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The horoscope for 2023 for Dragons warns: this period will be difficult, you will have to work hard to get what you want. The rabbit is preparing several serious strength tests for the representatives of the sign, but do not despair - you will overcome everything with brilliance.

General characteristics

The dragon is one of the most capricious signs of the eastern horoscope. Representatives of the sign are proud, have talents, love to be in the spotlight. Dragons do not tolerate criticism, it hurts them very much and makes them doubt themselves.

People of this sign have the following traits:

    • artistry;
    • sociability;
    • love of freedom;
    • generosity;
    • perseverance;
    • energy;
    • hot;
    • irritability.

    Representatives of this sign love to be the center of attention. They are lucky, often cause admiration and envy of others. Outwardly, they give the impression of strong and self-confident people. They can easily win over any interlocutor, are generally good-natured and sociable. Stubbornly achieve their goals, but lose their temper if something does not go according to plan. Dragons, especially in their youth, are distinguished by ardor, they are irritable and prone to impulsive actions. FROMwith age, representatives of the sign become more restrained and wiser, take their words and actions more seriously, and perceive criticism more easily.

    What's in store for 2023

    The dragon is one of the luckiest signs of the eastern horoscope. Whatever they undertake, everything turns out for the best, as if luck plays along with them. However, in the year of the Rabbit, the usual luck will take a step back, so in the first three months it will seem that the whole world is up in arms against you. Do not despair and do not give up - this is just the Rabbit testing you for strength. By mid-May, this tense period will recede, and life will return to its usual track.

    Major tests await you in dealing with other people. You are used to being the center of attention, but this year you will have to put in more effort to get noticed. Astrologers predict competition in 2023. You may have to "fight" for a new position, as a promotion and a significant increase in income are expected at the end of the year.

    The problem area in 2023 will be personal life. You have to fight for the attention of the second half. Astrologers recommend shifting the focus from yourself to your partner in order to better understand what he lacks next to you.

    In general, the main task this year for you will be the fight against your own selfishness. Spoiled favorites of Lady Luck, in 2023 the Dragons must prove themselves, putting more effort and energy into this than usual. Despite the trials that have fallen to you, the year as a whole will turn out very well. In the struggle you will gain much more than just confirmationof his authority. The stars predict personal growth, a change in values, an increase in social status.

    What awaits the Dragon men?

    The horoscope for 2023 for the Dragon-man promises many important events. The beginning of the year will be marked by problems at work. Astrologers advise to be more restrained and carefully select words in communication with higher people. One careless word can lead to serious conflicts with superiors, which will negatively affect career growth.

    Top tips for men for 2023:

    • be more restrained;
    • don't give gossip;
    • fight selfish impulses;
    • develop professional skills;
    • beware of spontaneous large spending.

    The tense situation in your life will continue until June. During this period, conflict situations with colleagues, relatives and friends are possible. It is better to refrain from new acquaintances, since not all of them will be useful for you, and there is a chance to spend time on a person who will put spokes in the wheels in the future.

    In personal life, passions are expected to heat up in April and May. How this will manifest itself depends on your relationship with your soulmate. Couples who have been together not so long ago may not survive the trials and break up. Married men will need all the endurance so as not to provoke scandals and conflicts at home.

    Horoscope for women

    Astrologers advise Dragon Women to seriously engage in personal and professional growth at the beginning of the year. Period from February to Mayconducive to strengthening working relationships. You will be able to get close to colleagues, but do not stoop to gossip, otherwise your authority may be shaken.

    Spring energy will require an outlet, so you can not sit in one place. Creativity will be a great way out - so you can show your talents and express yourself.

    The horoscope for 2023 for the Dragon Woman warns of possible conflicts from May to July. This will be a stressful period when you feel dissatisfied with yourself and those around you. In order not to spoil the relationship, it is better to focus on yourself. This period is favorable for self-development, you will be able to discover new facets of your "I".

    Autumn will give you a chance to excel at work. Don't miss it as it will be the starting point for a career breakthrough.

    Be especially restrained and attentive with your relatives in the summer, as you can accidentally injure them with your temper and careless words.

    Love horoscope for 2023

    In love, the Rabbit prepared a serious test for the Dragons. All year you will have to train your patience and learn to manage your own temper and irritability. Lonely Dragons need to be very careful when choosing their words on a first date - and there will be quite a few of them this year. Due to the general tension, not all dates will end well, astrologers predict several major quarrels and conflicts. However, since the beginning of autumn, the tension will decrease, you will again feel in your element, so the chance of a fateful meeting increases many times over.

    Top advice for 2023 for those in a relationship: Be low key. This year it is better to show less initiative in order to give the partner an opportunity to open up. Your job is to be patient, listen more than talk. This will help strengthen relationships, find happiness and harmony. Otherwise, if you shift the focus of attention to yourself and cannot cope with internal impulses, there is a risk of breaking the relationship.

    Money horoscope for 2023

    Despite the general tension of the year, financial well-being will not be long in coming. For the first three months, it will seem to you that there is not enough money for anything, and you cannot afford the planned purchases. However, a sudden increase in income is predicted already in the summer, and the money will come from new sources. It is likely that you decide to monetize an old hobby, which will positively affect your financial situation.

    In autumn you can count on a salary increase and a large bonus. Feel free to invest free funds in business development - new beginnings for Dragons in 2023 will result in a multiple increase in profits.

    Career Horoscope for 2023

    The whole year will pass in conflicts with colleagues and the struggle for authority, but it is you who will emerge victorious as a result. Your efforts will be noticed, you can count on hanging in the summer or in the middle of autumn.

    You feel energized throughout the year. Astrologers recommend directing forces into the development of professional skills. As a result, you will be given a chance to declare yourself as aa professional that management will definitely notice.

    In addition, the year is favorable for starting a business. If you have been hatching plans and ideas for a long time, feel free to implement them, good luck in business accompanies you.

    He alth Horoscope

    Expected emotionally intense year. Although at the end of 2023 you will be satisfied with life and thank the Rabbit for all the trials, your mental he alth will require attention. Due to irascibility, irritability and internal tension, the load on the nervous system increases. Because of this, sleep problems, mood swings, and anxiety are possible. Timely rest, switching attention, sports and creativity will help to avoid this. Learn to meditate, master breathing exercises - this will help relieve stress in time.

    Famous Dragons

    The Year of the Dragon was born: Keanu Reeves, Vladimir Putin, Alexei Navalny, Nikolai Baskov, Shakira, Benedict Cumberbatch, Monica Bellucci, Sigmund Freud, Ryan Reynolds, Al Pacino, Mickey Rourke, Steven Seagal, Orlando Bloom, Rupert Grint .

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