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Yaroslavl is one of the most popular tourist cities, distinguished by its well-groomed and cleanliness. To visit the beautiful city of the Golden Ring of Yaroslavl for the New Year holidays means to have a great time in an original old Russian settlement. Many people come here to look at the unique architectural monuments, to feel the fabulous atmosphere and the scale of national customs. And although Yaroslav the Wise founded this city back in the 11th century, now Yaroslavl boasts a developed infrastructure, high-quality hotel service, and bureaucratic prices for entertainment events.

Where to celebrate New Year 2023 in Yaroslavl

Every year, tourists from different cities come to the most popular place of the Golden Ring before the Christmas holidays. Muscovites are quite frequent guests here. Leisure activities can be organized as follows:

    • go to mass festivities and have plenty of fun;
    • see local beauties and sights;
    • book a table at a place of entertainment.

    There are 3 ski resorts near Yaroslavl with pistes of medium difficulty: Podolino,Bend and Shaksha. If you didn’t bring skis with you for the New Year holidays, then here you can rent various sports equipment, incl. "cheesecakes", snowboards. The cost of sportswear and equipment is about 1000-1500 rubles per day. There are cozy hotel rooms where you can stay overnight, as well as a cafe with delicious food and aromatic drinks. Hotel prices start from 2000 rubles per day.

    If you are a fan of skating, then in Yaroslavl there are several ice rinks for this. The most popular arena on the Kotorosl embankment. The cost of renting skates per hour is approximately 150 rubles. On New Year's Eve, the skating rink is closed. However, you should not be upset, as the locals flood the areas where you can ride as much as you like.

    City Attractions

    "Open Air Museum" - this is the second name Yaroslavl rightfully received because it contains a large number of beautiful monasteries (Savior Transfiguration, Kazan Women's), ancient churches (Elijah the Prophet), amazing architectural objects . The Assumption Cathedral and the Metropolitan's Chambers are also located here.

    December 31 in the afternoon you can take a leisurely stroll along the Volga embankment, from here you can enjoy stunning views of the river. Kotorosl (flows into the Volga). You can visit the famous zoo with a contact zone, which is home to over 250 species of all living creatures. Do not forget to look into the planetarium on the street. Tchaikovsky (under his arch sparkle more7,000 stars). Many attractions can be visited during the New Year holidays, as they operate as usual, with the exception of January 1st.

    Holidays for families with children

    The following places will be fun for little visitors to the city:

    • Theatrical studio.
    • Planetaria.
    • Circus.

    Try to get tickets for performances in advance, as demand for such entertainment always increases on New Year's Eve.

    Kids can also be taken to the Palace of Culture or the children's center. Little tourists will be able to plunge into a magical fairy-tale atmosphere, take part in quizzes and draws, and frolic in games. And for the most active and resourceful, a lot of interesting surprises and gifts have been prepared.

    New Year tours to Yaroslavl

    Most travel agencies already offer tours with different duration and conditions of accommodation and stay in the city. As for the prices for holidays in Yaroslavl in 2023, there are options for every taste and different budget. But the most important thing is the desire to spend the main winter holiday in an old Russian city, and everything else will follow.

    If you want to have a fun New Year and Christmas holidays, but at the same time you have a small budget, then consider renting an apartment. The cheapest way to get to your destination is on your own transport, and in order not to get bored on the road, take a group of friends with you. Average cost of living in a double room during the weekwill be about 20,000 rubles.

    New Year at Pleshanovo Estate

    If you are going to the Yaroslavl region for the New Year, you can also stop by the ancient city of Rostov (Rostov Yaroslavsky), which is part of the Golden Ring. Hotel "Pleshanovo" will delight you with its hospitality, comfortable and well-appointed rooms, delicious meals, as well as care and attention from the staff.

    Meet here according to the original Russian hospitable traditions. The hotel follows the old traditions of the former merchant's house and does its best to please and be useful to visiting guests. Everything in the hotel is conducive to relaxation: decoration, cafeteria, car parking, internet-salon and other services. Thus, the hotel in Pleshanovo is the most popular place for tourists in the Yaroslavl region and the best option for price and quality.

    Celebrating the New Year in Yaroslavl 2023 is a great idea for meeting and holding the most long-awaited winter holiday. Moreover, the prices here are reasonable, and the people are hospitable.

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