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Someone prefers to celebrate the New Year at home with family and friends, and someone wants to get the most drive and vivid impressions, so they are looking for a variety of ways to hold the main winter celebration.

Every year in Voronezh, on the night of December 31 to January 1, special programs are organized that will delight every participant. If you don’t want to spend the most long-awaited night of the year at home, then you have at least 3 options: go to the square, go to some restaurant or cafe, celebrate a celebration in the fresh air outside the city. Locals and visitors have plenty of opportunities to have fun on New Year's Eve 2023 in Voronezh.

Folk festivals in the central square

If you want to celebrate the New Year outside the house, but you do not have big financial opportunities, then you should go to the city center to the main square. On the eve of one of the main holidays of winter, it is very crowded here. The entertainment program includes all kinds of competitions, games, tents with delicious food and drinks are open. The key decoration in the city square is, of course, a chic lush Christmas tree, looking at which pleases the eye.

City employees hold entertainment events every year:

    • New Year's greetings to residents and guests of the city from Father Frost and Snow Maiden;
    • holiday fireworks at 12 midnight;
    • concert with local vocal and dance groups (adults and children performances);
    • Christmas Fair;
    • dance party etc.

    Next to the main Christmas tree there is a large ice arena where everyone can feel like a famous figure skater. Sports equipment is rented here at quite affordable prices.

    New Year in Voronezh 2023 in a cafe

    The doors of many restaurants, bars, cafes are open on a magical night for dear guests. Celebrating in institutions is undoubtedly a great idea, as there is definitely a festive atmosphere here. Depending on financial capabilities, you can book places in both budget and elite city establishments. Perhaps, on New Year's Eve, you can not deny yourself anything and walk to the fullest.

    The advantage of this way of celebrating the New Year is that you can celebrate the holiday with friends without any hassle. At the same time, you will be surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere and beautiful solemn decoration in the hall. The organizers of the establishments will surely try to make the guests feel as comfortable as possible. The entertainment program includes a variety of competitions, prize draws, performances and a disco. The chef of the restaurant will try to surprise visitors with exquisite and tastydishes.

    Celebrating the New Year 2023 in Voronezh in a restaurant is not the cheapest way to celebrate, but it's worth it. We recommend that you take care of the places in advance, as they are taken apart like hot cakes. In addition to cafeterias and restaurants, you can also spend a magical night with entertainment in clubs, karaoke and other entertainment venues. Keep this in mind for emergencies. In addition, prices here will be much more affordable than in elite restaurants.

    Celebrate the New Year in nature

    Voronezh hostels for the new year 2023 will work and look forward to their guests. Such an alternative to spending a magical night allows you to merge with amazing nature, enjoy harmony and peace, which is the key to a good time.

    The following popular tourist bases are available for tourists and residents who want to spend the New Year outside the city:

    • "Diamond".
    • "Forest Tale".
    • "Pearl of the Forest".

    If you are planning a vacation in a large company or with children, then for maximum comfort you can book a whole cottage.

    The organizers of the hostel are trying to create favorable conditions for their visitors to celebrate the new year. To do this, they carefully consider the entertainment program, which often includes local and visiting artists. Renting a country house allows you to take with you all the necessary things, even family values, which are indispensable attributes of the holiday. Hereeach member of the family will be able to comfortably accommodate. Children will be fascinated by the fairy forest, meeting with Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden.

    Children's New Year program

    Every parent tries to give their child a real winter fairy tale, and this requires a lot of effort. For the most comfortable and interesting holiday for the New Year 2023 in Voronezh with children, a carefully thought-out entertainment program is needed. Unforgettable emotions during thematic performances and musicals can be presented by such institutions as Kidburg, Nikitinsky, the Palace of Culture, Petrovsky.

    We hope that in this article you have found useful information about where to celebrate the New Year 2023 in Voronezh.

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