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Professional Celebration 2023 Builder's Day, workers in a key industry will celebrate on Sunday, August 13th. The holiday will bring together millions of people of different specializations involved in the design, creation, maintenance of buildings and structures.

History of the celebration

The profession of a builder is one of the oldest, never losing its significance for a person. The development of new technologies requires constant improvement of knowledge, continuous renewal of resources.

Despite the importance of the construction industry, a professional holiday appeared among workers in the sector only in the post-war years. The country was recovering from the ruins, the economy revived, new facilities were built - schools, hospitals, enterprises, apartment buildings. In housing construction, a slogan appeared calling for each family to be provided with a separate apartment by 1980. Legendary "Khrushchev" buildings, where thousands of people moved from dilapidated housing, are considered a symbol of the times.

The idea to give the builders their own holiday came to the head of state Nikita Sergeevich Khrushchev during his stay in 1955 at the Zhigulevskaya hydroelectric power station. The scale of construction, the high pace of construction impressed the leader so much that upon his return he signed a document on the establishment of a professional celebration.

The first Builder's Day was held in 1956, on August 12th. On the solemn day, the Luzhniki sports complex was opened, the completion of which was timed to coincide with the celebration. The event was the beginning of a good tradition - to put into operation the next significant structures for the holiday.

Unlike many industry celebrations, Builders Day is firmly entrenched in August for the second Sunday weekend. During the collapse of the Soviet Union, the large-scale holiday was forgotten for several years, although celebrations were unofficially held in groups.

In 2011, the Builder's Day by the decision of the Ministry of Regional Development was officially recognized as a federal holiday. In the near abroad, a professional celebration is preserved, as on August Sunday.


Most of the traditions of the celebration from the time of the first celebrations have been preserved to the current time. Since millions of builders of various profiles are involved in the field, the scale of the event is supported by state, private and public organizations.

As before, new facilities are handed over by the Builder's Day - hospitals, schools, kindergartens, sports facilities, residential buildings. Heads of ministries and departments give state awards to the best workers in the industry, honor veterans.

Speakers emphasize the features of creating social infrastructure for citizens within walking distance.

Television, the press are preparing reports, stories about the technical modernization of the industry, interesting architectural objects, interviews with construction managerscompanies.

Professionals are brought together on the holiday by holding round tables, specialized exhibitions and forums. Demonstration of urban transformation that provides a high quality of life is one of the main directions of modern construction. Successful solutions for urban development contribute to an increase in road capacity, comfortable and safe walking.

Evening concerts with the participation of famous singers, actors, musical groups, as a rule, gather full houses, create an atmosphere of joy and good rest.

Interesting facts

On Builder's Day, the tradition of initiation into the profession is preserved - young workers are given bread and s alt as a symbol of hard work and prosperity, then novice builders hold their palms over the fire to feel how "hot" weekdays will be. The event ends with the reading of the oath and putting on protective helmets. Sometimes they are symbolically hit with a brick, reminding them of the risks and safety requirements.

The ritual of laying the foundation of the future building is one of the oldest. They believed that a symbolic object left at a depth would protect and bring prosperity. They put a silver ruble, poured a handful of grain. Today, a bottle of champagne is broken on the first slab during laying.

The place for future housing was chosen according to unwritten rules, it was believed that it was impossible to build:

    • at the crossroads - otherwise you will lose happiness;
    • next to the graves - the death of household members will come;
    • nearbygrowing elder - life will be bitter.

    In the old days, they believed that it was best to start construction on Tuesday or Thursday. With the advent of Christianity, they added a ban on the dates of the holy martyrs, otherwise the construction will never end.

    During the construction of the house, it was customary to appease the workers in every possible way, feed them well. It was believed that generous feasts would be the key to the same life in the built house.

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