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New Year 2023 in Rostov-on-Don will certainly become a bright, memorable holiday. The main thing is to think over the program in advance and make a plan for the winter weekend. You can make New Year's Eve unforgettable by visiting the main festive events. Rostovites are hospitable people and always welcome tourists from other parts.

Main Christmas tree of the city

When asked how to celebrate the New Year in Rostov-on-Don, most of the indigenous people answer that the best option is to celebrate the holiday at the main city Christmas tree. Yes, and the weather is favorable: as forecasters promise, on New Year's Eve there will be a very slight frost, up to -3 degrees, there will not even be snow. Celebrations on the main square begin every year after midnight, at about 00:30, when most of the townspeople have already heard the chimes and raised a glass for the new year at home.

The city's main Christmas tree is usually set up in Gorky Park, its grand opening takes place a few days before the holiday. According to the city authorities, the decor of the Christmas tree in 2023 will be very original. They promise to decorate the tree:

    • LED figurines;
    • garlands;
    • huge balls;
    • graceful light snowflakes.

    Usually near the Christmas treethere is a traditional interactive program for children, adults and youth - with songs, dances and guest artists. Animators hold fun contests and draws for New Year's prizes.

    Attention! Due to the aggravated epidemic situation, the festive event may be canceled, therefore, before the trip, you should clarify this point by looking at the website of the city administration.

    Active rest at the camp site

    Prices for the 2023 meeting in Rostov-on-Don are quite democratic. A room in a three-star hotel will cost from 1000 - 1500 rubles per person. The same is the cost of spending the night in one of the many recreation centers located on the left bank of the Don. However, the exact cost depends on the comfort of living and the volume of services provided.

    Most tourist centers prepare an entertainment program for guests in advance for the New Year; sometimes you can even see bright fireworks there. Entertainment set is usually standard:

    • sauna;
    • billiards;
    • winter fishing;
    • skiing and sledding, rental of sports equipment for extreme sports.

    Here you can also rent a cottage or guest house, which has a sauna with a fireplace.

    Attention! On New Year's Eve, the hot season begins at the camp sites, so you should book your accommodation in advance.

    New Year's Eve in the city center

    Hikers and lively nightlife will certainly appreciate the festive decorations in the city center. Traditionally usedthe following types of New Year's decor:

    • 3D installations;
    • figures of fairy tale characters;
    • huge gift boxes.

    Children and young people will love the interactive street sculptures. A QR code is placed on the surface of such sculptures. By scanning this code with a smartphone, you can enter virtual reality and literally find yourself inside your favorite cartoon or fairy tale.

    One of the main New Year highlights of the city center is the photo area. It traditionally hosts a large horse-drawn cart, giant LED-lit balloons and mock-ups of ancient castles lit up with garlands.

    Cafes and restaurants are usually open in the city center on New Year's Eve. If there are not enough places in the institution itself, you can buy takeaway food and hot drinks; local mulled wine and hot tea with aromatic herbs are in great demand.

    For lovers of outdoor recreation

    Those who like to relax in nature will certainly like the Lesnoy Shalash recreation center, which is located next to the beloved Loga park. Renting a house for a day here costs 5,000 rubles. The standard set of amenities includes a terrace for outdoor recreation, all necessary furniture and household appliances. Each yard has its own barbecue so that vacationers can fry barbecue or mushrooms (vegetables).

    Both Rostovites and guests of the city are very fond of the recreation center "Tikhiy Don", which is located on the banks of the main river of the city. The address of the recreation center is the village of Melikhovskaya. Wooden houses built in the oldRussian style. Here you can go back to your childhood and remember how good it was with your grandmother in the village. Guests are offered a variety of accommodation options:

    • economy class;
    • separate houses with all amenities;
    • at home with a private bath and sauna.

    All houses have the necessary furniture and household appliances, in the yard you can fry kebabs on the grill. Renting a house with a sauna will cost 6,500 rubles.

    Those who like to have fun and relax in comfort will definitely like the Utkino recreation center. Billiards and karaoke await guests here, and there is also a spa on site. Tourists are offered a wide range of outdoor activities for the new year:

    • snowmobiling;
    • horseback riding;
    • shooting range;
    • participation in holiday quests.

    Those who love the exotic can rent not a simple house, but a windmill.

    For art lovers

    Avid theater-goers should definitely visit the Rostov Gorky Theater on New Year's Eve. For children, Christmas and New Year "trees" are traditionally held here, and for adults - musical and dramatic performances.

    Attention! You need to book tickets in advance. Due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation, some performances may be canceled.

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