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During the preparations for the New Year holidays, the presenters and organizers are trying to diversify the program. One of the win-win options is ditties for the New Year 2023, which do not lose their relevance and can amuse any audience.

These short, dashing poems are written on any subject, and New Year's ditties for 2023 are no exception. Their number is constantly growing, so there is a choice for every taste.

Ditty about the holiday

The host or organizer selects material depending on the program, but there are universal topics that will be appropriate in any circle and in any company. For example, these are funny ditties for the New Year 2023 about the holiday.

Oh, winter, winter, winter,

How many snowdrifts she made!

The people do not grieve -

Celebrating the New Year!

I wish you Happy New Year

Glad all my friends!

I wrote you ditties.

Sing more cheerfully!

Everyone is waiting for the New Year with excitement.

Everyone is happy to meet him!

There is a reason for meetings, fun,

New outing outfit!

Ditty about Santa Claus

The constant and main character of the New Year is Santa Claus. Not a single matinee can do without it orcorporate party, so traditionally they read poems about him and sing songs. It is not difficult to mention this character in comic songs, because a lot of material has been prepared about him.

I believe in Santa Claus.

He's funny and bright

And also for the New Year

Giving gifts!

Eh, snow, snowball, snowstorm!

I'll look at Santa Claus, squinting my eyes!

Santa Claus is ours with a beard,

With a big mustache,

But like a young guy

Dancing with us.

Santa Claus is not Santa Claus

His nose is redder…

In the New Year gifts quipu

He brought for the kids!

Ditty about the Snow Maiden

Faithful helper of Santa Claus - Snow Maiden. Couplets can be dedicated to her or, conversely, performed by herself. It is in this case that the widest range is possible, because they choose universal poems (for children) or for an older audience at will.

From snowflakes clean, new

I'm making a Snow Maiden.

And I won't leave her in the spring -

I'll put it in the freezer!

Cute Santa Claus!

I am your Snow Maiden!

We will go to the forest with you

And sing under the Christmas tree!

Like a Snow Maiden with white cheeks

I kissed until the morning -

Didn't run away, didn't send,

Not melted! Hooray!

Snowman ditties

Snowman is often found in holiday scenarios.

He is Santa's helper, his faithful friend and companion in all adventures,therefore, many comic verses have been written about him.

The Snowman was embarrassed,

He lowered his head,

And when he picked it up,

Someone ate a carrot.

We made snowmen

All day with blizzards

And they imagined themselves

Just Tsereteli!

Modern snowman

Made very nicely.

Instead of the nose, the syringe is empty,

Looks funny.

Ditty for corporate party

Of course, in this case it all depends on the level of the company and the relationship between its employees. There are groups where any, even the most delicate, topics are appropriate, but there are also those where subordination is strictly observed. If you take into account these moments, then you can very well dilute the holiday with comic songs.

In the New Year, in the New Year

The boss pesters me:

My short report

To my big vanity report!

For men - drinks are strong,

And for women - chores!

Helped b in the New Year

They have robots in the kitchen!

We don't need Santa Claus,

And no chocolate!

Buns to us soon, come on,

And raise your salary!

Corporate New Year

Will be very positive,

After all, the director will announce to us

Who will receive the award.

School ditties

At a school matinee, comic songs can be made part of the script. But often children simply perform amateur performances, and then the singing of ditties becomesa great idea for a number, especially since it's easy to think over costumes.

I'm learning lessons at the rink

On a sunny winter day.

I write the numbers correctly,

But not with a pen, but with a skate!

Give us, Santa Claus,

Ice slides!

Turn us, Santa Claus,

"Twos" all in "five"!

It used to be different

And now progress is everywhere:

Instead of letters to Santa Claus

We will send all sms.

For a fun company

When a holiday is held with friends, there are no restrictions on topics at all. You can sing the funniest and even spiciest ditties.

Let's jump like rabbits

Stomp like bears.

Let them rejoice with us

Lovely neighbors!

Happy New Year!

Shops in full swing

Everything is bought by our people,

As if they haven't eaten for a year.

Time for the chimes grandfather

Grandma gave a tablet.

She doesn't need a grandfather now!

The Internet beckons her!

Themed according to the eastern horoscope

New Year 2023 will be the year of the Rabbit, so many will want to mention this animal in ditties.

It will be great if the characters themselves sing the songs, especially since a headband with ears is enough for this look.

May you this New Year

The rabbit will bring happiness,

Give the whole country progress,

Well, I need press cash!

Finally New Year!

You can relax.

Let the Year of the Rabbit be lucky,

May everything always go well!

Suddenly gave the rabbit

Snowman carrot,

For the Rabbit to be full,

Joyful and agile.

Music design

To make the ditties sound more colorful and fervent, they are performed to the music. It is best if there is an accordionist or bayanist in the company, because ditty songs were traditionally performed with their accompaniment. But instruments such as the piano or guitar do just as well. They will attract even more attention.

If live instruments are not available, you can find the necessary music on the Internet. There are many backing tracks for different forms of ditties, the main thing is to immediately check them for matching the size with the verses so that there will be no unpleasant surprise during the holiday.

But even in the case when the music cannot be turned on (for example, when celebrating in nature, where there is no electricity, or in the absence of the necessary equipment), there is a great option - applause. When everyone in the audience clap along to the rhythm of the song, it makes the group more united and gets everyone involved in the fun.

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