskaya Square

    By tradition, Sovietskaya Square is the main festive venue in Yaroslavl. Here, local residents and visiting guests will be able to dance, have fun every day, take part in recreational activities and New Year's drawings. You can also participate in mass skating on an open rink and visit the Terem of Father Frost.

    Before the new year, fairs open on Sovetskaya Square. Cozy chalets offer treats, street food, hot drinks and souvenirs to visitors.

    Also, a meeting with the All-Russian Santa Claus from Veliky Ustyug is traditionally held on the central square. Kind grandfather every yeartravels on a sleigh through the cities as part of the NTV channel's action "Father Frost's Journey". The Wizard comes to orphanages, low-income and large families, fulfilling the dreams of children with special needs.


    In this article, we gave you ideas on where to celebrate the new year 2023 in Yaroslavl. Here, in fact, there will be something to do during the New Year holidays: walking along beautifully decorated streets, squares, embankments; fairs and mass celebrations; survey of temples and architectural monuments. You can stay in some hotel or in a cottage outside the city. In any case, the New Year holidays in Yaroslavl will be fun and memorable for you.

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