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The holiday of family, love and fidelity in 2023 will be celebrated on July 8, the date of the celebration falls on Saturday. Orthodox on the same day venerate Saints Peter and Fevronia of Murom. The coincidence of the holidays is not accidental, since the secular event is based on the religious commemoration of a pious and worthy family.

From history

The monk Yermolai the Sinful told about the fate of Peter and Fevronia of Murom in the chronicle of the 16th century. The story of incredible love has become the standard of bright feelings, an example of marital fidelity, family happiness.

Several years before entering the throne of Murom, Prince Peter fell ill with leprosy, from which no one could save him. The messengers were looking for a doctor throughout Russia, until the young man had a dream about the maiden Efrosinya (Fevronia), who was able to speak illnesses and tame wild animals.

Found a sorceress near Ryazan, in the family of a beekeeper. The girl agreed to help on the condition that the prince would marry her. Peter promised, but forgot about his words when the cured returned home. On the way, the disease reminded of itself, I had to return for the daughter of a wild honey collector. The prince repented that he wanted to deceive, he was afraid of condemnation of the boyars. And Fevronia was a beauty, wise and gentle in her liking. Peter fell in love with her sincerely, took inwife.

When the time came, Prince Peter ascended the throne of Murom, but did not rule for long, although he saved the people from turmoil, wars, and strove for justice. The boyars demanded that the prince renounce his peasant wife, as they did not want to obey the commoner. The ruler decided to renounce power, honors and money, but stay with his wife. Peter and Fevronia left the city.

Mur was seized with turmoil, without the prince the warring parties could not judge, Peter was asked to return. The couple ruled wisely for a long time, and in old age they took monasticism together. The spouses asked the Almighty for one thing - to pick them up on the same day, to lay them to rest nearby. Peter and Fevronya died on July 8, 1228. The bodies were not placed in one coffin, as the spouses had requested, but before burial they were miraculously found together.

Peter and Fevronia were canonized in the 16th century, the relics rest in the Holy Trinity Monastery. Orthodox have long commemorated the saints as defenders of the family, deep mutual respect, and sincere feelings. The lovers have become a model of faithful couples in joy and sorrow, in he alth and sickness, in we alth and poverty.

Celebration date

The residents of ancient Murom, where the relics of saints are buried, proposed to celebrate the holiday of family, love and fidelity. The initiative was approved, a public holiday was established.

The celebration began to be celebrated since 2008, thus, there was a union of a secular holiday and the Orthodox date of veneration of saints. Despite the short history of the Day of family, love and fidelity, there are more and more supporters of the new holiday every year.


Mur becomes the annual center for holding festive events, where the faithful couple, patrons of family well-being, lived. If July 8 falls on a working day, then mass events are held on the coming weekend. In 2023, the celebration falls on Saturday.

By tradition, believers go to church to pray for family well-being, the birth of children at the icon of the Saints. Unmarried girls ask for help for a successful marriage, wives - for the preservation of marriage, the he alth of spouses. The holding of a solemn service unites Orthodox Christians in prayers for their closest ones. Murom hosts an annual pilgrimage to the Temple of the Ascension.

In the cities on the day of the holiday, concerts are organized, large families are honored, married couples who have lived together for more than 25 years or more. The spouses distinguished by long family experience receive a medal "For Love and Loy alty" with the image of Peter and Fevronia.

The field chamomile, familiar to everyone since childhood, has been chosen as the symbol of the Day of family, love and fidelity. A delicate inflorescence with a golden core symbolizes dreams of pure love and family happiness.

The tradition of the holiday is the public action "Give me life!". The purpose of the event is to reduce the number of abortions, strengthen parental feelings and responsibility for the future of children.

On the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity, engagements of lovers are especially welcome. It is believed that the patronage of the saints will save the future marriage from adversity, trials, separations. The ministers of the church do not welcome divination, divination andlove spells are also not recommended for weddings and weddings, as the festivities coincide with the time of Peter's Lent.

A warm and sincere holiday is a wonderful occasion to get together with your family, thank your relatives for love and care, give your loved ones a delicate bouquet of wild daisies.

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