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Sandwiches are a win-win option for any holiday. This is an easy-to-prepare dish that can be quickly and beautifully decorated. It helps out great as an appetizer if a large company is invited, but at the same time, children like it. There are several options for canape recipes that can be prepared for the New Year 2023 to diversify the holiday table.

Seven Layers Canape

Smoked or s alted fish is the perfect snack for strong drinks. Often it is simply cut into small pieces, but it is more interesting to serve it for the New Year 2023 as part of a canapé. This will please everyone and will make the New Year's menu varied.

Recipe ingredients are for 8 servings.

Things to take:

    • French loaf - 1 pc;
    • butter - 20 g;
    • hard cheese to choose from - Cheddar, Parmesan, Gouda, Edam, Conte, Tete De Moine, Edamer, Maasdam, Maasdamer - 80 g;
    • grained red caviar - 20g;
    • salmon - 20 g.

    You can combine 10 g of red and 10 g of black caviar. This will make the canapes more expensive, but much brighter and more beautiful. In the recipe, you can use not only salmon. Keta, trout or salmon will “sound” well in this dish. They arecan be lightly s alted or smoked.

    How to cook:

    1. Prepare a loaf. If desired, you can make thin croutons in a dry frying pan or with oil. Some prefer to make them curly. To do this, you can use molds or cut out the shape with a knife.

    1. Spread a little softened butter on a loaf.

    1. Cut the cheese to the size of slices of bread or grate on a fine grater and sprinkle, lightly tamping.

    1. Put 7 layers on a wooden or metal skewer in turn, leaving no free space between them. If desired, the number of layers can be changed.

    1. Spread caviar on top of the canape. You can decorate with chopped herbs.

    Pancake Canape

    An option that works as a hearty snack, not just a snack. In addition, these canapes look very appetizing, so they are perfect for the festive table for the New Year 2023.

    Things to take:

    • cream cheese - 400g;
    • lightly s alted salmon - 400 g;
    • black or green pitted olives - 100g;
    • thin pancakes - 10 pcs

    Instead of cream cheese, fat cottage cheese whipped in a blender along with s alt and spices to taste is perfect. Instead of the salmon indicated in the recipe, sometimes they take lightly s alted herring, and this optionslightly inferior to the classic.

    How to cook:

    1. Make pancakes. The main requirement is that they should not be very sweet, but as thin as possible.

    1. The pancake is topped with cheese and a long piece of salmon. Cheese is conveniently squeezed out of a pastry bag or syringe.

    1. The pancake is rolled up. This should be done tightly so that there are no voids left, otherwise the contents will fall out.
    2. After all the pancakes are wrapped, they are put on a plate and sent to the refrigerator for 1-2 hours. There the cheese hardens, after which the canapes will keep their shape better and will not fall apart.

    1. Take the blanks out of the refrigerator and cut them into small pieces with a sharp knife.

    You can decorate the top with red or black caviar.

    Sometimes the recipe is supplemented with a piece of avocado or cucumber. This makes the dish brighter and spicier.

    Shrimp canape

    An interesting option for the New Year 2023 - shrimp canape on skewers. The dish is unusual, tasty and eye-catching. In addition, the topic of seafood on the festive table is becoming more and more relevant.

    What to take:

    • medium or large shrimp - 800g;
    • olive oil - glass;
    • light filtered beer - 0.4 l;
    • lemon or lime - 1 piece;
    • garlic - 5 cloves;
    • hard cheese - 300 g;
    • black or green olives - 1 can;
    • s alt, pepper, ground rosemary, oregano - to taste.

    Instead of olive oil, you can take another vegetable oil, but experts believe that this option will be best combined with shrimp. Sometimes housewives replace these seafood with mussels or scallops, which also turns out delicious, but makes the dish more expensive. But the preparation is reduced to a minimum, since there is no stage of cleaning from the shells.

    How to cook:

    1. Preparation: boil or defrost shrimp, tear off heads and remove shells.

    1. Preparing a special marinade. To do this, mix light beer, lime or lemon juice, garlic juice and spices. In this marinade, you need to let the semi-finished product brew - the longer, the tastier the dish will turn out. You can do with spices at your discretion: add them to the marinade so that they soak the workpiece, or sprinkle them on an already prepared dish. It all comes down to personal preference.

    1. Prepared seafood is fried in a pan in olive oil. Another option is to cook them on the grill: this way the dish will be even more tender, tastier and he althier. Do not fry them for a long time, because the meat will become tough. Heat treatment for 3-4 minutes is sufficient.

    1. After the shrimp have cooled down a little, they are carefully strung on skewers. Large ones are fixed in two places: at the top andtail. An olive can be placed between the top and bottom. Those that are smaller can simply be strung in the center, and the olive placed under them. Then the cheese is cut into cubes and fixed at the very bottom. Due to this, the canape will stand firmly in an upright position.

    Such an appetizer is ideal not only for strong drinks, but also for wine or champagne.

    Video: 7 delicious canapés

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