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Planning for the New Year holidays and New Year holidays, many do in advance. In order not to make a mistake when buying tickets, to plan your vacation correctly, parents need to know when classes end, when the children go to school in January 2023 after the winter holidays. On the website of the Ministry of Education, you can find the recommended vacation periods, and the exact dates, based on the specific situation, are set by the educational institution.

General holiday provisions

There are no clear regulations according to which the exact dates of holidays are set. When drawing up a schedule, an educational institution, without taking into account the form of ownership and the system by which it works, is guided by the regulations of Art. 34 of the Federal Law "On Education in the Russian Federation" (No. 273-FZ of December 29, 2012, paragraph 11, part 1).

There are a number of regulations that schools must adhere to:

    • countdown of any vacation period must start from Monday;
    • holiday duration - at least 7 days (including days off);
    • total number of vacation days per year (excluding summer) - at least 30;
    • duration of summer vacation - at least 2 months, it is allowed to plan for Juneexams, practical exercises;
    • planned dates can be adjusted - moved in one direction or another for 2 weeks (but no more).

    Because every school has different vacation dates, vacation times may vary from school to school. In 2023, they will also take place during the period determined by the school administration. By the beginning of the school year, the schedule should be ready and approved.

    Quarter vacations

    Most schools have adopted a quarter system, according to which the year is divided into two semesters, each semester is divided into two quarters. The duration of the quarters is different, but the vacation periods are constant, only the dates change.

    Vacations in 2022-2023 (dates are advisory)

    Vacation period, monthDates
    Autumn (October)24.10.22-30.10.22
    Winter (December, January)26.12.22-08.01.23
    Winter (February), for 1st grades13.02.23-19.02.23
    Spring (March, April)27.03.23-02.04.23
    Summer 05/26/23-08/31/23

    Since the schedule is advisory, it may differ in a particular school. For example, in some schools there is a quarantine in autumn due to seasonal diseases, so the beginning of the vacation period is postponed to the last days of October or the beginning of November. The date of the autumn holidays may be changed due to the holiday weekend on National Unity Day, which falls on04.10.22-06.10.22.

    The end of the second quarter is scheduled for December 26, but it can be postponed to December 28 - everything will depend on the implementation of the training plan, the specific situation in the school institution. According to the calendar of holidays and weekends in 2023, it can be seen that the New Year holidays will last from January 1 to January 8, if December 31 is made a day off, then one more day will be added to the rest.

    Part of the school holidays coincides with the holidays, so children have the opportunity to have an interesting and exciting time with their parents and relatives. After the New Year holidays on January 9, children will go to school, and their parents will go to work.

    Trimester holidays

    In schools operating on a trimester system, the academic year is divided into six, approximately equal in duration, periods (modules). At the end of each, a rest is given - at least seven days.

    Calendar study schedule for 2022-2023

    Autumn Winter Spring Summer
    TrimestersDatesDuration (weeks)
    I term01.09.22-29.11.22 12
    II trimester01.12.22-28.02.23 11
    III trimester02.03.23-31.05.23 11
    Vacations DatesDuration (days)

    In elementary grades there are additional holidays from 20.02.23 to 26.02.23.

    You can check the dates of the winter holidays in 2023 on the website of the educational institution before the start of the school year, when the curriculum for the year and the vacation schedule will already be drawn up.

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