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In 2023 Student's Day, or Tatyana's Day, will be traditionally celebrated on January 25, Wednesday. The annual celebration takes place throughout the country, but the largest celebrations are held in Moscow, and everyone takes part in them.

History of the holiday

In 1755, on January 25, Empress Elizabeth issued a decree establishing the Imperial University in Moscow, now known as Moscow State University. The application for the establishment of the university was submitted by Adjutant General I.I. Shuvalov, a noble favorite of the Empress. Wanting to pay tribute to him, Elizabeth signed the document on his mother's birthday, which falls on January 25th. Shuvalov handed his mother a decree with the words: “I give you a university.”

Initially, the event was celebrated as the founding day of the university, which opened the glorious history of Moscow State University, the center of education of the Russian Empire.

At the end of the 19th century, the date of January 25 gained a national scale, became a holiday for all students thanks to the royal decree of Nicholas I. Tatyana's day was widely celebrated not only in Moscow, but also in other cities: in St. Petersburg, Kazan, Kyiv. The holiday was supported by the entire Russian intelligentsia.

In Soviet times, Student's Day was forgotten after the events of the October Revolution of 1917, and banned in 1923.

Revival of traditionsbegan only in 1992, when the rector of Moscow State University secured the right to celebrate Tatyana's Day. By the solemn date, the best students were encouraged with an increased scholarship.

At the state level, the holiday received official status in 2005.

Saint Tatiana

The holiday of students is historically connected with the cult of St. Tatiana. The daughter of a noble Roman consul lived in the 3rd century. A pious, educated girl took a vow of chastity in order to devote herself to the service of Christ. Helped the poor, the weak, the orphans. When the persecution of Christians began, Tatiana was forcibly brought to a pagan temple to bow to the statue of an idol. Tatiana prayed to Christ to support her faith. According to the stories of the chroniclers, an earthquake began, the statue was destroyed. Tatiana was martyred on January 25 according to the new style.

In one of the university buildings there has long been the house church of St. Tatiana. Weddings, baptisms, funerals of relatives were held for students and teachers. They addressed the saint with requests to master complex sciences, to pass exams. The cult of St. Tatiana continues today.

The church building, taken from the university in the past, has been returned since 1995, consecrated as before, remains the home church of Moscow State University.

Celebration traditions

Student's Day, or Tatyana's Day, was celebrated magnificently and solemnly in the 18th century. First, a prayer service in honor of the holiday was served in the temple, then an official meeting was held at Moscow University. Student festivities were organized in the afternoon. Bourgeois restaurant "Hermitage" provided forcelebration, youth banquet. Taking into account the peculiarities of the public, expensive furniture was exchanged for wooden tables, benches, floors were covered with sawdust. They served simple meals, cheap wine and vodka. Young people made bold speeches, proclaimed progressive ideas, sang the solemn song of Gaudeamus, which became the anthem of the students.

Today, events in honor of the holiday are held not only at universities, but at many cultural venues. Programs are designed not only for January 25, but also for the current week, including weekends, in order to reach more participants.

Events in Moscow

The main place of the celebration is preserved at Moscow State University. After the anniversary in honor of the 100th anniversary of the university on Tatyana's day, a meeting of graduates is held here. On Student's Day, it is customary to congratulate teachers and organize funny pranks. The rector of Moscow State University speaks to a wide audience, notes the merits of the best students, awards, and later, at the student fire, answers all questions.

The traditional Student Forum of Leaders of Youth Organizations is being held on the basis of the country's largest university.

The student's custom of touching the record book to the monument, which brings good luck in exams, is preserved. For this purpose, young people rush to the metro station "Revolution Square" to the statue of a dog with a border guard.

Many nightclubs, libraries, sports complexes, stadiums, ice arenas offer special programs for students at a reduced cost or free of charge. Conduct various quests, draws with prizes, competitions.

On Student's Day it is not customary to study, open books, study notes, prepare for exams. It is believed that having fun will help in further studies, and memories of this holiday should be preserved for many years.

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