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Ahead of the new school year, we offer a detailed look at when the holidays will come for schoolchildren who will study in trimesters in 2022-2023, as well as why school schedules often differ in Moscow and other regions.

Trimester system

For the first time, the revolutionary principle of the distribution of the teaching load was discussed back in the 50s of the last century. It is worth noting that our domestic scientists, who, along with foreign colleagues, carefully studied the impact of the proposed changes in the working schedule of schools on student success were at the origins of the creation of the trimester system.

Important! The modular system is based on a proven fact - the ability to learn new material in children of different age groups significantly decreases after the 5th week of intensive training.

The principle of working on the new schedule is as simple as possible - after every 5 working weeks, students are given 1 week of rest. Thus, children receive 6 vacation periods throughout the year:

    • two periods in autumn (October and November);
    • two in winter (January and February);
    • one in spring (April);
    • traditional summer (June, July, August).

    Interesting fact! The first educational institutions operating on this principle were opened in Moscow and St. Petersburg more than 30 years ago. Today trimesters are common in England, USA, Spain and other European countries.

    If at the very beginning many were wary of the non-standard and unusual system, then already in 2011, according to a survey conducted among parents and school students, 83.5% of respondents voted for the innovative trimester system.

    At the same time, the survey showed that:

    • 15.2% of children are less tired;
    • 11.5% of families noted a decrease in the psychological burden on the child;
    • 40.3% of students improved their performance when they switched to the new study schedule.

    It is not surprising that in 2022-2023, many schools will be ashamed to introduce trimester holidays. When students of such educational institutions will have a rest, we will understand further.

    Study periods

    Although there are more school holidays in trimester systems than in semester or quadruple systems, these schools will have three study periods in 2022-2023:

    Semesters I II III
    01.09.22 - 18.11.2211 weeks (1 short)
    28.11.22 - 10.02.239 weeks
    10.02.23 - 25.05.23
    13 weeks (5 short)

    In this case, each of the presented periods will be divided into 2 modules by additional holidays.It is this fact that most parents do not like, because children, going on a week-long vacation, must not forget everything that was studied in the first module. In fact, after they start their studies, they will have another independent, practical and control work on previously studied topics. Also, many parents do not like that it is necessary to solve the issue of babysitting almost 2 times more often.

    All holiday dates

    In the 2022-2023 academic year, for schoolchildren whose educational institutions work in trimesters, holidays will take place on the following days:

    Period 1st Autumn 2nd Autumn new year February spring summer
    03.10.22 - 09.10.227 days
    21.11.22 - 27.11.227 days
    31.12.22 - 08.21.239 days
    13.02.23 - 19.02.237 days
    03.04.23 - 09.04.237 days
    25.05.23 - 31.08.23
    3 months

    Important! The table shows an approximate schedule by which schools can build their vacations by trimesters in 2022-2023, but some institutions will determine other vacation dates for students, taking into account the peculiarities of the educational process.

    As before, for the new system of education there is a rule for transferring vacation periods in case of such a need. So,management may decide to shift the schedule (but not more than 1 week), notifying all participants in the educational process in advance.

    Vacations in Moscow

    For many years, a system has been operating in Moscow according to which all schools in the city go on vacation on the same day, and in 2022-2023 for institutions operating in trimesters, these rest periods will also be the same.

    Presumably, Moscow schoolchildren will rest according to the schedule indicated above, but we will find out the exact dates for the beginning and end of the semesters, as well as each of the planned holidays, closer to the beginning of the 2022-2023 academic year.

    Possible date change

    Previously, quite often, rest periods could be shifted due to suspensions of the educational process due to quarantines, accidents on heating mains and other force majeure. Modern realities minimize such surprises, because instead of a complete closure of the school, a distance learning system has already been developed.

    However, in some cases, it is possible to extend the holidays. As a rule, the school management can make such a decision in case of a high incidence among teachers or an extremely difficult epidemiological situation in the region.

    The trimester system itself does not imply the possibility of transferring vacation periods, because its essence is the alternation of 5 weeks of study and 1 week of rest, and any shift in the schedule nullifies everything for which the school switched to an innovative work schedule.

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