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Christmas topiary has been considered a popular option for home decoration on the eve of the winter holidays for several years now. Such crafts, made by hand, always look spectacular and original. Such a souvenir will be a pleasant gift for the New Year 2023 for relatives and friends.

Topiary - a small free-form tree, fixed in a pot, decorated with various natural and decorative materials.


Experienced hand-made masters believe that even a beginner without experience and skills can handle the process of creating New Year's topiary. To make the product beautiful and unusual, some recommendations and features of materials and decor should be taken into account in the work. You also need to think in advance about the general concept and style, what materials will be used in the work and what the tree symbolizes. The rules are simple:

    1. Compliance with proportions. As a rule, the crown is several times larger in volume than the base. The height of the trunk is chosen arbitrarily, however, in many cases, the conciseness of the entire composition depends on it. Too small and shallow base can look awkward against the backdrop of a spreading crown or thick support.
    2. To givestability of the installation, it is convenient to use a pot or planter for flowers with a flat bottom. The trunk is fixed in its center and the mold is poured with cement, gypsum or alabaster. After complete hardening and drying, you can start decorating.
    3. During the assembly process, it is recommended to use a glue gun with rods, PVA glue or a stapler. The choice of option in many cases depends on the type of material to be fixed.

    When designing, the theme of the symbol of the coming year is often taken as a basis. The mascot of 2023 will be the Rabbit. The figurines of this animal can be harmoniously combined, for example, with cones and Christmas balls.

    What it consists of

    The main components of the tree:

    1. Krona. The most common shape is round. Foam blanks and any suitable balls or small rubber balls are taken as a basis. Many craftsmen make it themselves.
    2. Barrel. A strong stick, a cut tree branch, or various plastic and metal rods are best suited. When creating non-standard options, a strong wire is often used, with which the barrel can be bent in any shape.
    3. Basis. The craft can be installed in any flower pot, container, small bucket or bowl.

    How to make a crown at home

    If it is impossible to use a foam ball, you can also make a blank for the crown yourself from some improvised materials.

    1. Mounting foam. Fill in two plastic moldsfoam, let dry, then remove them. Glue the halves, cut round.
    2. Threads. Inflate a small ball, soak the threads in a container with PVA. Wrap them tightly over the entire surface, generously grease with a brush with glue. After drying, pierce the balloon.

    This option is recommended only for light-weight decorative ornaments.

    1. Papier-mâché. Crowns of non-standard shape (hearts, abstraction, cones and other geometric shapes) are most often made from it. Prepare paper and glue in advance, alternately glue layer by layer. Make sure they dry well.
    2. Polyfoam. Glue a cube from several pieces, later cut it with a clerical knife in the shape of a ball.

    Step by step instructions

    Our master classes with a detailed description will help anyone who wants to make New Year's topiary with their own hands quickly and without errors. Such trees can be presented for the New Year 2023 or decorate the interior of the house with them.

    Christmas toys

    Considered one of the popular options to replace traditional spruce.

    For work you will need:

    • pot;
    • crown preparation;
    • stones for weighting;
    • glue gun with rods;
    • base decoration material;
    • plastic balls of various diameters;
    • rod.

    Assembly process:

    1. Connect the crown and trunk, additionally fill the fixation point with glue.
    2. On the balls, remove the mount.
    3. With helpglue gun to distribute them over the entire surface of the crown. In work, you should adhere to a certain pattern.
    4. Set the craft in a pot, overlay with small stones.
    5. Fill the base with a mixture (gypsum, alabaster).
    6. After drying, decorate it.

    The craft on the candlestick looks interesting. Pine cones and beads can be used as an additional decoration.

    The combination of silver and blue tint will complement the interior with an alternative spectacular decoration. As a basis, it is recommended to take a floral sponge.

    The “golden” craft looks no less beautiful and festive. Recommended to prepare:

    • pot;
    • double sided tape;
    • yellow satin ribbon;
    • toothpicks;
    • Christmas tree toys of several sizes and types (matching shades);
    • glue;
    • rod (cardboard sleeve);
    • fabric;
    • floral oasis;
    • decoration elements.

    Production process:

    1. Wrap the pot with a cloth, secure in several places with tape.
    2. Fill it with a floral oasis.
    3. In the center, install and wrap the barrel with tape.
    4. Put a sponge on it, use a sharp knife to cut off the edges a little to give a spherical shape.
    5. Toys stick on toothpicks, insert into the ball.
    6. Add decorative elements - beads, tinsel and more.
    7. To securely fix the toy, it is recommended to glue it discreetly with a gun.


    Making candy topiary is considered an excellent occasion for joint family leisure. A child can be entrusted with some simple process that a little helper will do with pleasure.

    Need to take:

    • pot;
    • lollipops;
    • adhesive tapes;
    • green cardboard sheet;
    • small glass balls;
    • tweezers;
    • glue gun;
    • trunk;
    • foam.

    How to:

    1. Insert the rod into the base.
    2. Cover with cardboard.
    3. Fix the ball on it.
    4. Wrap with red tape.
    5. Fix sweets over the entire surface with glue, place tightly to each other. It is recommended to use tweezers in the work - so the lollipops will not stick to your hands and will not get dirty.
    6. Add glass decor.
    7. Tie a bow.


    Tangerines are a traditional symbol of the winter holidays, which will bring bright colors and an incredible atmosphere.

    What you need:

    • acrylic paint (white);
    • string (light beige);
    • beads;
    • sisal fiber (green, white);
    • pot for planting indoor flowers;
    • decor - cones, cedar, alder, tangerines;
    • blanks - barrel, foam ball (available at decor and needlework stores);
    • foam brush;
    • glue gun and rods to it;
    • small stones(pebble);
    • scissors.

    Steps of work:

    1. Fix the ball on the barrel. Fill the attachment point with glue from a gun.
    2. Glue the tangerines on the styrofoam in a checkerboard pattern.

    For an edible gift option, fake fruits can be replaced with real ones. You can attach them with thick toothpicks or picnic skewers.

    1. Similarly, you need to distribute cedar cones over the surface.
    2. Roll up the green fiber.
    3. Stick it on.
    4. Fill empty spaces with decorative elements - nuts and cones. Measure 30 cm of twine, cut off, thread 2 beads and tie knots. Fix the bow with a glue gun on the barrel.
    5. Use acrylic paint and brush to paint the flower pot, leave to dry.
    6. The main condition for the New Year's topiary not to fall is that the base must be heavier than the crown. Set the tree in the center of the pot and fill the entire space inside with small pebbles. Next, fill the container with glue, decorate with white fiber on top.

    Ideas for inspiration

    A small selection of photos will help you decide on the style and concept of the product, as well as get acquainted with the main stages of work and their features.

    Video: DIY winter decor

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