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The year 2023 is ahead of us, and it's time to find out what the Orthodox (Church) calendar will be like, when (on what days) in the coming year we will celebrate big Christian holidays, in what periods it is worth fasting, and when to commemorate the dead.

Features of the Orthodox Christian calendar

The liturgical life of the Russian Orthodox Church follows the Julian calendar, which is popularly called the "old style".

In contrast to the chronology generally accepted in everyday life, Happy New Year, coming on January 1, the church year (indicta), comes on September 1. At the same time, there is another important concept in Christianity - the liturgical year. This period is calculated from the date of Easter (Bright Sunday of Christ).

The 2023 classic Orthodox calendar with main holidays, fasts, solid weeks and commemoration days is a combination of two books:

  • Paschalia, the pages of which contain the rules for calculating Easter and passing holidays, the dates of which are counted from the day of the Resurrection of Christ;
  • Months, which lists all the everlasting holidays of Christianity and important dates that are unchanged every yearfall on the same date.

The Orthodox calendar for 2023 presented to your attention contains information about such important events as:

    • great holidays (transient and non-transitory);
    • twelfth holidays (master's and Mother of God);
    • days of remembrance of the dead (parental Saturdays);
    • posts (4 multi-day posts in total in 2023).

    We invite you to download the full Orthodox church calendar so as not to miss important dates in 2023.

    Twelfth Holidays

    The twelfth holidays of Orthodoxy are the 12 most important dates after Easter. These Christian holidays are dedicated to the events of the earthly life of the Savior and the Virgin.

    In 2023, 17 twelfth holidays are planned in the Orthodox calendar of the Russian Orthodox Church (including 5 great ones):

    All holidays by month

    In addition to the great holidays, there are many other important dates in the Orthodox calendar that are worth remembering in 2023. We offer for your convenience a complete list of Christian holidays by month:

    Save important dates of the Orthodox calendar to know exactly what Christian holidays will be in March, April and others

    Posts of 2023

    In 2023, the church calendar sets 4 multi-day fasts and quite a lot of one-day fasts:

    • Great (February 27 - April 15);
    • Petrov (June 12 - 11July);
    • Assumption (August 14 - August 27);
    • Christmas (November 28, 2023 - January 6, 2024).

    For 2023, the Orthodox calendar also displays weekly one-day fasts, which Christians must adhere to every Wednesday and Friday (except for continuous weeks). You can use oil on these days only when it coincides with holidays. On major holidays, such as Pokrov, it is also allowed to eat fish.

    Also one-day fasts should be observed on such days:

    • January 18 - Epiphany Christmas Eve;
    • September 11 - Beheading of John the Baptist;
    • September 27 - Ex altation of the Holy Cross.

    You can't eat fish these days, but food with vegetable oil is allowed.

    Continuous weeks

    Continuous weeks are called weeks in which there are no fast days. In 2023, the Orthodox calendar sets the following dates for continuous weeks:

    • January 7-18 (Christmas Time);
    • February 6-12 (Publican and Pharisee);
    • February 20-26 (Shrovetide);
    • April 17-23 (Easter);
    • June 3-11 (Trinity).

    Memorial Days

    The Orthodox calendar also has special days set aside for commemoration of the dead:

    Wedding Ban

    If you plan to perform the sacrament of the Wedding in 2023, then you should know that the action is not held on certain days, namely:

    • all Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays of the year;
    • on the eve of big holidays;
    • during the fasting period;
    • during the periods of three continuous weeks - Yuletide, Shrovetide, Easter;
    • on the days of the Ex altation of the Holy Cross (September 27).

    Save important dates of the Orthodox calendar to know exactly what Christian holidays will be in March, April and other months of 2023, as well as what restrictions Orthodox Christians should adhere to during certain periods of the year.

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