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Those who sometimes like to look into the future are advised not to miss Epiphany. On this day, as they say, you can recognize all the events of the coming year, if you are careful. If you want - believe, if you don't want - check.

Everyone who does not believe in omens is even recommended to make observations one day and write down everything they see. See for yourself how informative Baptism is in terms of predicting the future.

But the signs themselves:

  • Signs on weather phenomena
  • Personal signs
  • Modern superstitions
  • Do's and Don'ts on this day

Epiphany weather signs

  • If it snows in the morning, it means that the year will be rich. It concerns not only the harvest, but also other types of profit, if you saw this phenomenon with your own eyes.
  • When the wind and frost - store good, there will be no harvest. This also applies to all types of earnings, if you have such an observation.
  • If there is a thaw (which is extremely rare), you know there will be problems in society. They say that before such terrible events as war or revolution, Epiphany was especially warm.
  • Spring flood will tell you a clear month on Epiphanynight.
  • According to signs, snow falling in fluffy flakes indicates that the earth will be generous in harvest.
  • There are a lot of stars in the sky, it is clear and deep, you can plan trips for berries and mushrooms, there will be a lot of them.
  • We came to the ice-hole with Epiphany water, and fish are splashing there, which means that beekeepers will be lucky this year.
  • If January 19 turned out to be sunny, you need to prepare for a hot summer.
  • Seeing a shooting star is a happy occasion that can change your life.

Personal Epiphany Signs

  • Those people who met during the Epiphany holidays should be friends all their lives. The Lord blesses such relationships.
  • If you get into a snowstorm on this day, expect huge prosperity and money.
  • A sign for girls. If a girl had to wash all the dishes after a gala dinner, then she should marry this year. Soon the groom will come to the threshold.

From modern signs

  • During the walk met a man with a bouquet - be happy this year.
  • If you saw a man in red on the street - fall in love to the point of insanity!
  • When a passer-by wearing black clothes came out to meet you, try not to start new novels. You will meet exceptionally cunning and deceitful people (in any case, your attention will not be concentrated on others this year).
  • To break a plate on this day - for the wedding (your own or with friends). If a cup fell from your hands - this is a sign of newprospects.
  • If you cut your finger on this day: on the left hand - to illness, on the right - a new place of work (study).
  • If you happen to survive a burn on this day, then you should know that you will have to move to another city. If the burn turned out on the upper body (up to the waist - of one's own free will, if on the lower - under duress).
  • Stuck in the elevator on January 19 - to a stagnation in business, if you were going up. And - to an unexpected turn, if the elevator went down.
  • Be late for public transport - you will get the chance that you have been dreaming about for a very long time. But whether you use it or not is up to you.

Do you believe in folk omens?

    • Yes, I believe and constantly make sure that they do not lie.
    • No, I don't believe it.
    • Sometimes I listen to them, more for interest.

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    Do's and Don'ts for Baptism

    Basically, the bans on January 19 are connected with the energy or the holiness of the surrounding space. It is up to people to cherish it, respecting the unusual state of the universe. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to swear and quarrel. Yes, and bad thoughts should be driven out of the head with a "filthy broom." Any negativity kills the purity of the surrounding space, violates harmony. And this is a great sin.

    It is not yet recommended to dilute the water consecrated in the Temple. The clergy say that it is also bad to store Epiphany water in large quantities. From popular beliefs it is known that before the holiday it is forbidden to take out anything fromhome, lend. This leads the family to poverty in the current year. And, of course, on this day it is forbidden to do laundry. After all, water is holy. By polluting it, one commits sacrilege.

    What can and should be done:

    • swimming in open water;
    • to observe the fast, to whom he alth allows;
    • stock up on holy water (not much);
    • sprinkle the whole house with it to drive out evil spirits;
    • hang crosses over the door and windows, it drives away evil forces;
    • attend a service at the Temple.

    Maidens and widows were recommended in the morning, as the heavens open, to wash themselves with the snow that fell that day. And the most impatient, not satisfied with this, rubbed the whole body with ice grains. People believed that such a rite pushed the female sex to marriage, gave beauty, he alth and fertility.

    They also say that if the hostess begins to count the tablecloths, then she will have many good guests this year. But, the last sign is performed at will. Don't like to welcome friends, don't make tablecloths!

    To avoid illnesses and he alth all year round, you need to plunge into the hole with your head on this day three times. Each time read "Our Father", then dive. But this is done not in a bathing suit, as is now customary, but in a shirt. After it should be dried (without washing) and stored. As the state of he alth begins to fail, they put on that shirt. She restored the good state of mind and body.

    There are also special rituals for well-being and money. The easiest is to welcome people all day, smile,treat, say nice things. The more joy those around you receive from you, the happier the year will be. And, of course, do not forget to pray to your Angel for prosperity.

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