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The New Year and other winter holidays are approaching, which means it's time to think about what your New Year's makeup will be like in 2023. We will tell you which makeup trends you should take into account, as well as show interesting evening makeup ideas from leading stylists in the photo.

Winter 2022-2023 trends

The evening make-up of the coming winter is multifaceted, which gives fashionistas the opportunity to choose among the current trends an interesting idea to create a spectacular look. We will tell you what winter 2023 makeup can be like and demonstrate fashionable makeup trends in high-quality photos.

Fresh and natural

Naturality is one of the main trends that have not left the TOP for several seasons. But do not think that “makeup without makeup” is easy. Any makeup artist will tell you how hard it takes for specialists to create such a popular glow effect in combination with a natural shade, while hiding all the existing skin imperfections.

Nude makeup for 2023 is a great choice for fashionistas who want to look gentle, sophisticated, romantic and elegant at the same time. Aged in beige or cream shades, such a make-up will favorably emphasize the owners of blond, blond or brown hair.

Smoky Ice

An incredibly popular eye makeup option that creates a smooth transition from a rich black or brown shade to a soft smoky. Although this trend is not new, this New Year's makeup promises to be the most popular in the fall-winter 2022-2023 season.

Although the classic smoky eyes makeup is done in black and gray, this effect can be realized in the most incredible color variations, complementing gray with rich shades for a brighter bow, or generally limiting itself to soft transitions of pink or blue. How fashionable New Year's "smoky" eye makeup may look in 2023, look at the photo.

Shine of gold

The perfect complement to a gold or brown New Year's dress would be a luxurious shimmery makeup, made in a shade of gold.

Of course, it is absolutely not necessary to make such a spectacular and attention-grabbing make-up as in the photo. New Year's golden makeup in 2023 can be more delicate, sophisticated, mysterious.

Bright lips

Juicy and bright shades of lipstick have always been relevant for evening makeup. In 2023, for the New Year, fashionistas will also choose makeup that draws attention to the beautiful outlines of the lips.

In the upcoming season, deep, thick shades will be in trend:

    • romantic scarlet;
    • passionate red;
    • noble Bordeaux;
    • mysterious plum.

    Focus on the lower eyelid

    Accent color makeup will help draw attention to the eyes and emphasize their natural shade. This technique will help to effectively hide the signs of fatigue and make the eyes visually larger.

    Most often, bright shades are used for eyeliner, but options with an accent point or shading in the “smoky” style look no less impressive.

    Fashion arrows

    In the coming autumn-winter season, arrows that are well known to everyone will be a popular accent for eye makeup. Big and small, contrasting or blending into shadows, classic or fantasy.

    New Year's makeup options with bright arrows of saturated shades look very unusual and festive - such a bow will definitely not be left without attention in 2023.

    How to make fashionable makeup with arrows in golden tones, watch the video:

    Extravagant Ideas

    New Year is a time of fairy tales, costume parties and the most incredible images that you cannot try on in everyday life. For the holidays of 2023, we suggest trying fashionable makeup with painted eyelids, as in the photo.

    You can depict:

    • Christmas garlands;
    • christmas toys;
    • symbol of the year -Blue Rabbit;
    • snowflakes and more

    Creative asymmetric makeup will look no less bright and unusual, during which the master applies shadows of different shades on different eyelids. A fresh and bold solution for self-confident and attractive fashionistas who are open to experimentation.

    Today, no one can be surprised by eyelash extensions. And what if it will be the cilia of the Snow Queen herself, or shimmering in different shades, like wings of multi-colored butterflies or feathers of birds of paradise.

    Another interesting, though not new, idea for 2023 is New Year's makeup with rhinestones. Brilliant elements of various shapes, sizes and colors can be used both in eye make-up and to create an exclusive pattern in the winter theme.

    As you can see, New Year's makeup in 2023 can be very different - gentle or defiant, soft or contrasting, sophisticated or extravagant. We hope that among the many trends of the upcoming season you have found your original idea for a festive make-up. We also offer you to look at the video a selection of tips for choosing makeup for the New Year 2023.

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