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Special festive decor creates a festive atmosphere and sets you in the right mood, so decorating a house, apartment or yard is traditionally considered one of the pre-New Year's activities. To reduce costs and make preparation even more fun will allow you to make New Year's compositions for the New Year 2023 with your own hands. You can choose original and beautiful options, or you can choose very simple ones to involve the whole family in creating decor.

As a rule, preference is given to natural materials - cones, branches, needles, berries, etc. But glassware, as well as \candles, imitation of snow from cotton wool, etc., also fits perfectly into the mood and creates Christmas romance.

Christmas bouquet

The Christmas tree is considered the most common attribute of the New Year, but more and more often it is abandoned due to lack of space in the apartment or to save money. You can replace it with a New Year's bouquet, which, if desired, is put on the table or placed somewhere in the corner of the room. If desired, there can be several such bouquets, and if they are the same or similar, then a single style will make the holiday home more beautiful and elegant.

Sold a lot of analogues of artificial materials, but natural compositions are alwayslook more expensive and more attractive.

In the process of creating, you need to follow the advice from florists:

    • For New Year's bouquets to be placed outside, only those plants and materials that are not afraid of frost are needed.
    • You can pay attention not only to conifers, but also to dry summer plants, such as feather grass or pampas grasses. Dried flowers will also fit into the design.
    • From coniferous branches of spruce, pine, juniper and arborvitae are ideal.
    • Apples, pomegranates, lemons, cinnamon sticks and star anise will perfectly complement the overall picture.

    Production steps:

    1. Requires a container that acts as a vase or flower pot. Colors can be neutral - brown, coffee with milk, white is perfect, but scarlet and gold also look harmonious. Photo 2
    2. If there is no suitable container, you can make it yourself by decorating the most ordinary one. It looks interesting burlap, which is fixed with twine. Needlewomen can knit a "sweater", perfect for a winter theme.
    3. A medium-diameter glue gun is required to attach all elements. With its help, branches and elements of the New Year's composition are fixed to the bottom and to the walls of the container.
    4. You can add serpentine from above, complement the design with Christmas decorations, glitter.

    Christmas wreath

    For many years in a row, such a wreath has been the leader in the field of New Year's design, and in 2023 this handmade composition will also be appropriate. Secretsuccess lies in the fact that it is not difficult to make it, and the result is always on top.

    How to:

      Prepare the base on which the needles will be strung in the process. It can be a thick wire or a circle of the desired diameter, cut out of cardboard.
    1. Different conifers are ideal. In specialized departments they are sold under the name "koniferen". There is an "assorted" of arborvitae, juniper, eucalyptus, etc.
    2. Form bunches of branches by tying them with wire. The first bundle is tied to the base. In this case, you need to remember in which direction the wire was wound in order to continue with the rest of the bundles in the same direction.
    3. Cones of different sizes are attached to the finished wreath. If you want the wreath to be brighter, you can pre-paint the cones in gold, silver or red.
    4. To such a wreath you can attach a thread for fastening, or you can put it in the center of the table and place a Christmas candle in the middle.

    Christmas trees

    Increasingly, instead of firs, people prefer to decorate improvised trees. They look very beautiful, but at the same time, such New Year's compositions are expensive. If you wish, you can make them yourself.

    How to make:

      Suitable branches are found in the garden or planting. You can prepare them even during the autumn pruning of the garden. When selecting material,give preference to those shoots that branch most densely - so the composition will be even more beautiful.
    1. The branches can be left in their natural color, or they can be painted gold or white if desired.
    2. For small compositions, an ordinary vase is suitable. The easiest option - the branches are simply attached to the wall, but if the plans are to imitate a large tree, you will need to make a rack or use the one in which the spruce is installed.
    3. For lovers of Christmas illumination, the option with LED lighting, which is wrapped around the branches, is suitable.

    Such compositions are perfectly stored, and having made them once, you can then use them for many years in a row.

    Christmas tree from a garland

    For rooms with a shortage of space, a real find will be a Christmas tree from a garland, which can be placed directly on the wall or on the closet. Making it is not at all difficult, but at the same time, such a New Year's composition for 2023 will add warmth, comfort and romance to the atmosphere of the house.

    How to:

    1. Wipe or vacuum the wallpaper in the area where the Christmas tree will be placed.
    2. The length of the garland is important: the longer it is, the more beautiful the composition will be.
    3. Place marks on the wall to represent the triangle. These can be pins or buttons.
    4. Lay out the garland in a zigzag pattern from one side to the other. You can fasten the corners with high-quality double-sided tape or self-adhesive silicone hooks (sold in the fastener department).
    5. If desiredan impromptu Christmas tree is complemented with Christmas toys, tinsel, etc.

    With the help of such compositions, any home can be filled with a New Year's fairy tale.

    Video: Christmas Decor Ideas

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