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The Eastern calendar has become especially popular among residents and many European countries in recent years, and we invite you to learn more about when the New Year 2023 comes according to the Eastern calendar, which animal will become the new patron and what the horoscope promises for the coming year .

Chinese New Year

For residents of Europe and America, the New Year traditionally falls on January 1, but in many other countries, local calendars set completely different dates for this holiday.

Important! The Chinese (Oriental) New Year will begin on January 22, 2023, when the full lunar cycle ends after the winter solstice.

To find out when 2023 will come according to the Eastern (Chinese) calendar, it is enough to determine the onset of the second new moon after the winter solstice, which falls on December 21, 2023.

So, the last day of 2023 according to the eastern calendar will be February 8, 2024 according to the Gregorian calendar, and already on February 9 in China they will celebrate the arrival of the New Year.

Symbol of 2023

In the Chinese calendar, each year has its own animal patron. In total, there are 12 such patrons - 6 of them have lived side by side with a person since ancient times, and also6 come from mythology and are inextricably linked with the culture of China.

If decades and centuries are counted in the Gregorian calendar familiar to us, then cycles are counted in the Chinese calendar. The first animal of the 12-year cycle is the Rat. There are many beautiful legends about the reasons for this choice. One of them says that it was in this order that 12 animals invited by him came to the Buddha for the holiday. And the first place went to the Rat thanks to resourcefulness and ingenuity. The pig, as the slowest representative, received 12 months.

But there is a longer cycle in the eastern calendar - 60 years, because each animal represented in the calendar has 5 elements: fire, water, metal, earth and wood. Thus, the unique combination of the patron and his element happens once every 60 years.

Important! So, 2023 will be the year of the Water Rabbit for the people of China, although in some countries that also live according to the eastern calendar (for example, Vietnam), the Cat will take the place of the Rabbit.

At the same time, the interpretation of horoscopes for the coming year in all countries will be close, since the characteristics of the Rabbit, Hare and Cat are almost the same.

Celebration traditions

When the New Year comes in China, people celebrate this event for 15 days in a row and 2023 the Year of the Rabbit will not be an exception. In China, the celebration is called Chunjie (Spring Festival or Spring Festival).

Many employers provide long holidays so that loved ones can visit relatives living infar away and meet the holiday in the circle of the closest and dearest people, as required by tradition.

That is why during the New Year holidays in the country there is such a phenomenon as chunyun (spring migration). At first, everyone rushes to go to relatives, and at the end of the vacation period - to return to their cities and towns.

Also, among the traditions that are observed in Chinese families today, it is worth noting:

    • joint meeting of the New Year with the whole big family at the common table;
    • decorating houses and streets with scarlet paper lanterns (according to giving, these lanterns should point the souls of ancestors to their homes for a family reunion for one night);
    • give children money in beautiful red envelopes (hongbao);
    • launch fireworks (they are designed to scare away evil spirits from the homes of people celebrating the arrival of spring).

    The holiday ends with a noisy celebration on the streets of the city with dances, bright performances and the famous dragon procession, which millions of tourists from different countries annually wish to see.

    Because traditionally you can't be alone when the Chinese New Year arrives, in 2023 family rentals will be a traditionally in-demand service in China. Moreover, the “fake” family is ordered not only by single men and women, but also by those who want to avoid pressure for their bachelor position from relatives whom they will visit for the holidays.

    New Year's bans and signs

    To be happy, lucky and he althy whenaccording to the eastern calendar, the Year of the Rabbit will come in 2023, in China they believe that it is absolutely impossible on the day of the holiday (as well as at least 3 more days after the New Year):

    • swim (wash away he alth);
    • clean up (sweep out we alth);
    • borrow and lend money;
    • cry, be sad, complain about life (it is considered a great sin).

    General cleaning is usually done on the eve of the Spring Festival. At the same time, according to tradition, not only dust and dirt are swept out of the house, but also everything that can attract negative energy - torn clothes, chipped dishes, unnecessary things. It is believed that the unnecessary must be given to the poor, and such a good deed will be counted.

    New Year in other countries

    Their dates for the celebration of the New Year is not only in China. So, in 2023, the inhabitants of the planet will have several opportunities to celebrate the New Year at once:

    • South Korean - January 22, 2023;
    • Thai (Wan Songkran) - April 13, 2023;
    • Indian (Waisaki) - April 14, 2023;
    • Muslim - July 18, 2023;
    • Jewish (Rosh Hashanah) - September 15-17, 2023.

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