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Ahead of the new school year, we propose to look into the details of what the vacation calendar for 2022-2023 will be like in Ukrainian schools and how the dates of vacation periods and the end of the school year may vary according to the new rules.

Who sets the dates

The work of educational institutions in Ukraine is regulated by the MES (Ministry of Education and Science). Every year, even before the start of the academic year, the MES publishes a document containing the recommended structure of the academic year. But, schools are en titled to establish their own (other than the recommended) work schedule, taking into account the peculiarities of the organization of the educational process.

You can find out what the work schedule will be at any particular school on the official website of the educational institution. In this article, we will focus specifically on the dates of the vacation periods recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science.

School year structure

The structure of the academic year, which is most often called the “holiday calendar” in Ukraine, involves at least 4 rest periods, and no major changes are expected in 2022-2023.

In Ukrainian schools you can find the following learning systems:

    • semester;
    • trimester.

    Semester (mostcommon)

    Divides the year into 2 accounting periods - 1st and 2nd semesters, each of which consists of 2 study blocks separated by holidays.

    Out of habit, many people call this system a quarter, but the concept of a quarter does not appear in official documents, and in magazines students are given only thematic and semester grades (there are no quarters).

    Unlike a similar system functioning in schools, the academic year in Ukraine has a number of features:

    1. The duration of the academic year is 35 academic weeks (excluding vacation time).
    2. Winter holidays in Ukrainian schools start on December 25, as Catholic Christmas is celebrated on this day in many regions of the country.
    3. There are no mandatory February holidays for first graders, but some schools introduce them if they approve their own work schedule.
    4. Consolidation of material is prohibited, so schoolchildren will not go on summer holidays on one day, for many the last bell will ring only in June.
    5. The dates of autumn and spring break can be called indicative, even if they are officially listed on the school website, as these periods are often shifted due to weather conditions or the epidemiological situation.

    For the semester system in Ukraine, the vacation calendar in 2022-2023 will be as follows:

    Periods Autumn Winter Spring Summer
    24.10.22 - 30.10.22
    25.12.22 - 08.01.23
    17.03.23 - 02.04.23
    individually, but not before 05/25/23

    Whether Ukraine will go on autumn holidays on time in 2022-2023 depends on the epidemiological situation in the regions and climatic features. If the autumn is warm, many schools will have holidays in the first half of November. This decision is conceivably due to the fact that the heating season in many regions begins on November 15.


    The trimester system is almost never found in secondary schools in Ukraine. Such a work schedule is usually set by lyceums and colleges.

    In fact, the system of trimesters in Ukraine is similar to that adopted in schools. The academic year in this case is divided into 3 accounting periods (1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters), each of which consists of 2 modules. Educational institutions of Ukraine working on the system of trimesters are recommended such dates for vacation periods.

    Periods 1st Autumn 2nd Autumn Christmas February Spring Summer
    03.10.22 - 09.10.22
    21.11.22 - 27.11.22
    25.12.22 - 08.01.23
    10.02.23 - 19.02.23
    03.04.23 - 09.04.23
    individually, but not before 05/25/23

    Pay attention! Winter holidays in all schools in Ukraine in 2022-2023 will begin on December 25.

    School reform

    BIn the 2022-2023 academic year, reform will continue in Ukrainian schools, which has caused a lot of discontent, both among teachers and among children and parents.

    The essence of the reform is the division of three levels - junior, middle and high school, as well as the launch of a radically new approach to teaching teenagers from 10-11 (and in the near future 12) grades.

    Instead of classical education, students of the New Ukrainian School will receive professional or specialized education at the third stage. All 2nd grade schools will be renamed to gymnasiums (without a profile bias).

    Ideally, the reform is designed for those children who study under the NUS program from the 1st grade, but it also affected high school students who graduate from school under the old program. Starting from 2023, many schools no longer have 10-11 grades, and 9-graders are forced to look for a new educational institution (take exams, participate in competitions), although children officially entered schools of I-III levels.

    The reform is planned to be completed in full by 2027. In the meantime, the ninth-graders of Ukraine, even before going on spring break in 2022-2023, should clarify whether their school will have a 10th grade, or in the near future they should think about choosing a new educational institution.

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