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On September 1, 2023, the new school education standards set out in the GEF come into force. Pupils in grades 1 and 5 will start studying according to the updated standards, so there will be changes in the schedule and the educational process in the 2022-2023 academic year. In other classes, the transition to the new version of the Federal State Educational Standard will be carried out only with the consent of the parents.

FSES: what includes

The new version of the Federal State Educational Standards (FSES) provides a more precise formulation of the requirements for all subjects of the program, it is specifically stipulated what the student should master and what the student should master. Great importance is attached to the application of acquired knowledge in practice.

Good points:

    • the education system will be more transparent;
    • each parent can read the document;
    • unity of content makes it possible to improve the quality of education;
    • detailed and concretized personal results, the achievement of which is aimed at solving the problems of education;
    • the ways of implementing the educational program were discussed;
    • much attention is paid to patriotic education.

    About the second foreign language it is said that those students, parentswho will agree to this. And, what is important, if the organization has the conditions for this. In addition to English, you can study German, French, Spanish and Chinese.

    According to the new standards, starting from the elementary grades, they will begin to study financial literacy. A new subject will not appear - training will be held within the framework of such disciplines, for example, as "Mathematics", "Social Science", "Computer Science", "Geography" and others.

    According to the new provisions, it is possible to update programs of a humanitarian, scientific and technical orientation, to expand the horizons of schoolchildren about a he althy lifestyle, the environmental situation. Programs should be aimed at obtaining the most relevant knowledge that will be applied in life.

    Required subjects for Grade 5

    The curriculum contains federal, national-regional and school-level components. Each high school grade has its own list of required subjects.

    What fifth graders will be doing without fail in 2022-2023:

    • in Russian;
    • math;
    • literature;
    • foreign language;
    • introduction to history;
    • natural history;
    • music and art;
    • labor training;
    • exercise;
    • BJD.

    All these subjects are allocated 75% of the time allotted for the educational process, or 840 hours per year, excluding the duration of the school week. Of these, 5 hours are allotted weeklyRussian language and mathematics, 3 hours each for literature and a foreign language, 2 hours each for history and technology. Physical education, depending on the schedule, will be done 2 or 3 times a week. For all other subjects, an hour has been allocated.

    Additional Items

    In addition to the compulsory disciplines are provided that will not be included in the program of all educational institutions. These include lessons in the native and second foreign languages, native literature. The introduction of additional disciplines is due to territorial affiliation, the desires of parents.

    The training course can be supplemented with lessons:

    • civics;
    • social studies;
    • natural science;
    • ecology;
    • ethics and fundamentals of religious cultures;
    • ODNKNR (Fundamentals of Spiritual and Moral Cultures of Peoples).

    Additional subjects should not take more than 20% of the study time. With a 5-day week this is 175 hours, with a 6-day week it is 280 hours.

    About extracurricular activities

    To take up free time, to form a desire to do something new, interesting, thematic circles and sports sections are organized in schools. You can visit them both at your school and at any other. In addition, class hours are held weekly in the classes, where they discuss the problems that have arisen, issues related to the life of the school, city, country.

    The development of the curriculum, as a rule, ends before August 20, so parents can inquire about the workload in advance, find out in detail what subjects will bestudy in grade 5 in 2022-2023.

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