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Boring gatherings at the table for the New Year holidays are becoming more and more a thing of the past. After the feast, it is customary to have fun, and it is these moments that remain in the memory for a long time. A great option is to organize a scene for the New Year 2023. There are different scenarios: some require preparation and certain props, while others can be staged almost impromptu. But in any case, this point should be thought out in advance so that everything succeeds. We offer several different scenarios that you can rely on or take ready-made.

General recommendations

To make a thematic scene for the New Year of the Rabbit 2023, you need to designate the main character. This is very simple, since it is almost always identified with a bunny, and there are a lot of New Year's attributes with this animal on sale. You can buy a hare mask or a hoop with ears. In extreme cases, the ears can be made from cardboard yourself and attached to a hoop or hairpin.

It's also easy to draw a nose and mustache if you want to look even more like a rabbit. Ponytails are often sold in the New Year's costume department, and you can also take them from our parents' stock.

Before the scene, it is imperative to announce that the symbol of the New Year 2023 will be a rabbit orbunny. This is a very cute character, he is involved in many fairy tales and children's songs.

"A Christmas tree was born in the forest"

The easiest option is the script for the song "A Christmas tree was born in the forest." It is beautiful because it is universal for guests of any age, because the words are familiar to any person since childhood. Each guest is given roles and the necessary equipment. From those present, they choose the Christmas Tree, the Wolf, the Bunny (aka the Rabbit). If the company is large, you can add the roles of Blizzard, Forest, Frost, etc. to the scenario

A small inventory is enough: animal masks, white sheets (Snowstorm, Frost and Winter), etc. The lyrics are the script. Each "actor" must perform the actions described in the line.

To make it more fun, you can add a competition for the best knowledge of the words of this song. As practice shows, adults often remember only the first verse. If one of the children receives a small prize (candy, chocolate, etc.) for knowing the text, he will be overwhelmed with pride. By the way, in adult teams such competitions are even more fun and with great excitement.

Rabbit karaoke

The basis of this scenario is karaoke - the favorite entertainment of all. It will definitely become funny and memorable. The leader of this scene will, of course, be Rabbit. They put on a mask or a headband with ears, you can draw a nose and antennae, as in the previous case.

Exemplary dialogue between host and guests:

    • Rabbit: - Finally, I waited for my year to come! There were always some strange beasts: dragons,then horses, then mice - fu! And what did you find in them? They cannot be trusted with the New Year, because either a cat will catch them and eat them, or some woman will stop them at a gallop. Here I will teach you how to celebrate. What is your favorite way to have fun?
    • Guests: - Sing and dance!
    • K.: - In this we are very similar, because I also love to sing songs. How do we keep the cold out in winter? We don’t know how to make fires, but have you seen the prices for heating? That's the same. It remains to sing and jump. What songs are usually sung on New Year's Eve?
    • G.: - New Year!
    • K.: - Everything is exactly the same with us - rabbits, even surprising. Only for rabbit karaoke there is one rule: the one who sings the song must jump. Under slow songs - slowly, and under fast ones - energetically. Well, let's go?

    If there are elderly people in the company or those who cannot jump, Rabbit himself does this for them. It is very cool and funny when guests sing into a carrot instead of a microphone. In jumps, the performance becomes special, intermittent. The main thing is to immediately agree on the sequence in which they will perform karaoke. At the end, the one who rode the most actively can be given an impromptu gift.

    Adult scenes

    If we are talking about a corporate party or a holiday where only adults are present, then the option with skits for the New Year 2023 will also come in handy. Men and women, young people or the elderly, sometimes give odds to children in the ability to have fun with festive performances if they themselves participate in them.

    As for adult topics, thenit is easier to present the Rabbit as the logo of the Playboy magazine. To do this, you will need ears and a bow - an invariable attribute by which this logo is always recognized. The piquancy of the scene is determined by the nature of the assembled audience. This may be the story of how the Rabbit chooses his bride. As you know, rabbits are fast lovers, so you can recruit several girls and one man for a scene. The man will be a playboy. His task is to read declarations of love to each girl, which are written in advance in separate notes. For example, these:

    • "I love you as much as a carrot! You are just as slim, firm and juicy.”
    • "I'm captivated by you, like in a rabbit cage! Ready to spend the rest of my life by your side.”
    • "Without you, I feel as bad as winter in the most severe frost! Warm me with your love.”

    And potential "bunnies" should answer this with no less humorous phrases:

    • "Sorry, but I have my rightful jealous bunny."
    • “You know, I have 17 rabbits. Do you need such a burden?”
    • "Believe it or not, I really love rabbit meat and I can't guarantee that we will live happily ever after."

    You can write a lot of such options for a scene. At the end, viewers are allowed to choose the most suitable couple for a bachelor. How to beat their wedding also depends on the level and sense of humor of the company.

    "Croleo and Crolietta"

    Another funny scene for the New Year 2023 - the interpretation of Shakespeare in the "rabbit" spirit. Romeo and Juliet is best suited - the most famousauthor's work.

    This piece is a drama, but on New Year's Eve it needs to be turned into a comedy. The beauty is that the scene can be played simply and without much preparation. The main thing is that the actors know the plot approximately and have a sense of humor. You can start in verse: "There is no sadder story in the world than the story of Croleo and Crolietta." Next, imagine a free interpretation about Rabbits who meet near a common feeder and fall in love with each other.

    For a drama to become a comedy, the ending needs to be redone. For example, after Croleo and Crolietta die, they can happily meet at the New Year's table as meat dishes. They will congratulate everyone on the New Year and say that they are staying to celebrate in this warm and cheerful company.

    This scene will be more successful with adults if they are educated but fun personalities.

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