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Tatiana's Day in 2023 will be celebrated according to the Orthodox tradition on January 25th. The second name of the holiday is also known - the Day of Russian Students, which received official recognition at the state level. The traditions of the celebration are rooted in folk-Christian legends and historical facts of the development of education.


Surprising coincidences often connect events that at first glance have nothing in common. Many still wonder what the celebration of students has to do with the commemoration of the holy martyrs.

Tatiana's Day (01/25/23) in the Orthodox calendar is a memorable date for the veneration of the martyr Tatiana of Rome, who lived in the 2nd - 3rd century AD. The pious girl grew up in a we althy family and received a Christian upbringing. The Roman woman was indifferent to material we alth, all sorts of riches. Tatiana was attracted by the spiritual way of life, she voluntarily refused marriage. The Christian considered her mission to serve God, the Roman Church. Tatiana's daily worries were connected with caring for people who needed help, tireless prayers. She treated, fed the unfortunate, found shelter for them. When she passed by the dungeons, she looked into the windows of the cells, offered help to the prisoners.

During the reign of Eparch Ulpian in Rome, persecution of Christians began, Saint Tatiana was seized, along with other martyrs, brought to the temple, where they were forced to worship idols. The rebellious Tatiana turned to Christ with a prayer for help. The earthquake destroyed the temple, under the rubble of which the priests remained. The Roman woman's eyes were gouged out and she was tortured. According to legend, Tatiana was kept in a dungeon, and then thrown to be eaten by a lion. The predator licked the wounds of the martyr and attacked one of the guards. On January 25, 226, a Christian woman was beheaded with a sword.

The Orthodox Church has honored Saint Tatiana for many centuries. On the icons, she is depicted in a red robe, which symbolizes the blood shed in the name of Christ, martyrdom. A white scarf on her head emphasizes the chastity of the Roman woman. Tatiana holds a scroll in her hands with an appeal to the faithful.

In 1755, Empress Elizaveta Petrovna accepted Count Shuvalov's petition to establish Moscow University, signed it on January 25, Tatiana's Day. The date coincided with the birthday of Shuvalov's mother, so he wanted to please her with his appointment as curator of the educational institution.

Since then, Tatyana's day has been firmly entrenched with the founding date of the university, which eventually became the center of social thought.

Students Day

The first time students and teachers celebrated the holiday in 1850. At first, it was held only at Moscow University, later students of other educational institutions began to celebrate it. Under Emperor Nicholas I, the memorable date of the founding of the university was proclaimed Student's Day,began to be celebrated as a holiday.

The house church of St. Tatiana was opened on the territory of the university, which they began to revere as the patroness of all Russian students. The parishioners were professors and students. N.V. was buried within its walls. Gogol, historian Vasily Klyuchevsky, and other prominent people.

In the Soviet years, the temple was ruined and turned into a club. The church was restored in 1995.

January 25 in student life often falls at the end of the session, the beginning of the holidays. Students in the temple light candles, pray to St. Tatiana to help in their studies. The very name Tatiana in translation means "organizer".

Before the revolution, the holiday of students was celebrated magnificently. After the official celebrations, a folk festival began, which attracted many residents of the capital. During the years of Soviet power, the Christian history of the holiday was not remembered, but students traditionally had fun on January 25, played professors, had parties on the eve of the holidays, for which many went to their native places.

Day of Russian students as an official celebration enshrined in 2007 by federal law.


Modern students are not averse to taking a walk on Tatiana's day on a grand scale as in the old days. At Moscow State University, the tradition of brewing mead according to monastic recipes is preserved, insisting for 40 days. On Tatiana's Day, the rector himself participates in the tasting of the drink and treats students to it.

Each university keeps its traditions. So, Tatyana's ball is held at the Technical University of Belgorod, in Volgograd they openan exhibition of paintings painted by Tatyana. Student concerts and performances are held everywhere, in which the talents of young people are revealed.

On the holiday, special attention is paid to students named Tatyana - they give flowers and cards, organize promotions in entertainment centers, retail chains with goods for young people provide discounts and bonuses to owners of a beautiful name.

Student holiday does not overshadow the historical memory of Tatiana of Rome, which is still honored by the Orthodox Church. On this day, it is customary to wish happiness, peace and tranquility in the house, strong faith and all kinds of help from St. Tatyana.

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