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The international holiday World Theater Day in 2023 will be celebrated by all theatrical figures and art lovers on March 27. Celebration according to tradition has become an integral part of world cultural life.


The origin of the theater is associated with ritual origins, when the participants changed clothes, sang songs to the gods, arranged ritual performances. Like-minded people were united by faith in salvation, protection from life's adversities.

In antiquity, dramas and comedies were distinguished, on the basis of which theatrical masks, which became symbolic, corresponded - sad and cheerful. Only men were allowed to theatrical performances, who played all roles, including women's. The mission of the actors was considered high, significant, as their talent awakened "catharsis", or the moral uplift of the audience.

At the European stage of the history of the theater, scenery appeared, actresses appeared on the stage. In each country, the art of reincarnation included national characteristics. The development of the theater led to the emergence of new genres - opera, operetta, pantomime, parody and others.

In the 18th century people were entertained by jesters, buffoons, dancers, singers, magicians. At the festivities, farce performances were arranged, which gathered not only spectators, but also participants.various actions. In the era of Peter the Great, a "comedy temple" was opened, in which the German troupe staged spectacles. The people did not really like the performances, but they became the prototype for future performances.

In 1756, by decree of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, a domestic theater was opened in St. Petersburg, the history of the development of theatrical craft began. The main heyday of the industry came in the 19th-20th century, when dozens of talented actors shone.

Currently, there are over one and a half thousand temples of art of various kinds in the country, each has its own admirers.

Foundation of the holiday

In the cultures of different countries, theater has long occupied a place of honor. In 1961, at the ninth congress of the International Theater Institute, delegates supported the initiative to create a professional holiday for all theater workers to develop mutual understanding between peoples.

In 1962, with the assistance of UNESCO, on March 27, the first celebration was held, which marked the beginning of a long-term tradition to develop cultural ties between countries, to popularize stage activities.

In our country, the celebration of the World Theater Day has not received official status, however, the status of the celebration does not prevent art lovers from organizing events in honor of their favorite artists, authors, teams that create stage masterpieces.


World Theater Day is celebrated not only by actors, directors, stage workers, decorators, but also by all fans of a unique art form. On the day of the celebration, congratulationsaccepted by all who are in love with the stage.

An enchanting holiday is held on the best theatrical stages - holiday concerts, charity performances are held. The best gift for the audience is the premiere of a performance with the participation of their favorite actors. True theatergoers receive discounts on tickets, invitations to meetings with stage masters, backstage tours, where they get acquainted with the secrets of preparing performances.

The Ministry of Culture honors the best directors, actors, theater workers on a holiday. Awards in the form of titles, prizes, letters of thanks go to the most deserving representatives of the performing arts.

It is customary in theater groups to hold skits, where young actors reveal their talents, honor stage veterans. Festivals uniting troupes from different countries, admirers of high art, contribute to professional unity. A popular event was "Night at the Theater" on the eve of the holiday, when the public can attend a master class, a creative meeting, an unusual performance.

Interesting facts

The magical influence of theater on a person has long been noticed - the best qualities awaken, a desire for development and self-improvement appears:

    • after performances, people are visited by non-banal ideas that had never occurred to them before;
    • problems do not seem oppressive and global, the search for solutions is accelerated and leads to a positive result;
    • a surge of emotions reveals the possibility of seeing familiar things differently, inspirestransformation;
    • the cultural level of the viewer is enriched by familiarizing with the creations of world culture, the best author's ideas.

    World Theater Day is a holiday that has no boundaries, the participant and creator of which can be any fan of the stage.

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