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The importance of reliable air defense for strengthening the defense of the state is great. Air Defense Forces Day is a recognition of the merits of military units. In 2023, the holiday falls on Sunday 9 April. The memorable date unites veterans of the system and current members of special military aviation units.

History of the holiday

The first detachments to fight German and Austrian airplanes, equipped with machine guns and light cannons, appeared as early as 1914. The need to create special units formed the basis for the formation of air defense forces after the October Revolution.

During the World War, air defense combat units repelled enemy air attacks, shot down enemy aircraft, provided cover for industrial centers, cities, and major transport routes. Air defense detachments made a huge contribution to the main air battles of the war years, where the enemy suffered heavy losses. Anti-aircraft gunners not only shot down enemy bombers and fighters in the sky, but also participated in battles on the ground.

For the great contribution of air defense units to the common victory over fascism, strengthening the state borders of the USSR after the war in 1975, the government established the "Day of the Air Defense Forces", fixed the holding of the annual celebration on April 11.

In 1980 dateThe holiday was moved to the second Sunday of April, which is preserved to the current time. Historically, in the spring, the government adopted the main orders on the organization of the state's air defense, the formation of an air defense system, development, and technical equipment of the troops.

In the post-war period, rocket launchers appeared in the air defense units, technical equipment brought the armament of the troops to a new level.

The tradition of celebrating the Day of the Air Defense Forces was fixed at the state level. In 2006, the celebration received official status by presidential decree.

Troops defending peaceful skies

Today, radar systems, combined into a single system, determine in advance the location of a potential enemy. The main tasks of air defense units:

    • round-the-clock combat duty;
    • reconnaissance of the enemy, prompt notification of troops in case of detection;
    • repelling air attacks in war zones.

    Air defense units show a high degree of readiness to resist air attacks, destroy enemy aircraft at any altitude and speed.

    The sky of our country is reliably protected by air defense forces. Thanks to the best domestic designers, the airspace is protected by the Buk, Tor, S-350, S-500 Prometheus air defense systems, the best technical equipment.

    There is a continuous equipping of the air defense forces, the development of combat training, the introduction of automation. The accuracy of hitting the enemy is increased, the zone of air control is, the response time to possible attacks is reduced.

    Holiday traditions

    The celebration in honor of the Air Defense Forces preserves and strengthens the traditions of military personnel protecting the airspace from enemy threats. On a holiday established by the state, every citizen shows respect for those who are ready to organize air defense at any time. In the air defense units, solemn events are organized to honor employees, privates, officers, and veterans. Relatives and friends of servicemen will certainly become participants in the holiday.

    At the ceremonial formation, orders of the Minister of Defense, command leadership are read out. Traditionally, on the Day of the Air Defense Forces, leaders:

    • assign extraordinary and regular titles;
    • reward with commemorative medals, orders;
    • give gifts, certificates;
    • make thank you notes in employees' documents;
    • get promoted.

    After official events, concerts are held with the invitation of military ensembles, feasts with congratulations, welcoming speeches of guests.

    The holiday brings together not only military personnel, but also dispatchers, developers, manufacturers of military equipment, cadets, teachers of specialized educational institutions.

    Celebration does not stop round-the-clock duty, the work of continuous services that ensure the safety of the airspace over the state.

    Interesting facts

    There are many bright pages in the history of the development of the air defense forces. Past and presentfound in the annals, where you can find interesting facts:

    • air defense troops began to receive anti-aircraft missiles since 1952;
    • unification of air and missile defense systems (air defense-missile defense) solves the problem of protecting the capital and the central part of the country, which includes dozens of regions and republics;
    • Air defense-missile systems are armed with anti-aircraft missile systems capable of repelling any new means of aerospace attack;
    • more than six thousand servicemen of radio-technical military units are on combat duty every day;
    • in peaceful conditions, in 2023 alone, more than one million air objects, including combat and reconnaissance aircraft, were detected and escorted.

    Air Defense Forces Day reminds citizens who protect the country's peaceful skies.

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