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One of the first spring on the shelves of the flower rows of the country's markets appears petunia. In order to grow high-quality seedlings in 2023, you need to know in advance the planting dates, the necessary conditions and the basics of agricultural technology.

Types and varieties

Petunia belongs to plants with wide species and varietal diversity. Before you start planting, you should decide in advance on the choice of seeds of one type or another.

Basic requirements to consider when buying planting material:

    1. Adaptation of a variety to growing in a particular region, taking into account its climatic features and temperatures.
    2. Cold resistance.
    3. Growing place on the site.
    4. Description and characteristics of an adult plant (height, splendor of the bush, the need for its formation).
    5. Required growth conditions and cultivation recommendations.
    6. Resistance to diseases and pests.
    7. The timing of the collection of seeds according to the information of the manufacturer.

    It is expected that in 2023, as before, a number of agricultural firms will introduce varietal novelties suitable for growing in the regions on the domestic market.

    Below, in alphabetical order, are collectedthe most common types.


    Plants of this species are characterized by drooping branch growth and numerous flower formation. Suitable for hanging pots or flowerpots. The group includes Supertunia and Surfinia, which are propagated by cuttings. Other varieties - by seed:

    • Velvet F1;
    • Masha;
    • Opera Supreme;
    • Explorer.


    There is an external resemblance to the ampelous species, but the growth of shoots is directed upwards. Later, under their own weight, they fall down. Suitable for decorating terraces, loggias and gazebos. Requires a lot of room to grow as long shoots can form thickets.

    Best varieties in the category:

    • Gioconda;
    • Ramblin F1;
    • Silver;
    • Cherry.


    The most common species, which is popular because of its unpretentious care, long and lush flowering. The plant is resistant to drought and rain. The best samples are called:

    • Daddy;
    • Picotie;
    • Polaris;
    • Ultra.


    Characterized by abundant flowering, cold resistance and the possibility of growing in shading. It is often used to decorate borders, flower beds and ridges. Demanded varieties of series:

    • Bravo;
    • Madnes F1;
    • Celebrities F1;
    • Sonia F1.

    Features of cultivation

    Compliance with the basic rules of agricultural technology will allow you to grow strong seedlings of petunias with a powerfulroot system. It is equally important to adhere to the planting calendar for 2023, taking into account favorable and unfavorable days for crops.


    At home, it is convenient to use ready-made purchased substrates for each specific type of plant. Experienced gardeners recommend disinfecting the soil with a fungicide and a weak solution of potassium permanganate before sowing. It will not be superfluous to do antimicrobial processing of containers.


    When choosing material for planting, it is necessary to pay attention to the year when the seeds were collected. You can plant a petunia in 2023 by collecting the last season. Later seeds will give poor germination and seedling viability.

    Friendly seedlings generally provide planting industrial pellets.


    Fill the containers with the prepared substrate, pour plenty of water at room temperature. Since the seeds are black, for convenience, the surface of the soil should be sprinkled a little with sifted river sand or snow. Then, using a toothpick, evenly distribute them over the entire surface.

    Many gardeners practice sowing in shallow furrows. It is important here not to cover the seeds too much, otherwise germination will be delayed.

    The most convenient way for many is sowing in peat tablets up to 6 cm in diameter. Arrange them on the bottom of the container, pour a little water. After soaking, add more liquid so that the peat absorbs enough moisture. Each tablet should be placed around the edges of 2seeds. After germination, the tablet will be conveniently divided into 2 seedlings.


    Petunias can be planted in all regions except the extreme northern regions. Based on the climatic characteristics of each individual area and the time of the establishment of warm weather in the spring, the timing of sowing in boxes will vary:

    • Moscow and the middle lane - mid-February;
    • Volga region - late February - early March;
    • Leningrad region, Siberia and the Urals - late March-early April.

    Planting a petunia according to the lunar calendar for 2023:

    February1, 2, 6, 7, 26, 27, 283, 8, 9, 17, 21-23March1, 2, 4-6, 26, 28, 319, 19-21, 24, 27April 1-4, 24, 25, 27-308, 16, 17, 21, 23
    Month/daysAuspicious Unfavorable
    January4-6, 9-10, 27-2911, 24-26


    Since sowing is done at the end of winter, seedlings require additional illumination with lamps. The recommended air temperature is +25°С.

    It is also necessary to periodically spray the soil surface with water from a spray bottle.


    The appearance of 3-4 true leaves indicates that the time has come to dive seedlings into individual forms. This must be done carefully, while trying not to damage the root system. Formanipulations take into account the days of the lunar calendar.

    Month/daysPick recommended
    February5-8, 18-20, 28, 29
    March4, 5, 6, 12, 13, 14, 21-24, 26-29
    April5, 6, 9, 10, 13-15, 24, 25

    Don't land on a permanent site on full and new moon days.

    January 21st23:56January 7th02:10February 2010:09 March 21 April 20 May 19 18:56May 520:37 07:39 21:33 July 314:41August 16 12:39 August 121:33September 15 04:40 August 3104:37 September 29 November 1312:27October 28 23:34December 13 02:32November 27 12:17 03:34
    2023 New Moons2023 Full Moons
    February 521:31
    20:27March 715:43
    07:16April 607:37
    June 18
    June 4 06:44 July 17
    October 1420:55
    December 27

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