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The holiday, familiar from school childhood, entered the life of every person. In 2023, Teacher's Day will bring together teachers at a professional celebration on October 5, Thursday. On this day, students of all generations can join in the congratulations of their favorite mentors who influenced the formation of a person, the choice of a life path.

History of the holiday

The teaching profession is one of the oldest in society. The need for teachers increased at every stage of the development of any state. But the holiday among teachers appeared relatively recently.

The International Labor Conference, held in Paris on October 5, 1966, considered questions about the conditions for the activities of pedagogical workers, the goals and objectives of the development of education. At the initiative of UNESCO and the UN, the importance of teachers' work is emphasized in the final documents by fixing recommendations regarding the status of teachers. The pedagogical regulations were aimed at protecting the rights of educators, observing international standards regarding training, qualification growth, and working conditions. The date of October 5 became a holiday - World Teacher's Day. More than a hundred countries supported the initiative, secured the celebration at the state level.

In the Soviet Union, teachers celebrated their professional holiday a lotyears on the first Sunday of October, and teachers received congratulations at the workplace on the last working day.

In 1994, by the Decree of President B. Yeltsin, Teacher's Day was fixed together with the world community on October 5, emphasizing respect and recognition of the role of teachers in building the future.

Features of the celebration

Teachers played a big role in the life of every person. The holiday is a great occasion to express gratitude to the best teachers for their contribution to their own development, education or to the development of children.

It is customary to celebrate Teacher's Day on a large scale, colorfully. Not only parents and students congratulate teachers, public organizations, representatives of city administrations, cultural workers are involved in organizing celebrations in honor of teachers.

In educational institutions, children traditionally congratulate their favorite teachers, give bouquets of autumn flowers, small gifts. The custom is to celebrate the day of self-government in schools on the holiday. Senior schoolchildren try their hand at conducting classes in elementary school classes, keeping order. Lessons on Teacher's Day are reduced in duration, leaving time for a festive concert, solemn assembly, and other events.

Schools on a holiday receive guests - parents of students, former graduates, officials who honor the best teachers in teams. Presentation of awards, conferring honorary titles, honoring veterans of pedagogical work takes place, as a rule,at the city level.

TV channels cover the events of the holiday, include congratulations from representatives of the Ministry of Education, the government, programs, movies highlighting the hard work of teachers, stories from school life, tell about outstanding teachers in history.

gifts for teachers

Bouquets of flowers to your favorite teachers on Teacher's Day are always appropriate, as they create high spirits, an atmosphere of celebration. But many children and parents want to express their gratitude with a personalized gift.

Teachers are always happy when their students are creative, making something with their own hands. Homemade postcards, cute crafts, wall newspapers drawn by students are sometimes kept for many years along with warm memories of the holiday.

Parents, expressing signs of attention to teachers, can give a certificate from a bookstore so that the teacher chooses a diary, stationery or a book for the soul.

A wonderful gift is a cake or sweets for sharing tea with students or work colleagues, a beautiful tea pair, a gift set of tea or coffee.

The choice of a frame for a photo or drawing, an organizer is also limited for a festive present. It is important not to forget that any gift should be accompanied by sincere and warm words of appreciation for the professionalism and spiritual dedication of the teacher.

Interesting facts

There are many curious facts and significant events in the history of the celebration of the International Teacher's Day:

    • in pedagogical universities of the countrymeetings are held with veterans, innovators of the education system, who share their experience with novice teachers;
    • the country's leadership at the state level honors outstanding teachers, noting their merits with high awards;
    • in Poland it is customary to congratulate not all teachers, but only the class teacher;
    • the results of the all-Russian competition "Teacher of the Year", held since 1992, are announced on a holiday;
    • A postage stamp was made in Canada in honor of Teacher's Day.

    The world community is united in recognizing the role of a teacher in the development and education of children, so every year the celebration brings together millions of people, although traditions and dates of celebrations do not always coincide.

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