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Choosing a name for a new family member is one of the most important tasks at the time of waiting for offspring. Many parents believe that the character and even the fate of their child depends on the name, so they take this choice very seriously. In addition, this word will become one of the most repeated in the family and I want it to be sweet and equally liked by all family members. Therefore, the question of how to name a child for everyone who is preparing to become a mother or father in 2023 is not so simple.

By year

Our culture increasingly includes the tradition of choosing names according to the Eastern calendar. 2023 will be held under the sign of the Rabbit. Astrologers are in a hurry to please future parents, because newborns will be distinguished by incredible luck and good luck all their lives. For this reason, they will be able to build their own destiny without shock.

In childhood, little "bunnies" are much more careful and thoughtful than their peers, they take their personal space very seriously, and not everyone can deserve their favor. They react sharply to injustice and often come to the defense of the weaker. At the same time, they are excellent interlocutors, even adults are interested in talking with them.

It cannot be ignored that a child born in 2023 will be very talented, and the main task of parents is to consider what he is drawn to and develop these abilities.

For a boy

Such kids from early childhood are serious about any task. They are very neat, they will not allow disorder in their room, and even help to restore order throughout the house - chaos has a bad effect on it. Perseverance and caution - this combination of qualities is striking at an early age. At the same time, the Rabbit is an incorrigible love of life and an optimist. Attacks of aggression are rare, but all those close to you will remember these outbreaks for a long time.

The following names will help to emphasize composure, purposefulness and accuracy:

    • Damir - "persistent" from Arabic;
    • Nikolaus - from the Greek "victor of peoples" or "beloved of the people";
    • Rodion - from the ancient Greek "hero";
    • Seraphim - "fiery" from Hebrew;
    • Timur - "steadfast", "iron" from Turkic;
    • Camille - "perfect" from Arabic.

    Any name should embody the purposefulness and wisdom of this watermark, then luck will always be on the side of the baby.

    For girls

    A girl born in the year of the Rabbit is easy to recognize in the children's team - educators adore such obedient babies. This favorite of parents has a high empathy, easily reads the mood of others and adapts to it. The main features of Rabbit girls are sociability, charm and charisma. Even though with herothers always want to be friends, she will not immediately entrust her secrets and experiences even to a close friend. The house is extremely important to her, she is constantly striving to improve her "mink", decorate it and make it cozy.

    The name for such a cutie should be harmonious:

    • Margarita - "pearl" from ancient Greek;
    • Daria - "gifted" from Slavic;
    • Adeline - "of noble birth";
    • Vita - "life" in Latin;
    • Inna - “strong water”, “turbulent stream” from Old German;
    • Amira - "blooming" from Arabic.

    All these names will strengthen the influence of the Black Water Rabbit and help the girl find a happy fate.

    Popular Names

    Every decade has its own trends in the field of names, and statistics speak eloquently about this. It is not necessary to assume that popular options are chosen by uninitiated parents, just at this moment the tastes of young people are formed under the influence of the same songs, films, historical events.

    Popular names for boys are:

    • Vitaly;
    • Omar;
    • Renat;
    • Imran
    • Artyom;
    • Salim;
    • Islam;
    • Boris;
    • Yaroslav;
    • Ethan;
    • Peter;
    • Samat;
    • Artyom;
    • Maxim;
    • Dmitry;
    • Matthew;
    • Nazar;
    • David etc.

    Among female names, the following have increased in popularity:

    • Eva;
    • Anna;
    • Sofia;
    • Victoria;
    • Daria;
    • Anastasia;
    • Maria;
    • Veronica;
    • Polina;
    • Solomiya;
    • Angelina;
    • Gold;
    • Barbara;
    • Alice;
    • Alexandra;
    • Milan;
    • Arina;
    • Darina;
    • Kira;
    • Diana;
    • Ekaterina.

    They have been the most featured on birth certificates over the past 4 years and this trend will continue for a few more years.


    Another trend that is gaining strength these days is to give beautiful names for boys and girls from Slavic culture, and this tradition is expected to strengthen in 2023.

    You can choose one of these female names:

    • Efrosinya;
    • Agafya;
    • Lubava;
    • Pelageya;
    • Lelya;
    • Joy;
    • Glad;
    • Beautiful;
    • Fun;
    • Love;
    • Maria;
    • Sophia;
    • Christina;
    • Olga;
    • Nastasya;
    • Barbara.

    Calling such a female name, one can hope that in the future strength and stamina will be given not only by the guardian angel, but also by the ancestors of the Slavic family.

    Male Slavic names are also at the peak of popularity:

    • Borislav;
    • Gleb;
    • Daren;
    • Acts;
    • Ivan;
    • Ivar;
    • Lyubomir;
    • Radim;
    • Svetozar;
    • Tender;
    • Yanislav;
    • Ruslav;
    • Baby.

    Some native Russian names have long been forgotten, so they are perceived as foreign.

    Calendar of names

    Another tradition is to give names to newborns according to the holy calendar. To select, you must refer to the calendar of names for 2023. The principle of its use is as follows:

    • choose a saint who is listed on the birthday;
    • choose a saint named on the eighth day after birth;
    • choose a saint whose day falls on the fortieth day after birth.

    The heavenly patron, in whose honor they give the name, will invisibly protect the child from adversity throughout life.

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