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Look forward to the upcoming summer - we will tell you what the calendar for July 2023 will be like, what official and religious holidays will be celebrated, as well as how many days off and working days the second month of summer will give us.

Production calendar

The production calendar for July 2023 contains an exact list of working hours and days off, taking into account the current requirements of the Law "On Labor", as well as the decree "On the transfer of days off to 2023".

Important! The basic version of the production calendar is designed for a 5-day 5 + 2 working week, with weekends falling on Saturday and Sunday.

So, in July 2023 there will be a total of 31 calendar days, of which:

    • workers - 21;
    • weekend - 10.

    Since there are no all-Russian holidays in July 2023 in the calendar, you will have to rest in the second month of summer only on weekends. There are no shortened working days either, all weekdays and working weeks of the month will be full.

    At the same time, the production calendar for July 2023 assumes the following working hours for the main work schedules:

    Hours per week40 36 24
    Hours per month

    The 2023 holiday postponement schedule, which should be approved by the end of autumn 2023, will not affect the July calendar. There will definitely not be more extra weekends in the middle of summer.

    Unofficial July holidays

    Although the official calendar for July 2023 is not rich in holidays, the unofficial one contains many important and memorable dates that are worthy of your attention:

    • 01.07.23 (Saturday) - entry of Buryatia into the composition;
    • 02.07.23 (Sunday) - Day of workers of the river and sea fleet, as well as World UFO Day and Sports Journalist Day;
    • 03.07.23 (Monday) - Traffic Police Day;
    • 06.07.23 (Thursday) - World Kissing Day;

    • 07.07.23 (Friday) - anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Chesme;
    • 08.07.23 (Saturday) - Day of family, love and fidelity;
    • 09.07.23 (Sunday) - Fisherman's Day, as well as Postal Workers' Day;
    • 10.07.23 (Monday) - anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Poltava;
    • 11.07.23 (Tuesday) - Light Operator's Day, as well as World Chocolate Day;
    • 12.07.23 (Wednesday) - World Civilian Flight Attendant Day;
    • 15.07.23 (Saturday) - International Jam Festival;
    • 16.07.23 (Sunday) - Metallurgist's Day;
    • 17.07.23 (Monday) - Naval Aviation Day;
    • 18.07.23 (Tuesday) - Fire Supervision Day;
    • 19.07.23 (Wednesday) - Day of jur. services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
    • 20.07.23(Thursday) - International Cake and Chess Feasts;
    • 22.07.23 (Saturday) - Trade Worker's Day;
    • 23.07.23 (Sunday) - World Dolphin Day and World Whale Day;
    • 24.07.23 (Monday) - Professional holiday of cadastral engineers;
    • 25.07.23 (Tuesday) - Day of the river police, as well as a professional holiday for employees of the investigating authorities;
    • 26.07.23 (Wednesday) - Skydiver's Day;
    • 28.07.23 (Wednesday) - Day of the Baptism of Russia, as well as professional holidays of the PR manager and system administrator;
    • 30.07.23 (Sunday) - IMF Day, as well as International Friendship Day.

    As you can see, the full calendar of holidays in July 2023 gives many reasons to meet with friends and relatives. In order not to miss an important event, we advise you to save yourself a list of important dates in July or bookmark this article.

    Orthodox calendar

    According to the Christian calendar, two big holidays are expected in July 2023:

    • 07.07.23 - Nativity of John the Baptist (John the Baptist);
    • 12.07.23 - Peter and Paul.

    Important! In the period from 06/12/23 to 07/11/23, the Orthodox will hold Peter's fast (Apostolic), preceding the feast of Peter and Paul.

    Among all the fasts of 2023, Petrov is considered one of the non-strict, because on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, believers are allowed to eat lean fish. Such relief is due to the fact that the apostle Peter himself was from a simple family of fishermen and is consideredthe patron saint of fishermen.

    Muslim calendar

    The Muslim calendar (Hijri) sets two big holidays for July 2023:

    • 19.07.23 - Muslim New Year;
    • 28.07.23 - Ashura (All Saints' Day)

    July 2023 Gregorian coincides with two Hijri months:

    • Zul Hijah - 12th month 1444;
    • Muharram - 1 month 1445.

    Important! Since all holidays in Islam begin to be celebrated after sunset, Muslims will actually celebrate the New Year on the night of July 18-19 according to the Gregorian calendar 2023.

    Because the Gregorian calendar is based on the solar cycle and the Hijri is based on the lunar cycle, the dates of the Islamic New Year do not coincide from year to year. So, in 2023, the holiday was celebrated on the night of July 29-30, and in 2024 it will be celebrated on the night of July 6-7.

    Lunar calendar

    The lunar calendar for July 2023 will be useful in a variety of areas:

    • gardeners;
    • hairdressers;
    • for astrologers…

    It will not be out of place to get acquainted with the phases of the Moon for July and August 2023 in the lunar calendar and for those who are planning important events in life - a change of job, family status, starting a joint business or investing.

    So, in July 2023, you should pay attention to the following dates:

    • 03.07.23 (Monday) - Full Moon;
    • 10.07.23 (Monday) - Third quarter;
    • 17.07.23 (Monday) - New Moon;
    • 26.07.23(Wednesday) - First quarter.

    The best period for any undertakings is considered to be the growth phase of the moon. In July, this is the period from 07/18/23 to 07/31/23. The luckiest days of the month are:

    • 05.07.23 (Wednesday) - waning moon in the sign of Aquarius;
    • 12.07.23 (Wednesday) - waning moon in the sign of Taurus;
    • 13.07.23 (Thursday) - waning moon in Gemini.

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