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Astrology has an effect on the fate of every person and society as a whole. The new age is associated with the presence of Saturn in Aquarius, and no one can argue with the fact that life has really changed. The change of positions in the starry sky occurred in December 2023 and will continue until May 2023. In order to understand what is happening and respond to it in the best way, it is necessary to become familiar with the transformations, their direction, take into account all the pros and cons of the period.

Key Features

Until the end of 2023, Saturn was in Capricorn. This position is considered basic for him, he is located in his house, so the tough action was slightly leveled. The influence of Saturn is always feared by astrologers, as the planet is considered the Lord of Karma. This means that under his rule, you will have to answer for all your actions.

At the same time, Aquarius is an idealist who allows you to put on illusory hopes in real form. It can cause strange transformations in behavior, but at the same time structures Saturn and puts it in a framework.

The main features that characterize the period of Saturn in Aquarius:

    • thirst for activity;
    • patience;
    • rational thinking;
    • fast karma.

    From March 2023, the transit of Saturn from Aquarius to Pisces begins. This is a cardinal transition from the rational and practical realm to the emotional life. Sensitivity, vulnerability and a lot of spiritual storms will capture every person, even the most phlegmatic.

    Difficulties of the period

    Astrologers call Saturn "great misfortune". With his arrival, the number of stresses and blows inexorably increases, which we were able to experience back in 2023. To somehow survive this period, you need to work very hard. This means not only ordinary work, but also work on oneself, efforts aimed at perceiving reality and oneself in new conditions.

    It is Aquarius who promotes inner growth, so he will increase the potential for personality transformations.

    At the very beginning of 2023, Saturn changes houses again, and all false notions about unity with virtual space will be destroyed. At this stage, most people will feel overwhelming loneliness, which will lead to depression or even depression. On the other hand, the buzz of other people's opinions will not interfere with listening to your true desires and inclinations.

    Another difficult moment that brought Saturn in Aquarius is the lack of stability. Tense decision-making will now be a daily necessity. Only those who are able to quickly adapt to changes will remain afloat.

    Positive moments

    Saturn serves as a symbol of the inner core and inexhaustible energy. That is why you need to be patient and keep moving forward even when it seemsthat there is no progress. Do not rely on advisers, wise people, guidance.

    Until 2023, all decisions will need to be made by yourself. This will strengthen responsibility, analytical skills and sharpen intuition. For those who find it difficult to work under constant supervision and under the guidance of mentors, this will be the perfect time.

    Aquarius will soften the situation a little and make sure that the close environment will give support at the right moment.

    Born in this period

    People born in this period have the following qualities:

    • creativity and creative approach to solving any problems;
    • perseverance in achieving goals;
    • fearless and cold mind;
    • excessive gullibility;
    • ambition;
    • hostility towards everything new and unusual.

    Those who were born under the sign of Aquarius during this period, fate favors. Despite all the troubles, these people achieve success and recognition.

    Zodiac Signs

    The transit and placement of Saturn in Aquarius will affect every sign of the Zodiac.


    Rejection of old projects should not be seen as a defeat. On their basis, new cases will arise, great opportunities will open up. It is important not to rely on friends or former business partners - you should rely only on your own strength.


    Great time to change status and soar up the career ladder. Saturn in Aquarius favors the industriousness of Taurus and will certainly bear fruit. The main thing is to abandon the unjustifiedrisk.


    Defining in this period will be the ability to set a clear goal. Despite the fact that until 2023 most people will travel less and move between countries, even long-distance travel will be easy for Gemini.


    Until 2023, Cancers are strictly forbidden to take loans. It is best to invest in your development. In a family plan, it is recommended to pay attention to children, because without parental control, something irreparable can happen.


    Saturn in Aquarius will bring new reliable partners to life for Lions and Lionesses. Despite the fact that old ties will be destroyed, responsible people will appear in the environment.


    To maintain he alth, you will have to apply strength. The internal reserves that were saved before will be depleted, they will need to be replenished, otherwise all activity will narrow down to treatment.


    Possible gifts that no one expected: a win, a large inheritance left from a distant relative, etc. If this happens, they will multiply and subsequently pass to the children.


    The period that will pass for Scorpions under the sign of family reunification. It can be parents with whom they called up too rarely, brothers and sisters, children. They have to build friendly relations with them, forget old grievances.


    Time pressure will become a major problem until the Aquarius-Pisces shift in 2023. The desire to be in time everywhere at the same time can lead to exhaustion, so you have to reasonably distributetheir strength.


    Despite the limited funds, there will be clear relief. It will seem that the burden that has prevented you from feeling good over the past years has disappeared. But this will require the inclusion of austerity mode.


    Farewell to the past will be painful. The desire to return to bygone connections, projects, undertakings can excite, but you need to resolutely slam the door and move on to a new stage.


    For Pisces, the time will come to master a new role - a leader, a leader, a coach, a mentor. In this capacity, it is difficult to adapt without innate self-discipline. But deep thoughts and knowledge will gather a whole group of followers around the representatives of this sign.

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