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Preparing New Year's decor at home is a great opportunity to try your hand at creativity. There are many options on how to make Christmas balls for 2023 with your own hands. There are simple and more complex options, but with certain skills, the created Christmas balls will not be inferior in quality and beauty to those bought at New Year's fairs.

From threads

The advantage of this technique is that you can make balls of any size, even very large ones.

These can decorate not only a large fir tree, but also a room for a matinee or corporate party. The method is so simple that you can start it with the children.

Things to take:

    • Threads. It is advisable to take natural ones, since artificial ones will not soak normally and keep their shape after drying.
    • PVA glue (not in pencil).
    • Round balloons.
    • Needle.

    How to:

    1. Bring the thickness of the glue to the state of sour cream, adding water to it and stirring thoroughly until smooth.
    2. Inflate the balloons to the desired size. At the maximum volume, the round shape can be deformed into an oval one, so it is not possible to inflate to the maximumrecommended.
    3. Soak the threads in the prepared glue, let them lie down until completely impregnated. For the convenience of work, the threads are pre-cut into meter pieces.
    4. Wrap them around the balloon. The density of laying threads is chosen at will. The more gaps, the more “airy” the finished product will be visually.
    5. Set aside blanks for drying for a day. You can speed up the process if you put them on a battery or dry them with a fan heater.
    6. Pop the rubber inside with a needle and remove it.

    The beauty of this method is that further the product can be painted in any desired color, decorate it with glitter, etc.

    From beads

    One of the simple options is to make Christmas balls with your own hands for the New Year 2023 from beads.

    Things to take:

    • Styrofoam spheres available from craft stores.
    • Beads of a certain color and size.
    • Pins with hats.
    • Ribbon or lace.
    • Craft glue gun.

    How to:

    1. Put a drop of melted glue on the sphere.
    2. Without waiting for it to harden, fix the bead from above.
    3. Repeat this sequence until there is no free space left on the workpiece.
    4. Attach a loop of ribbon or lace on top for hanging.

    You can distribute the beads in rows, between which a ribbon or lace is placed. Sometimes beaded or beadedlay out entire patterns, but this is a longer and more painstaking process.

    From buttons

    Such balls fill the room with the atmosphere of the beginning of the last century, especially if you take bronze buttons. If desired, they can be pre-treated with a special golden paint.

    Things to take:

    • Buttons. Depending on the idea, these can be buttons of the same color or multi-colored and different sizes. Through or invisible mounting is allowed.
    • Styrofoam or plastic ball blank.
    • Craft glue gun.
    • Tie for fastening.

    How to:

    1. Put a drop of silicone hot melt on the base.
    2. Quickly attach a button and hold until dry for a few seconds.
    3. Perform this procedure until there is no free space left on the base. In accordance with the plan, in some places the buttons can be glued over the already attached ones.
    4. At the end, fix a ribbon at the top for hanging to a branch.

    Such decorations should be located at a decent distance from each other on the Christmas tree or in the decor of the room, otherwise the effect of excessive variegation will be created.

    With symbol of the year

    According to the Eastern calendar, 2023 is the year of the Rabbit, so it would be a great idea to make Christmas balls with the symbol of 2023. Decoupage technique is perfect for this.

    Things to take:

    • A napkin with a picture of a hare or a rabbit. An image on any thin paper will do, but a napkin is the easiest to work with.
    • A blank made of foam, plastic, wood, etc.
    • Alcohol for degreasing.
    • Acetone or nail polish remover.
    • Sandpaper with the finest grit.
    • PVA glue.
    • Acrylic paint.
    • Scissors and brush.
    • Colorless varnish.

    How to:

    1. Use nail polish remover to remove factory paint if it was on the ball.
    2. Sandpaper the toy from all sides so that there are no untreated areas.
    3. Degrease with alcohol.
    4. Make a primer for the ball with 5 ml of PVA and 30 ml of acrylic paint. Thoroughly mix the solution and apply evenly with a brush on the ball. Can be coated alternately on each side to avoid laying fresh paint down while drying and leaving no surface marks.
    5. Exfoliate the napkin and remove the top layer on which the pattern is applied, cut the picture along the desired contour.
    6. Glue the drawing with a 1:1 solution of PVA and water to the ball, gently spreading it in all directions so that there are no bumps or air bubbles left. Smoothing is best not with your fingers, but with a soft brush for makeup or for drawing.
    7. After drying, clean the edges of the picture with fine sandpaper to smooth the transition.
    8. Places where the base paint was removed during stripping, re-tint with a mixture of PVA and acrylic.
    9. Coat the entire balloon with varnish.

    If desired, immediately after applying the varnish, you can shower the ball with glitter or sequins to make the design even more themed.

    Video: Christmas balls in velvet

    After these workshops, there will be no questions left on how to make Christmas balls by 2023. Any of these techniques is easy to supplement with your own ideas, if you do not hold back your imagination. So the festive decoration of the house will become exclusive and will not be repeated in any other design.

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