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During the long Christmas holidays, many people take vacations to rest longer on New Year's holidays. But at the same time, you need to know how best to fill out an application so as not to lose money when paying vacation pay. This article will discuss what to do if the vacation falls on the New Year holidays of 2023.

What days do not count

January is the month that raises the most questions when planning and booking a vacation, because it begins with the New Year holidays. They apply to anyone who works a shift or five-day schedule.

According to the production calendar, the official holidays in addition to the standard Saturdays and Sundays are:

    • 1-6 and 8 January - Christmas holidays;
    • 7 - the feast of the Nativity of Christ.

    The Labor Code says that these days do not need to be included in the calculation when applying for a vacation. This principle is followed both when registering the main vacation, and additional. January 1 - a holiday - falls on Sunday in 2023, and January 8 - the end of the New Year holidays - is also on Sunday. Additional rest days may be needed fortrips to warmer climes or to spend the New Year holidays with relatives in other cities.

    How not to lose money

    The most important question for all the people who have holidays for the New Year holidays is whether it is profitable. To understand, you need to consider a few facts.

    For calculating vacation pay, average earnings are taken into account. If an employee takes a vacation from January 1, 2023, then the average earnings for the entire previous year 2023 are taken into account.

    At the same time, you need to understand that the salary for a working day in a month differs from the vacation amount, this is not the same thing. According to the calculation of wages for the day worked, the most profitable months are those when there are few working days. The first month of the year is the most beneficial from this point of view, because in 2023 there will be only 17 trips to work on a five-day schedule. And those who go on vacation this month will lose a lot on the difference between salary and vacation pay. From this point of view, January is the most unprofitable month for relaxing, because the employer will pay more for each January shift or hours worked than in any other month.

    By the way, if you are interested in learning how to schedule vacations in 2023, you can also do it on this site.

    Specialists of the Chief Accountant System advise: in order to minimize losses, if the vacation falls on the New Year holidays of 2023, the application must be drawn up in such a way that, in addition to the New Year holidays, it also includes weekends. For example, from December 31 to January 22. In this case, you will be paidmore. But at the same time, the vacation will be used up earlier. Therefore, before filling out an application, you should determine for yourself what is more important: money or rest.

    Design options

    One of the key points is the wording in the employee's statement. There are two options:

    • With start and end dates. In this case, the application will say (for example): “I ask you to grant me leave from January 1 to January 10, 2023.” Since the Christmas holidays continue from the 1st to the 8th, they are not included in the calculation. Thus, vacation pay will be only 2 - 9 and 10 January, and they will be paid according to average earnings. For the rest of the rest time, the employee will receive nothing. You will need to go to work on the 11th, on Wednesday.
    • Indicating the number of days. In this case, the wording will be different (for example): "I ask you to provide a vacation from January 1 for 15 days." In this case, you need to go to work on Wednesday 24, since vacation pay will begin immediately after the Christmas holidays. If it says: “I ask you to provide leave from 9 to 23”, this is almost the same.

    If it’s difficult to figure out the wording on your own, then you can ask the personnel department for advice on how it is more profitable to write a statement.


    There is one more important addition. An employee must receive vacation pay at least 3 days before the vacation. But if the first day is indicated in the application from the 4th to the 8th, then it will not be possible to observe the three-day interval, since everyone will rest. Solving this problem is not difficult: money must be transferred or paid out before 31December inclusive, otherwise the company may get into big trouble during the audit, which turns out an unpleasant fact. Payment must occur in advance, and it does not matter how it happens: to a bank card or at the checkout. Thus, by the New Year holidays, a person will already be paid, and the organization will protect itself from problems.


    If an employee decides that he can’t go on vacation in the first month, and these dates are already in the plan for the year, you can arrange to transfer the vacation to another time. Then a new application is written. There are categories that cannot but sign this document, for example, after a sick leave during a vacation or for pregnant women about to go on maternity leave. The rest are given the go-ahead only if the production need does not require the presence of a specialist at the workplace.

    After a positive resolution and receipt of a signature on the application, an order is issued to postpone the deadlines.

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