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Every year, individual entrepreneurs and enterprises draw up a vacation schedule - a mandatory regulatory document that includes information on the duration and order of rest for each of the employees of the organization. To avoid errors in the timesheet and payroll in 2023, you should read and find out all the basic requirements and recommendations in advance.

Due dates

The Labor Code of the Russian Federation (Article 123) approved the deadlines for agreeing and adopting a vacation schedule at the enterprise for the next calendar year - at least 14 days before it occurs. It follows from this that for 2023 the document must be signed by the head of the organization no later than December 17, 2023. Since this is a Saturday according to the calendar, the deadlines may be postponed, which will be announced additionally closer to the date of approval.

For violation of the terms of approval of the Code of Administrative Offenses, Article 5.27 establishes the following pen alties:

    • official - 1000-5000 rubles or a warning;
    • IP - 1000-5000 rubles;
    • legal entity - 35,000-50,000 rubles.

    Compilation order

    Step by step instructions for forming:

    1. Survey and consideration of wishesemployee about the planned vacation dates, the possibility of dividing the vacation into parts. It is important to understand that its duration and time must be optimal in relation to the production process of the entire enterprise.
    2. Transmission of data to the HR department and processing by the responsible person. If the organization has several directions, it is advisable to draw up a consolidated (single) schedule.
    3. Filling out the approved form.
    4. Mandatory coordination of the list with the trade union (when it functions at the enterprise).
    5. Supervisor approval stage.
    6. Familiarization of all employees with the text of the rest schedule.

    Notice about the time of the start of the vacation, the employee of the organization must receive a signature no later than 14 days before its occurrence. Accrued vacation pay is paid no later than 3 days before the start.

    Taking into account the interests of certain categories

    Article 123 of the Labor Code provides for a list of persons who have the right to choose dates as they wish:

    1. Employed minors under 18.
    2. Women before or after maternity leave.
    3. Men, during the period when the wife is on maternity leave.
    4. With the status of combat veterans, Heroes of the USSR, war invalids.
    5. Other preferential categories according to the full list of Art. 123.

    In practice, it is almost impossible to take into account all the wishes of the employees of the enterprise, since most of them plan to rest in the summer. In order not to disturb the production process, manyemployers offer the option of partial rest. That is, part of the rest in the summer, the rest - at another convenient time. The main thing is that one of the parts is at least 14 days. Also, some firms, depending on the production process and workload, practice simultaneous vacations for the majority or the entire team for a certain period of time.


    There are no strict requirements for the form of the schedule by law. However, most companies take the previously used T-7 format as a basis. For convenience, information is entered in a table.

    Main elements:

    1. Information about the employer - full name, details, full name of the director.
    2. Opinion-mark of the elected trade union committee.
    3. Data on document name, number and date of approval.
    4. Departments and all structural divisions.
    5. Employee information - full name, personnel number and position according to the staffing table.
    6. Full details - how much is planned, duration, possible transfers and based on what.
    7. Notes.
    8. The schedule is signed by the head of the personnel department, approved by the head of the enterprise.

    Possible violations

    In order to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings in the company, the persons responsible for scheduling must ensure that the coordination, data and changes are correct. Common violations include:

    1. Incomplete list of employees. The list must include all employees of the enterprise in accordance withstaffing, as well as part-time employees and women whose maternity leave will end next year.
    2. No information on duration of unpaid leave, study time, childcare, maternity.
    3. There is no agreement with the trade union committee if such an organization operates at the enterprise.
    4. No change when it occurs.
    5. Later approval date than required by TC.
    6. The column shows only the month of provision without exact dates.
    7. Incorrect division of rest days into parts.
    8. The absence of the fact that employees familiarized themselves with the text of the schedule under the signature.
    9. The employer does not monitor the execution of the document.
    10. There is no information on additional holidays in the list.
    11. Inaccurate, illegible and hard to read spellings and abbreviations.
    12. Transfer the date without displaying in the chart.

    Fulfillment of the local regulatory document is mandatory for the employer and employee. For violation of its requirements, the enterprise faces administrative liability, the employee - disciplinary action.

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