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The 2022-2023 academic year is ahead and we propose to find out in detail when the autumn, winter and spring holidays for schoolchildren of Tatarstan will be established, taking into account the current teaching systems adopted in educational institutions.

Beginning and end of the school year

Knowledge Day 2023 will be held on Thursday, September 1st. By tradition, this date will be the first day of school for all educational institutions of Tatarstan (schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, colleges, etc.)

Recall that in connection with the pandemic, in previous years, traditional solemn lines for all students were canceled in all schools. Alternative options were:

    • local holidays for one class (outdoor or in class);
    • short events (outdoors only) for one parallel.

    What will be the format of the Knowledge Day 2022-2023 academic year is still unknown. Everything will depend on the epidemiological situation in the country and individual regions.

    The last school day, or rather the day of the "Last Call" in 2023 will be Thursday, May 25.

    General norms for vacation time

    Important! As in other subjects, in Tatarstan there is no singlevacation schedule. Each educational institution has the right to independently determine when to spend holidays.

    The Ministry of Education only recommends spending the holidays of the 2022-2023 academic year for schoolchildren of all regions on certain dates, but the final decision is made by the leadership of a particular educational institution, whether in Tatarstan or Moscow.

    When developing a school schedule, management should take into account the following holiday time norms:

    1. The total duration of rest days (excluding summer) cannot be less than 30 days in total.
    2. All holiday periods must start on Monday.
    3. The duration of a break in studies cannot be less than 7 days.
    4. Offset of vacation dates (for a good reason) cannot exceed 2 weeks (in any direction).
    5. When postponing previously set vacation dates, school authorities must notify all participants in the educational process in advance.

    Quarter (semester) system

    The classical quarter system is still very popular in schools today, despite its many shortcomings. So, most often the parents of students note that it is with the system of quarters:

    • children get very tired, which is especially pronounced during the long 3rd quarter;
    • Vacations are often rescheduled as this allows for a long study period between holidays.

    Important! In the 2022-2023 academic year, schoolchildren of Tatarstan whose educational institutionswork according to the classical quarter system, will go on the first autumn holidays from Monday 10/24/22.

    The recommended vacation schedule for this training system in 2022-2023 will be as follows:

    Holidays Autumn Christmas February (Grade 1) Spring
    DatesNumber of days
    24.10.22 - 30.10.227 days
    26.11.22 - 08.01.2314 days
    13.02.23 - 19.02.237 days
    27.03.23 - 02.04.23
    7 days

    Trimester system (modules)

    The modular system is quite young, but rapidly gaining popularity. Every year, many new schools, gymnasiums and lyceums appear in different regions, working in trimesters.

    Among the benefits of a modular schedule:

    • short equal study periods (5 weeks each);
    • more vacation days than quarters;
    • minimal risk of shifting the schedule, since with sufficiently frequent periods of rest, the transfer of vacations can significantly affect the educational process.

    Naturally, despite all the benefits, parents are worried about what their children's school schedule will be like after the introduction of the new education system.

    The first good news is that the autumn holidays of the 2022-2023 academic year in Tatarstan for schools that study in trimesters (modules) will start 3 weeks earlier - fromMonday October 3rd.

    Recommended dates for rest periods in 2022-2023 for these schools will be as follows:

    Holidays Autumn 1sts Autumn 2nd Christmas February (for everyone) Spring
    DatesNumber of days
    03.10.22 - 09.10.227 days
    21.11.22 -27.11.227 days
    26.11.22 - 08.01.2314 days
    13.02.23 - 19.02.237 days
    03.04.23 - 09.04.23
    7 days

    Distance learning format

    The vacation schedule at schools in Tatarstan in 2022-2023 shifts less and less, because if earlier during outbreaks of viral infections it was necessary to interrupt the educational process, today students have the opportunity to continue their education remotely. One can argue endlessly about the quality of such lessons, but there is still one advantage - motivated children who want to gain knowledge can use the distance learning period to their advantage.

    Most likely, the distance learning format will be firmly rooted in the education system of the future, although all scientists and educators are unanimous in their opinion - it is not able to completely replace the full-time form for primary and secondary school students.

    However, already in the 2022-2023 academic year, the following innovations should be adopted:

    • legal status for distance learning;
    • single programdistance learning and a digital platform to support it;
    • development of standardized software to secure online lessons;
    • equipping schools with the necessary equipment.

    It is worth noting that even in schools that provide online education, the vacation schedule is set according to the chosen educational system.

    Important! Read more about the start and end dates of the 2022-2023 holidays at a particular school in Tatarstan on the official website of the educational institution, or on the open Internet resource of the local education department.

    And how is (or was last year) going at your school? What system (schedule) does it work on? What are the expected dates for your child's rest periods? We invite you to share information in the comments.

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