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Get ready to celebrate the New Year 2023 and want to know which animal will patronize people according to the Eastern calendar in the next 12 months? We will tell you what is interesting about the totem of the coming year, what character traits it has and what effect it has on the fate of people.

Important! In 2023, the Black Water Rabbit (Cat) will be the patron of humanity.

New Year according to the Eastern calendar

Not everyone has a New Year on January 1st. So, in China, this holiday does not have a fixed date. According to the Eastern calendar, the New Year comes with the second new moon after the winter solstice. Therefore, the date can vary from January 21 to February 20.

Important! According to this rule, China will celebrate the holiday on January 22, 2023. The Water Rabbit's annual cycle of dominance will end on February 9, 2024.

The Eastern horoscope is represented by 12 totem animals that replace each other in a certain order. So the Rabbit will replace the Tiger, and in 2024 will give way to the Dragon.

Patron Features

The coming year 2023 is already unusual in that it is the only owner of the "double patron" - the Cat and the Hare(A rabbit). At the same time, both options will be correct according to the eastern calendar, because in China 2023 is considered the year of the Rabbit, and in Vietnam - the Cat.

But don't worry if you can't decide which animal year to meet in 2023, because the characteristics of the Cat and the Rabbit are largely identical:

    • these representatives of the animal world are gentle and fluffy, causing affection;
    • both of them are incredibly frisky, if necessary, quickly changing direction;
    • despite their small size and cuteness, they have sharp claws that can cause serious damage to the ill-wisher.

    Color and element

    In the eastern calendar, not only the totem itself matters, but also its element. So, for 12 zodiac animals, 5 elements are defined, each of which has its own color (or several colors). That is why two consecutive years of the Rabbit are not at all similar to each other.

    For more details about the elements, shades and features of Cats (Hares), see the table:

    Element wooden earthy fiery metal merman
    greencheerful, energetic
    yellowpurposeful, careerist
    scarletsmart, insightful
    gold or whitekind, sociable
    black or blue
    soft, flexible

    The Year of the Black Water Hare comes to us only once every 60 years, and the next one will come only in 2083.

    Character of people born in the year of the Cat (Hare, Rabbit)

    Among the positive character traits that the Hare (Cat) endows with the elements of water, it is worth noting:

    • calm nature;
    • not conflict;
    • the ability to wrap around sharp moments in communication;
    • ability to adjust and easily adapt to any situation;
    • willingness to help those in need.

    Among the negative manifestations of the character of the Black Rabbit, there are:

    • cowardice, indecision;
    • self-doubt;
    • Easy to influence.

    Cat and Rabbit are great friends. They are good in love and easy to communicate, create strong families, appreciate comfort and family coziness. As a rule, these people are elegant and sophisticated, which attracts the attention of others. Among rabbits, there are many successful creatives.

    Rabbit men are fighters for life. They are strict with themselves and disciplined, follow the established rhythm of life, therefore they feel great doing routine monotonous work.

    Rabbit women - dreamers and dreamers. They pay a lot of attention to their appearance and like to make far-reaching plans. It’s just that family life is difficult for them and often, for all their external attractiveness, they are lonely.

    In love, representatives of this sign are tender,attentive, romantic, but at the same time very vulnerable and touchy. Quarrels and breakups are very difficult. To understand whether it is worth starting a new relationship in 2023, those born in the year of the Cat (Hare) should find out which year of the animal according to the horoscope corresponds to the date of birth of a potential partner.

    Ideal partners for the Rabbit will be:

    • Rat;
    • Goat;
    • Monkey;
    • Dog;
    • Pig (Boar).

    But the Snake and the Rooster are bad partners for the Rabbit. It is better not to enter into relations with these signs initially, since quarrels, difficulties and misunderstandings are inevitable, which with a high degree of probability will end in a break.

    What to expect from 2023?

    Before talking about what 2023 will be like, it is worth remembering the main events of the year 1963 (the previous year of the Black Rabbit), namely:

    • flight of the first female astronaut into space;
    • Sensational Beatles performance in London;
    • creating the hydrogen bomb;
    • JFK assassination.

    But do not worry, because astrologers believe that the coming year will be more calm and peaceful, because it will be held under the auspices of Venus. Moreover, the stars promise an end to military conflicts, which will be the result of successful negotiations between the heads of warring states. New epidemics are also not expected in the near future, and the fight against coronavirus will be quite successful.

    Now you know that meeting 2023 you can focus on the tastes of the Cat, Hare orA rabbit. We can only hope that the new patron will be more benevolent to humanity than his predecessors.

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