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World He alth Day is traditionally celebrated on April 7th. In 2023, the date will once again remind everyone of the main value received at birth, because he alth is wasted until he alth deteriorates. Discussion of methods of treatment, prevention of diseases on the day of he alth aims everyone at the right lifestyle.

History of the holiday date

The idea of holding World He alth Day arose in 1948 at the first assembly of members of WHO, or the World He alth Organization. The decision was made at a world-class meeting, the same year they held a themed celebration on July 22, the day of ratification of the WHO Constitution.

In 1950, the date was adjusted, moved to April 7, linking the celebrations with the full entry into force of the Charter, namely the regulation of the functioning of the service, the declaration of goals and principles of work. The activists determined the program of the festival, the need to involve public organizations in the discussion of he alth issues.

Since the first WHO Assembly, representatives from 194 states of the world have united in the organization, supporting the provisions of the Charter, the ideas of coordinating he alth issues.

The tradition of celebrating He alth Day is supported by everyone whotakes care of physical and moral well-being, strives to improve the ecological situation for the development of a he althy nation.

The holiday draws people's attention to both global and individual aspects of life:

    • prevent dangerous diseases;
    • promoting a he althy lifestyle;
    • longevity;
    • provision of he alth services in outback areas;
    • climate change.

    The annual messages from the World He alth Organization highlight the most important aspects for the current period on he alth issues.

    Celebration traditions

    The theme of He alth Day is changing. The very first event was devoted to the eradication of poliomyelitis, a disease of the nervous system. In 1997, the topic of new infectious diseases became topical. Gone are smallpox, typhus, cholera, and the Spanish flu, but no less dangerous bacteria have appeared that cause HIV, hemorrhagic fevers, and other diseases.

    In recent years, the issues of diabetes management, overcoming depression, food safety, development of nursing and midwifery services have been discussed.

    In 2023, World He alth Day was dedicated to the topic of the spread of coronavirus infection, ways to protect the population from a dangerous disease. The high risk of disease for populations that do not receive quality medical care was a subject of special discussion.

    In many countries, large-scale events are held on the holiday:

    • specialists give free consultations based onmedical facilities;
    • volunteers distribute leaflets with important educational information about the development of dangerous diseases;
    • doctors provide services for checking blood sugar levels, measuring pressure;
    • medical centers hold open days with leading experts.

    Conferences, flash mobs aim youth at giving up bad habits, hardening the body, periodic examinations for early detection of he alth problems.

    In the media, leading doctors give advice on maintaining he alth, dispel myths, talk about modern methods of treatment. TV programs include documentaries and feature films about doctors, the best representatives of medicine.

    Sports clubs, schools hold demonstration events for children and adolescents to captivate young people with physical culture, a he althy lifestyle. Well-known actors, singers, cultural figures do not stand aside, who urge from the screens to take care of themselves and loved ones, to appreciate life and he alth.

    Interesting facts

    World He alth Day is a great opportunity to learn interesting facts and observations:

    • Japan is considered the he althiest nation. are in the top hundred, but occupy the bottom lines in the ranking;
    • 90% of all diseases are attributed to stress by doctors;
    • sneeze up to 160 km/h, cough up to 900 km/h;
    • the brain does not feel pain;
    • food can be medicine;
    • laughter strengthens the immune system;
    • improvementappetite contributes to a joyful mood at the table.

    Being he althy is a great blessing for many. From the birth of a small child, concerns about his he alth begin. From habits, lifestyle, ecology depends on how much the life resource is enough. He alth Day reminds you of the importance of taking care of yourself and others.

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