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The first month of the year January can tell a lot to an observant person. And if you still have the information that your ancestors painstakingly collected, then you can usefully adjust your plans, achieving success.

Signs of January 2023 by numbers

1 - If the sky is clear at night, then prepare the baskets for the summer. There will be many berries. The first day of the year will tell you what the beginning of summer will be like.

6 - This is the day of peasant signs. If the sky is clear above your head - the harvest will be rich, the paths will shine black - it is profitable to sow buckwheat. The stars poured into the sky - cattle will give birth.

7 - Well, if there is a lot of snow collected by huge snowdrifts - the year will be plentiful and rich. And if it starts to melt, spring will come very soon, it will certainly be warm.

8 - Celebrated Porridge Day. Be sure to invite guests and go yourself. We talked, we made plans.

12 - We visited guests again. Mushrooms and pickles must be a treat. May nature be generous this year.

13 - Generosity. We went to the garden at midnight. Snow was shaken off the branches of apple trees so that there would be a harvest. We looked from where the wind blows: from the south - to a hot year, yesfavorable circumstances, from the west - a lot of fish will be in the reservoirs, from the east - a harvest of fruits, from the north - the earth will not give birth.

14 - Vasily. If at night the stars illuminate the sky, there will be many berries. If a blizzard howls, nuts will give birth. If foggy - be a fruitful year. The girls made a wish. Everything certainly came true!

15 - Sylvester. The chicken coop was worked on that day. It was fumigated with resin. They also found and hung a chicken god - a holey stone. It was believed that it protects from evil spirits.

16 - Proud day. If you brag and brag, then everyone will be taken away. It was believed that one should not put one's goodness on display, otherwise they would jinx it.

17 - Zosima. We looked at the trees in the forest. If the snow bent the branches to the ground, then the bees will bring a lot of honey.

18 - Divination and divination ended on this day. Yes, at midnight it was necessary to go and save Epiphany water.

19 - Baptism. We looked into the hole. If it is full of water - there will be a big spill. If the fog - the year will be rich. Also means frost.

20 - John the Baptist. Efforts began to create new families. Matchmakers were sent, weddings were being prepared. They often gathered together, preparing a treat (meat).

21 - Emelyan. If on this day the wind is south, there will be thunderstorms all summer.

22 - Philip. They invited godfathers to visit. They need to be treated and welcomed in order to be with friends all year round. Godfathers were supposed to come with a gift.

23 - Gregory. If frost covered the haystacks, then it will rain in the summer. Wind from the south - there will be thunderstorms all summer. If it's cloudythen dry summer will come.

24 - Fedosy-Vesnyak. If warming, then spring will come very soon.

25 - Tatyana. If the sun is shining, the birds will arrive early. If it snows, the summer will be very rainy.

26 - Irinarch. If the cat hides its nose, the frost will remain for a long time. Also, if tree branches crackle in the forest.

27 - Nina. If snow falls from the sky, it will soon be warm. If the frost has fallen, there will be even more cold.

28 - Pavel. The wind blows, so it will be damp all year round. If at night the sky is rich with stars, flax will spoil.

30 - Anton. If it gets warmer that day, then this is a hoax. Soon it will start to swirl again.

31 - Athanasius. This day was important for the brides. If the matchmakers have not visited them yet, then they are not waiting this year.

That's the whole list of folk signs of January! Use on he alth!

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